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Newsletter templates have grown in popularity to become critical marketing tools for small businesses.  Communication with your prospects and clients is one of the essential functions of your small home business. Some business owners choose to ignore this completely. Others do it sporadically and at random, with no rhyme or reason to their messages.

But the smart small home business owners know this doesn’t work as well as publishing a regular email newsletter. In fact, an email newsletter for your home business may well be the single most effective (and inexpensive) marketing tool you’ll ever use!  Newsletter templates take the pain and trouble out of publishing one.

What Are Email Newsletter Templates?

An email newsletter or ezine is a regular email message sent out on a regular schedule via listserv like a magazine, which contains information of interest to your target audience and also shares updates about your own small home business.  Newsletter templates make it convenient and simple to put out every issue.

An ezine is distributed to an opt-in list of subscribers who request to be on it by filling up and submitting an online form on your website, or asking for it in any other way.

What Should You Publish In Your Email Newsletter?

There are many options, and you must pick the one best for your own small home business.

  • News and industry updates
  • Informative articles on topics of relevance
  • Profiles of employees or experts
  • Interviews with specialists
  • Book reviews
  • Guest articles from experts
  • Resource collections of valuable links
  • Recent developments in your business
  • Products and services you offer for sale
  • Special offers, sales, discounts

How Often Do You Publish an Email Newsletter?

It varies. Some ezines go out many times a week. Others are published on a weekly or monthly basis. The frequency will depend upon your niche and the preferences of your audience. Make sure it isn’t so often that you become annoying, or too infrequently that many subscribers have forgotten you.

Newsletter templates help in setting a more frequent publishing schedule for your ezine because they serve as a cookie-cutter to quickly design each issue.

Why Use Email Newsletter Templates?

Having your own in-house ezine sent out to subscribers who are often ideal prospects for your small home business carries multiple advantages.

  • You get to build trusting relationships
  • You provide value before asking for the sale
  • You educate and empower your prospects
  • You position yourself as an expert
  • You set the stage to receive referrals
  • You have access to repeatedly ask for a sale

Publishing your own small home business email newsletter can quickly ramp up your success and boost profits while growing your reputation and reaching a wide audience of potential buyers. Considering all these benefits, the cost and effort of setting one up is worthwhile indeed!

The biggest drawback of publishing a newsletter is that it takes time.  If every issue is unique and needs designing from scratch, it may become cost-ineffective.  Newsletter templates help by serving as scaffolding that provides structure to your ezine.  Publishing a new issue becomes a simple process of filling in gaps in the newsletter templates.

This means most small business owners can find time to create email newsletters – and grow their business rapidly.

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