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Millions of people practice email marketing. Individuals and entrepreneurs. Businesses and hobbyists. Scamsters and social activists. Everyone uses email to make an impact.

The only way to stand out from the crowd is to make your emails brilliant.

Other than the obvious advice to start with your email marketing strategy, build a targeted list of email addresses and put it to use for relationship marketing, there are some simple ways to set what you’re doing on a higher trajectory than your competition.

In the battle for your reader’s inbox, you’ll win only with the best arsenal. Call these email marketing best practices, if you like. (Also read ‘What is email marketing‘)

Study them carefully. Decide which make the most sense for your business and practice them. Become very good at them. That’s how your email marketing will be brilliant.

Email Marketing Can Make Your Subscribers Feel Special

Create the sense of an exclusive club for your opt in list members. Ask them if they fit some qualifying criteria before signing up. Just a simple question like, “Are you interested in learning about email marketing?” would be a good qualifier if you were to subscribe to my mailing list.

Then foster the sense of specialness by making exclusive deals and offers to your audience. For instance, you can let them know about a new product launch ahead of everyone else:

“You’re hearing about this 4 hours ahead of anyone else!”

Or offer it to them at a special launch discount or deal:

“Not only are you getting this at $20 off – but I’ll also throw in free shipping!”

Relationship marketing is all about building trust with your marketplace, delivering value consistently, and getting people to respond in a predictable fashion to your message. Your exclusivity strategy should make this easier – by creating the impression that each subscriber is a favored, special person.

It Should Demonstrate That You Truly Care

In a world dominated by a “gimme your money, quick” culture, email marketing that respects your subscriber, and shows that you really care about what’s best for them, will stand out and be remembered.

Each of your email subscribers is facing a deluge of messages in their inbox.

  • Buy this book.
  • Download this software or app.
  • Try this out for free.
  • Follow me on Twitter.

One demand after another floods in endlessly. Most of these emails are ignored. Don’t let yours be in the same basket. Set yourself apart by being different.

“I understand that you may have been too busy to take a look at the offer I sent you last week. So if you need more time to decide, please do… just let me know you’re still interested and I’ll hold it for you. Click here to say ‘Yes’.

Or maybe you’ve already seen it and are ready to order? If so, go here now.”

When your email marketing is guided by the desire to help your readers in some way, doing this becomes natural.

Yes, Give Me My PDF

It’s Most Effective When You Are Responsive

Ask your readers what they want from you. Yes, you have a fair idea about their broad interests, because they signed up to your opt in mailing list. And by looking at your email marketing statistics you can see which kind of content gets the best response.

Still, you gain by asking subscribers for feedback. And when you’re genuine about it, many people will respond.

Tell them why you’re doing it.

“I’d like to make sure you’re getting the best experience possible, so please reply to this quick, short survey. It will help our team tailor our offer to better meet your needs.”

Then run a survey which is simple, direct and not too lengthy. People don’t have much time to spare, so respect that by keeping surveys and questionnaires short. The easier it is for them to submit results, the more likely they will be to complete the feedback form.

You’ll get even better results by offering a little ‘thank you’ gift for replying – but what’s more important is to demonstrate that you are acting on their feedback. When folks ask for something, and you give it to them, your email marketing will become much more effective because people believe you’re really listening to them.

It’s Personal

It’s hard to reveal too much about yourself to a perfect stranger on your opt in mailing list. Yet email marketing can only be effective when you break through that ‘impersonal’ barrier that electronic communication imposes upon us.

Many people are afraid to trust an anonymous website or newsletter which could be managed by a weirdo or lunatic. So when you reveal tidbits about yourself, your business, and how you are trying to help them, you become easier to relate to. It’s a brand marketing strategy called ‘humanizing’ your company or business.

Even if you don’t want to share personal anecdotes or details, you can still make your emails sound one-on-one by writing in a simple, friendly style. Imagine yourself having a drink with your reader – and write as you’d speak to him or her.

Linking personal experiences with a powerful message that showcases your product or service and demonstrates its impact or appeal to your subscriber is an effective way of email marketing – and can be extremely profitable.

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It Should Deliver Results

Unless you’re sending out emails to kill time, your ultimate goal after developing trust with your prospective customer should be to make a sale – or get some other type of result.

So your email marketing should always focus on conversion rates.

Test everything in your email for its impact on conversion. For example, the word or phrase that you use as a hyperlink in your email message might affect how many people click on it.

  • “Upgrade your account”
  • “Download your report”
  • “Join the group”
  • “Act today and save money”

All these are actionable phrases that provoke the reader to do something. By tracking and measuring response rates to different text and graphic elements in your email marketing, you can refine and hone your messages into becoming excellent conversion vehicles.

The results delivered by an email campaign don’t have to always be sales or revenue generators. But by getting subscribers into the habit of taking action on your emails, it becomes only a matter of time before your email marketing is profitable.

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