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There are models to follow for many kinds of marketing. But it’s hard to find great email marketing examples unless you are subscribed to many different opt in mailing lists and read most (if not all) of the messages sent to those lists.

Email marketing templates are available that cover specific structural and design challenges for your email messages, but sometimes you just want specific email marketing examples that you can model, tweak or tailor to match your unique needs.

So here are some you can study. They cover specific situations every email marketing practitioner will face in the course of building your list of email addresses and using it for relationship marketing and e-commerce.

Email Marketing Examples : People Seeking More Information

New subscribers who plan to sign up to your list may want some details about your email marketing newsletter. They may like to know what you will share in your emails, how often it is published, how much time it’ll take to read it, what level of detail and expertise do you have, and many other things.

You can use pre-written email marketing templates like this one for your email list:

Your-Ezine-Name is a FREE monthly e-mail newsletter about Your-Topic.

Each issue has
– feature articles
– book and website reviews
– first-person patient stories
– collections of select annotated internet links
– news updates
and much more.

It’s a valuable resource for anyone wanting to learn about Your-Topic.

Sign up for your own FREE subscription at

You can read previous issues online at

I look forward to welcoming you as one of our 3000+ subscribers.”

Email Marketing Examples : Your Welcome Message

As your list grows, there will always be someone among your readers who will be hearing from you for the first time. So it is always good practice to greet your readers at the beginning of each issue.

You could say something like:

Welcome to another issue of .
Thank you for your continuing support and encouragement. I invite you to write back to me with comments, suggestions and feedback.”

Or you could preface each email with a short personal message – like what you’ve been doing lately, or interesting stuff that happened to you, even a little anecdote of your own – before getting into the meat of your message.

Email Marketing Examples – How to Respond to Feedback

One of the most important tasks of an e-zine publisher is to respond to feedback. Your reader spends valuable time writing to you with comments and opinions. You are bound to acknowledge their effort and thank them for writing.

It helps to have a standard message prepared for such instances. The message can be modified for a specific reader.

For instance, you could say:


Thank you very much for your recent e-mail in connection with the e-zine. I sincerely appreciate your taking the time and effort to let me know your opinion.

I value every subscriber to my e-zine and read all feedback you send me. It is e-mail like yours that makes it possible for me to continually improve this e-zine so that it delivers content that is more interesting, useful and entertaining to readers.

Please do continue to write in with comments.”

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Email Marketing Examples – When Someone Leaves Your List

Unfortunately, there will always be people who wish to stop receiving your e-zine.

It may be that they are no longer interested in your e-zine’s subject, or that they can’t spare the time to read it – or (dare I say it?) it isn’t interesting enough!

You can gain a lot by knowing why someone chooses to unsubscribe from your e-zine. By sending them a short survey based on these email marketing examples when they sign-off, you get valuable data on your e-zine’s current performance and ideas for future improvement.

And if your reader is just changing jobs, or temporarily overwhelmed with e-mail and is unsubscribing for that reason, you have a chance to invite them back once they have settled down and are back to speed.

Here is what you can write:

“Hi. I just received and processed your request to un-subscribe from .

I’m sorry to see you leave, and would greatly appreciate it if you would spare a moment to tell me why you decided to sign-off from this list.

And in the future, if you decide to subscribe again, I’ll be happy to see you back. Just visit and follow the simple instructions to sign up.

Thank you for your feedback.”

Email Marketing Examples – Special Offers & Deals

Sometimes you just want to make your subscribers a straightforward special offer or deal on your product or service.

Many shy away from email marketing itself because they believe it’s too complicated to convince people to buy through email, and that they’ll need special skills like copywriting and psychology to do it.

Nothing could be further from the truth. If you have a smart email marketing strategy, a good offer that’s of interest to your audience, simply writing about it from the heart can convince your readers to take action.

Here is an email marketing example of a sales pitch for a discount offer:

“Enjoy $2 specials all October

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Order any ebook in any genre from our online bookstore at any time this month – and all you’ll pay is a flat two bucks for items in our catalog.

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