InfoProfitz Informer 2014: Vol.2 Issue 20

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Welcome to another issue of The InfoProfitz Informer, a guide to profit from email marketing, blogging and self-publishing.  In this issue, you’ll find feature articles on how to publish a book, using Twitter for marketing, and the BIG guide to email marketing.  There’s also a review of a great keyword research tool, and loads more… so let’s get going.

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Feature Articles


  • How To Publish A Book Intelligently
    Sometimes, even best-selling authors get it wrong!  They miss something very special about book publishing – a revolution that has transformed the way books are written, packaged and sold today.  And when you understand this change, learn to leverage it smartly, your success in selling books will expand massively.
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  • The Big Guide To Email Marketing
    An overview of what’s a very complex subject, but which highlights what few other email marketing courses and guides cover… the secret sauce that makes the few who have learned how to build small, hyper-responsive lists very rich.  You’ll find a few eye-opening insights in this report.
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News & Views



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InfoProfitz Informer Archive

Product Review

Market Samurai : Really the Best Keyword Research Tool?

So you want to speed up keyword research and find
profitable niches?

Market Samurai is one of the most powerful keyword
research tools I’ve used for niche marketing success.

Thousands of marketers fire up this multi-purpose
software tool as the starting point for new projects
– and a touchstone for frequent reference and course
correction. In this Market Samurai review, we will
put the keyword research program through its paces.

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And to begin your free trial of the software, go to the Market Samurai website here – click

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InfoProfitz Informer Archive

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