Power Upsell Secrets

Power Upsell Secrets Exposed Intelligent Upselling Can Boost Profits By 67% – Or More!

Power Upsell Secrets is a short, crisp little report that reveals a powerful way to boost profits from ebook sales. Learn how you can quickly and easily boost profits from ebook sales with this simple breakthrough tactic.


The Quickest Way To Influence & Persuade

Power Upsell Secrets guarantees to maximize your profits from buyers… without spending more money, without working harder & without wasting time!

Split testing critical components of your selling process can make the difference between converting 1% of your visitors into buyers – and getting 25% OR MORE of them to order!

Suppose you could make one tiny change to your sales process and make extra sales automatically and continue to earn money from it over and over again… how fast would you make it?

The techniques described in this guide have been personally tried and tested by the author over a 15-year period in selling various ebooks and digital publications over the Internet. Only the very best methods that withstand the test of time find their way in this straight-to-the-point guide.

You’ll learn:

* the exact words to use to convince most prospects – without losing the sale
* the best time to use this tactic – and no, it isn’t what you think
* the most strategic location on your website for this offer – you’ll be surprised when you see it
* the ideal price to place on it – not too high, but not too low either!
* the optimum number of times you can pitch your offer before you’ll offend your buyer

You’ll also discover:

* How to apply this power tactic to online as well as offline business
* What’s the REAL profit secret behind Apple’s iPod
* Psychological triggers that power this effective strategy
* The exact process of crafting and implementing your ‘sales fix’
* and more!

You really can’t afford not to invest in these power upsell secrets. Stop bleeding profits from your leaky sales process. Get “Power Upsell Secrets” and watch your profits from ebook sales begin to soar almost instantly.

Order your copy of “Power Upsell Secrets”
– and instantly skyrocket your sales conversion!

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