Which Are The Best Email Autoresponders

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Email autoresponders are the most important of all email marketing software, with the power to automate every element of email marketing for your online business.

Here are the best email autoresponder services – including the service I’ve used for almost 10 years and highly recommend, Aweber.com :


Best email autoresponders - Get Response

GetResponse.com is the granddaddy of email autoresponders, having served over 350,000 customers in the decade and a half it has been in business.  Offering a wide range of email marketing services, this is an affordable solution to small business owners looking for email marketing software.  (Try it out – click here)


Best email autoresponders - Aweber

Aweber.com is another giant in the area of email autoresponder services – and a personal favorite I’ve used for the past 10 years.  Evolving constantly with the times, this email marketing software service provider is popular for a high deliverability rate of messages.  (Take a $1 trial for a month – click here)

Benchmark Email

Best email autoresponders - Benchmark Email

Benchmark Email is a relatively new entrant into the arena of email marketing software, but has quickly grown to reach close to the top with a band of loyal and delighted fans using it for their email marketing needs.  It comes with a range of plans to suit every budget.  (Sign up for an account – click here)

Mad Mimi

Best email autoresponders - Mad Mimi Email Marketing

Mad Mimi is unique – and you’ll see that from the moment you visit the website (or even from a glance at the company’s logo).  A provider of email autoresponders and email marketing software, the brand engages and captivates users while delivering great value through its top of the shelf services. (Have fun exploring the site – click here)


Best email autoresponders - Mailigen

Mailigen provides email marketing software for small and medium businesses at an affordable price, allowing users to tailor their plans to match their needs.  This means your email autoresponder usage can scale as your business grows – and the services Mailigen provides will help it grow faster!  (Learn more about their services – click here)


Best email autoresponders - Campaigner

Campaigner is a cool email autoresponder service which lets you set up marketing campaigns quickly and easily.  It offers a range of services to span the typical needs of most small business owners and individuals who wish to build an email list and engage their audience with regular email communication.  Multiple plans are available to meet every need. (Try it out at no risk today – click here)

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