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Like any good freelance writer, I will never reveal my clients or share work I've done for them on projects - because all ghostwriting should be confidential.

I want my clients to be able to confidently claim ownership of the work I create on their behalf, without worrying whether it will later be revealed as outsourced or hired out work.

Still, because it's only fair that you see samples of my writing before deciding if you want to work with me, here are a few articles that have been published under my own name on various authority websites and blogs.

Content Curation – How To Quickly Add Value As Information Marketers

Content curation, a term that gained popularity in 2010, is the art of culling relevant, valuable and useful information from the vast ocean of data, and presenting it in a cohesive, interesting and comprehensive style that gives a ‘big picture’ view of a specific niche topic.

How To Be The Best At Everything You Do

Every single time I’ve said this to someone, they come back with an argument: “But how can I be the best in the world at everything? Or even anything?” I then explain and clarify.

Lessons for Bloggers From The ‘Death of 2007′

And so another year draws to an end. The ‘death of 2007′ sparks off a line of thinking that will add value to your 2008. It’s about burying the dead past – after learning every lesson possible from it, and using each one to make the future better.

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