My Article Writing Schedule

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I write almost daily. I enjoy writing, relish the thrill of stringing words together to touch hearts, change minds, and create change.

In addition to freelance article writing for clients, I write my own Web content for several projects.

On average, I do client work for 10 days in a month, with the rest of my time spent on personal projects. This means there is an upper limit to the number of writing assignments that I can accept at any given moment.

An existing client list keeps me occupied for between 60% and 85% of this time, leaving little wriggle-room to take on new writing clients. That's the reason why I have such an elaborate qualification process - unless we're a good fit to work together, the experience will be painful... to both of us.

I've outlined my writing process for you to study, so that you have a clear idea of what exactly it means to craft a super premium article. It's quite contrary to the general perception of a content writer sitting in front of a blank computer screen, typing furiously for a few minutes (or hours), and miraculously ending up with a masterpiece.

Nope. (Sorry to burst that bubble!)

Writing a super premium article is often hard work. It takes time and effort. And no one can continuously churn out high quality work without regular breaks, and without strictly limiting the amount of writing assignments.

I won't over-burden myself, and place an additional strain on my writing capacity by accepting too much work.

And I won't let you down by delaying delivery on contracted work, either.

So before you make a payment for my super premium article writing services, please contact me to get an estimated delivery date, especially if you need the work completed urgently.

I may not be able to meet your deadline, but will let you know in such cases so that you might find another writer to handle it. What's more important to me is that your needs are met promptly and effectively, not that my bank account swells by an extra $400.

Let's check to see if we'll work well together. Click this link to respond to a short survey. I'll be in touch with you shortly.

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