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My dear friend,

This is NOT a sales pitch! For a while, I've thought about writing a letter like this. Finally, it's time.

Now, if you already know me, you can skip ahead a bit. But if we're meeting for the first time, I thought you'd like to know a little about me before we get into the details of transforming your life over the next 6 weeks.

  • I'm a medical doctor. A heart surgeon... for kids. It's delicate, skilled and difficult work. I've done it for over 20 years.

  • I also set up and manage a non-profit foundation to raise money to sponsor heart operations for kids whose families can't afford the cost.

  • And I run a modest online business, write books, publish a blog and teach fellow entrepreneurs how to boost profits and grow sales.

That's three almost full-time careers, which fit into my life alongside family and other commitments, hobbies, relaxation and other interests.

People often ask:

"How Do You Manage To Do It All?"


Well, it isn't easy. Or automatic.

My days are pretty crowded, even hectic.

But with proper focus, a systematic approach to work, and passion to achieve results, I can comfortably juggle all these responsibilities.

Because people kept asking me how I manage all of it, I recently tried to review my approach - and see if there was a way to teach it to others...

So that you also can become more productive and efficient.

That was quite a challenge.

When I first brainstormed the idea with a few close associates, they came up with 3 requirements for any program of this kind:

It should be short, easy and quick!

1. SHORT: No one has a lot of time to spare - so it should be possible to complete each day's activity in less than 30 minutes... the lesser, the better.

2. EASY: Everyone's life is hectic, full and tiring. Whatever I ask you to do, it should be easy... almost effortless.

3. QUICK: The world is in a rush. We want 'instant', 'overnight' and 'quick' results. My program should deliver visible results - fast.

With this in mind, I got to work.

Pulled out some of my notes, reports and worksheets that I had planned to include in a $1,997 course on peak performance more than ten years ago - but never got around to finishing.

I reviewed the material, removed all non-essential content, and kept only the most critical core components.

Then I distilled and condensed the best principles and methods into a short program which met the 3 conditions - short, easy and quick.

Finally, in 2015, I invited some of my clients and friends to try it out... insisting that they be ruthless in their feedback.

To my surprise and delight, almost all of them found it helpful.

They also suggested some modifications, changes and additions. I included them all in the program.

It was a process of co-creation, where the feedback from users helped shape and design a course on personal productivity.


Did the program really work?

As a scientist, I rely heavily on data and proof. So I devised a scorecard to evaluate performance of the early participants of my coaching program. I tested them on the indicators that actually matter.

  • How long could they focus?
  • Was their productivity higher?
  • Did they have more free time?
  • Could they get more done?
  • Were they wasting less time?

None of this was subjective. For each metric, I used a number-based scoring system that was rigorous and specific.

Only hard data counts - so that this analysis would be objective and unbiased.

And the results were stellar!

  • Focus improved by 33%
  • Average gain: 1.5 hours per day
  • Work output increased by one-fifth
In addition, students also reported many subjective benefits.

They were less stressed, more energetic, grew confident of setting big goals and achieving them. They felt like they had enough time to deal with stuff - and got more things done than before.

That's when I realized this was a winning concept.

And decided to roll it out to a wider audience, as a full-blown program.

Now, this required me to

Improve The Course Material

So that's exactly what I chose to do...

  • Design it to be more professional.
  • Give it a formal structure.
  • Decide what comes first, what next.
  • Set a time frame to complete each step.

In the evolved and enhanced next edition, there were 3 modules.

Each one taught a specific component of personal productivity:

  • Module 1: Improved Focus

  • Module 2: Goal Setting

  • Module 3: Making To-Do Lists

In each of these modules, there were daily activities and assignments to do.

And there were worksheets to help participants track their progress along the course.

Students Loved It!

People enjoyed working their way through the sequence, enjoying boosts in productivity all the way.

By the end of the 37-day course, they noticed a measurable improvement in their ability to focus, plan goals, and blitz through their to-do list.

But I still wasn't entirely satisfied.

Because one thing that kept popping up during feedback calls with participants was...

How difficult it had been for them to get started.

Once they began the program, things went smoothly. However, the initial resistance to get going remained a major hurdle.

That's why, after some thought, I expanded the course to include an extra module...

  • Module 4: How To Beat Procrastination
It was intended to overcome the resistance to change, and jump start your transformation.

Now the course was complete.

Anybody could sign up and have a very good shot at boosting personal productivity and becoming more efficient at whatever you do.

And the revised, modified, fully updated program is ready just in time for the 'Season of Transformation' - a time of the year when you think about the idea of personal development and self improvement.

  • What can you do to grow more effective?
  • How can you develop better focus?
  • Which are your top goals?
  • When will you get things done?

The answers are all inside the 37-day productivity boosting program that I decided to call


Focus. Aim. Achieve

So now you know...

Why I created this program - with the participation and engagement of people just like you, who started out with nothing but a passionate desire to improve themselves and become more productive in their lives

And you also know...

What's included in it - like the 4 modules of step-by-step instructions, comprising daily lessons, assignments and tracking worksheets so that it's easy for anyone to follow along - in barely 30 minutes a day

The only question that remains is...

Will You Join Us - And Transform Your Life?

  • Are you ready to let go of old behaviors that aren't productive or profitable?

  • Are you willing to embrace new habits that will develop a more positive, more motivated incarnation of you in the coming year?

  • Are you eager to make a commitment to develop 4 new success rituals over the next six weeks – positive changes that will become permanent behaviors to transform your effectiveness?

If you are, then...

Sign up today for TRANSFORM-37

Remember, it's your habits and thoughts that define your outcomes.

Success is not an accident. People who achieve a lot have undergone the same personal transformation you're soon going to experience.

Becoming more effective, efficient and productive takes focus and discipline, work and energy. TRANSFORM-37 will show you exactly how to reach your biggest goals and be a success.

Focus. Aim. Achieve


Through this series of guided exercises and simple practice sessions, you will:

  • become more effective
  • work with intent and purpose
  • embrace a proven system to reach your goals
  • create a plan of action for success

And do it all quickly, easily and in a very short time.

Did You Know...?

Did you know that the average American CEO only works productively for 43 minutes a day?

Or that one of the most successful copywriters in the USA spends less than 2 hours daily on his work?

Yet they accomplish many great things, achieve ambitious goals, create incredible value.

How do they manage it?

They have all mastered the secret of working more effectively.

Just 15 minutes a day, and you too will learn these secrets... and be well on the path to your own incredible success.

That’s all it takes to learn the TRANSFORM-37 system.

In fact, the program is intentionally structured to be easy, short and deliver quick results. At the end of it, you’ll be a new person. A better, improved, more efficient version of yourself.

Who Needs This Program?

TRANSFORM-37 is designed for adults of all ages – house-wife or retiree, doctor, or receptionist, hobbyist or full-time employee... anyone. It will help you take a quantum leap ahead.

You will learn to:

  • Shift your mindset, and find joy, fulfilment and peace
  • Overcome hurdles and obstacles that hold you back
  • Advance steadily in your career and relationship goals
And once you learn the TRANSFORM-37 system, you will effortlessly
  • Speed towards the future you desire
  • Create new dreams and possibilities
  • Surge towards your goals
  • Empower your extraordinary future

What do you get in the program?

A lot that will transform you into a super-effective productivity champion!

  • Short lessons with daily assignments designed to help you overcome obstacles and start taking baby steps towards success - along with illustrative worksheets to track your progress as you go along.

  • Organized into 4 easy-to-understand modules, each lesson will give you insights, tips and knowledge about becoming more efficient, productive and effective.

  • Each lesson takes less than 30 minutes to complete.

  • You can go ahead at your own pace. It's available for download 'on demand' at any time.

  • The assignments build on what you'll learn, and is completely results-oriented.

How do others feel about the course?

Te-ge Watts Bramhall is one of the first to try out the updated TRANSFORM-37 and says:

“I’m really enjoying your program. I’ve noticed that as I’m focusing, I’m also getting more done in less time, which means I’m having to expand my focus. I can already see the benefits outweighing the cost.”

And Rosalyn Bronstein calls it:

"A tremendous program that everyone can benefit from using, no matter what you do. You’ll just do it better. In less than six weeks it’s possible to become significantly more effective, efficient and enhance your concentration. I noticed the quality of my work improved, and I was able to finish tasks more quickly by prioritizing the most important elements in a systematic way. Replacing the old way of doing things with good habits which become rituals is life-changing."

Look, I'm not going to switch to 'selling mode' and try to convince you to sign up for the program.

Or set a hard deadline after which registrations will close.

Or toss in a bundle of irrelevant bonuses just to get you to place an order.

No. I won't do that.

If you've read this letter carefully until now, you already know what this is all about - and have made up your mind to try it out...

So, go over to this link and sign up:

TRANSFORM-37 – Focus. Aim. Achieve


I'll just say this...

You Have No Risk At All!

If you don't like it, or find it useful, let me know and I'll refund your payment any time within the next 60 days.

I want you to take a look at the program with no risk at all - and only continue using it if the system works for you. If it doesn't, you can claim a complete refund... no questions asked.

Try out TRANSFORM-37 risk-free today!


I hope it helps transform your life and boost your productivity, so that the year ahead is an incredible one for you!

All success

P.S. - If bonuses and gifts are 'your thing', then you'll love that I'm throwing in 15 of them with a collective value of $173.00 - for FREE!

So go on and register for TRANSFORM-37 right now: click here.






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