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Selling a product? Promoting a cause? Delivering a service?

You need an audience. One that knows, likes and trusts you. That has a relationship you’ve nurtured over time, constantly providing value.

You understand that email marketing can help you with this. You can turn leads into happy buyers, loyal fans and long term customers.

You’re looking for the best email marketing software… one with powerful features, yet affordable and easy to use.

  • Where do you begin your search?
  • What should you look for?
  • Which are your best options?

This unbiased review of email marketing software will help address these questions – and more. After reading it, you’ll be able to decide which is the best email marketing software for your needs.

What Do You Need?

Selecting the right service or software for email marketing is a difficult choice.

It begins by knowing what you need – and how these requirements may evolve as you grow bigger. Changing email marketing services later can cause a lot of trouble and you might even risk losing your subscribers or hurting the relationship you painstakingly built with your list.

That’s why you should choose an email marketing software and provider who will grow with your needs. That can handle your growing list size without choking up. That will give you up-to-date tools and support to manage your list well.

The ideal email software should

  • let you create eye-popping email messages
  • save time by simplifying and streamlining the process
  • be inexpensive and affordable
  • effectively deliver your emails to subscribers

The Power of Email Marketing

Done right, email marketing can be the most effective promotional tool, delivering a 40x return on every dollar invested into marketing. When you integrate it with social media marketing, the ROI grows explosively greater.

In a tough economic climate where competition is cut-throat and consumers wary, cynical and tight-fisted, email marketing offers you an affordable way to reach new audiences, retain current customers and build long-lasting relationships which translate into a higher lifetime value of each loyal fan and client.

And email marketing software can make it simple.

  • Slap up an appealing opt-in form
  • Start your own email newsletter
  • Send out automated follow up emails
  • Study your stats and improve results

It lets you reach your customers right where they spend more time – in their inbox. Your customers are checking email every day. Often, many times in a day. It’s often easier to sell more to your present customers than to find new prospects who are ready to take a chance on you.

That’s the reason why you need a powerful yet simple email marketing system to boost your marketing results.

Create, Send, Track and Profit

The key advantage of email marketing software is that it gives you control over all 4 important elements of a successful e-marketing campaign and strategy.

  • You get tools to create compelling email marketing messages – and set them on autopilot to follow up with new leads who enter your marketing funnel.
  • You can ensure that every email you queue up is delivered to subscribers, gets past filters and barriers, and attracts a click (or other call to action).
  • You can track how prospects receive it, whether they open and read it, click on links, or share it with friends.
  • You learn how best to appeal to their interests, engage them with your offer, convert them to buyers, and turn them into profitable repeat customers.

In addition, most email marketing software will give you the flexibility to do much more with your subscriber list.

  • You can pre-load a series of follow up emails to go out on a schedule using smart autoresponders. It’s like having a dedicated sales team that never sleeps!
  • You can run AB split tests comparing different subject lines, copy or offers to find the version with highest conversions or that is most profitable.
  • You can automate your list using triggers to segment subscribers on the basis of actions they take on your email messages – removing inactive leads, reminding those who didn’t click, adding buyers to a new list, and more.
  • You can prune and weed your list of complainers, non-buyers and dead email addresses through automated bounce management. This improves deliverability.
  • You can log events and trace the entire sequence of actions a subscriber performs, starting with opening your email, clicking on links, placing an order or hitting a button to share your content with others on social media.
  • You can conduct polls, surveys and quizzes to find out what more prospects want – and then customize future advertising so it is tailored to their needs.

How Email Marketing Software Makes Things Easier

The features included in email marketing software is designed to make your campaigns easier to run, effective to track and profitable to scale up.

  • You’ll design classy looking emails using professionally crafted templates into which you simply drag-and-drop content.
  • You’ll build and grow your list by taking advantage of several subscriber attraction devices and tools.
  • You’ll extend your marketing reach into social media through seamless integration with popular networks like Twitter, Facebook and Google+
  • You’ll measure and monitor your results in real-time, which ensures that your actions are calculated and logical, not guesswork or random shots in the dark.

You can use email marketing software to

  • send email newsletters
  • manage your contact list
  • handle mobile email marketing
  • set up follow up autoresponders
  • integrate social media marketing
  • create and host sign up forms
  • ensure email deliverability
  • work with proven email marketing templates
  • run AB split tests to find winners

So, which is the best email marketing software?

After analyzing pros and cons of various options, and testing out many of the available services in my own business, I am convinced that the email marketing software that I currently use is the best one in the market today… this one – click here.

Of course, the other alternatives are good and have specific advantages or unique benefits. You may use one of them, or have a favorite. If you’d like to share your preferred email marketing software with others, please leave a comment below.

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