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       When it comes to products teaching how to drive more traffic to your website, there are $997 courses and there are $7 ebooks.

       The $7 ebooks (and some cost even less, or are completely free) list all traffic generating methods. Every single one that the author has ever heard about.

       True, some are powerfully effective. But others are duds. All are given equal 'weighting'.

       What you 'pay' in hidden cost is time and energy wasted on testing out each to find the ones that DO work well for your business. Depending on how valuable your time is, this price is high or low.

       Then, there are the thousand-dollar mega courses.

       What's different about these courses is they focus on the BEST, most effective, tested and proven traffic driving mechanisms. You are left with little to test and experiment with on your own - just follow the steps, connect the dots, and you should get a flood of traffic hitting your website.

       But the trouble is the high price-tag - which puts it out of reach of many who need the information in these valuable courses.

       Plus, the methods taught in these courses often cost money to implement - so don't expect to get FREE traffic techniques which work powerfully well. There are a few, but most will cost you more money. Definitely not something for a webmaster on a shoe-string budget.

       Looking at this duality in the traffic generating course market, I was driven to create a course that fits somewhere in between. It would teach free traffic generating systems, but only those that are EFFECTIVE.

       It would include ONLY methods I have personally tested, used, found to work, and CONTINUE TO USE daily in my own online business.

       When you consider that my primary website gets on average over 35,000 unique visitors each month - often more than that during specific promotions - and has been in the top 50,000 sites ranked on Alexa.com for more than six YEARS - you'll see this isn't fluff or smoke-and-mirrors.

The traffic generating techniques I reveal in this
new course just plain WORK.

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       But then, let's talk about pricing.

       As I mentioned earlier, the goal was to position it above the $7 'primers' and below the $997 'mastery' courses.

       Here's how I derived the value of my course to beginners and intermediate level marketers who need the lifeblood of traffic to their websites to kick off their fledgling online business.

       Let's say you need 1,000 new visitors in a month. To get them via PPC like Google Adwords, you would have to pay between $0.25 and $1.00 per click - or $250 to $1,000.

       If you follow the step by step 30-day plan detailed in my course, I confidently expect you to get at least 1,000 new visitors to your website in a month - very likely, a lot more.

       If the course was priced at a bit under $350 it would be a bargain.

       At $197, it would be a steal.

You can get it for just $77 today

- and at this ridiculous discount, it is an irresistible deal you will snap up in a heartbeat.

       But I love over-delivering - and not just satisfying or offering my clients value for money, but in ensuring they are DELIGHTED.

       So, for a very limited time (and for the first 47 orders only), I am going to throw in a very valuable bonus gift - a traffic generation guide I paid my good friend, who is a well-known expert at website traffic, several hundred dollars to purchase exclusive resale rights for.

       I have NEVER sold this bonus as a standalone product before. I have included it as a value-add to my highest value clients only... buyers of 'Quick Niche Profits' newsletter (price $197 per quarter) and 'Theme Niche Minisites' (annual subscription $797)

       You get it free - as a bonus, when you grab this offer today...

30 Days To Website Traffic

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You should NOT buy this report if:

* You are not planning to take action on the plan
* You do not yet have a website ready to receive traffic
* You think you can get traffic magically without working for it
* You own Traffic Secrets or other high-priced traffic courses
* You already have enough website traffic

       But if you want a flood of website traffic, are willing to put in sustained effort over 30 days, and can follow instructions faithfully and with commitment, then this could be the best investment in your online business that you make this year.

       I wish you all success in getting more website traffic.

       Internet Infopreneur

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