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Want some powerful email marketing tips? Here’s one of the most important…

Your eZine subscribers must adore you, admire you, love and respect you!

They absolutely MUST.

That’s why you publish email newsletters!

If you haven’t yet started sending out an eZine of your own – go ahead and begin now!

It’s a great way to display your skill, knowledge and expertise, attract new customers, market your product or service and make new friends. And each of these is good for your online business, as long as you follow email marketing best practices.

But before you can achieve this end, your eZine has to be special. Great. A valuable resource that stands out from the crowd of drab, dull, lifeless imitations. Your eZine should make your reader say “Wow” – every time s/he reads a new issue!

How can you do this?

The obvious answer is to provide valuable content. But even before your new subscriber ever starts reading the first issue of your eZine, s/he has to go through a few steps. These need to be made as easy and reliable as possible.

With some practice and a lot of discipline, dedication and foresight, you can give your subscribers a pleasurable, entertaining and informative experience with your eZine.

Streamlining the process

For most of your readers the first issue of an email newsletter will be their initial contact with you as a person. By making the process of receiving and reading this first issue pleasant you’ll start with an advantage. Stop looking for ‘exciting’ or ‘cutting edge’ email marketing tips. This is as important as it gets!

A new subscriber goes through the following steps:

  • hearing about your eZine
  • learning more about it
  • going through a sample of your writing
  • requesting a subscription
  • receiving and reading further issues of it

Let People Know About Your Ezine

On the Internet, you must promote or die!

If you practice this principle many people will come to hear about your eZine from various sources. And if you’ve captured their attention and piqued their interest, they’ll want to learn more about it.

You must provide details to these curious potential subscribers. This can be done by:

  • designing a Website for your eZine
  • sending relevant information to them by eMail
  • distributing this information through different offline channels

At the bare minimum you need to provide interested readers with

  • your eZine’s name/title
  • frequency of publication
  • topic or focus of your newsletter
  • price, if any
  • instructions for signing up for it

You may wish to go further and offer

  • a copy of the latest issue of your eZine
  • access to archives of previous editions
  • a brief promotional message highlighting the features and benefits of your publication

email marketing tips

Let Them Sample Your Wares

It is often frustrating to sign up for an eZine, only to find it is not quite what you expected – and having to un-subscribe. As an eZine owner you too share a part of this annoyance. A short-time reader creates more administrative work for you – having to sign up and later remove a name and eMail address from the database. That’s what makes this an important email marketing tip.

This situation can be avoided by exhibiting a sample of your writing. On your eZine’s Website an archive of all previous issues (or in case of a paid subscription eZine, a representative sample issue) could be available for potential subscribers. Another alternative is to deliver a sample issue of your eZine using an eMail autoresponder.

In either case, make sure that the Webpage or eMail message contains list subscription details so that if your reader likes the sample issue, s/he can sign up for a subscription too.

Invite Them To Sign Up To Your List

Your “subscriber” likes your style and content, and decides to sign up to receive your eZine. Now comes his/her first interaction with your service – a very important step. It should be simple and flawless.

Make sure that you offer multiple options to sign up. The ones most often used are to

  • fill up a brief Website form (giving at least the eMail address and reader’s name)
  • send eMail to a specified address (e.g. subscribe@youreZine.com)

Other innovative methods to get new readers are to send out a clickable subscription link via eMail or embed ‘sign up’ links in text/images on a Webpage.

Offer Your Readers A Choice – Twice

Many people have over-flowing eMail boxes. Everyone is wary about receiving unsolicited eMail in the name of ezine marketing. So make sure you are not perceived as a spammer – by allowing readers to choose to receive your eZine.

There are two ways to do this. In the “opt-in” approach, new subscribers need to take the first step of requesting your eZine. They are then added to your list and start receiving the newsletter.

In the “double opt-in” process, there is an additional step involved. The reader requests your eZine. You (or your list server) sends out a verification message. The reader must reply to confirm his/her intention again before the subscription begins. This avoids a not uncommon situation where someone signs up for your eZine using another person’s eMail identity.

 Opt To Receive Future Issues

After getting readers to sign up for your eZine, you now want them to retain interest in your publication, continue receiving it and – most important – read every issue.

Here are some email marketing tips to keep your reader’s interest level high:

  • provide exceptionally good content … consistently
  • publish on a regular schedule
  • use a unique SUBJECT line/tag to identify your eZine
  • introduce yourself and greet your readers … there’ll be someone new each time
  • personalize your offerings to the reader’s tastes and needs
  • promote interactivity by asking for feedback
  • deliver in a format that is readily accessible (HTML mail is not yet universal, though we’re getting there)
  • NEVER, EVER make your list available to advertisers or marketers without readers’ permission

By doing this you’ve grabbed your audience’s attention. Now build upon it with high quality content and you’ll soon have them hanging on your words, eating out of the palm of your hand!

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