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Article writing rates are all over the place. You can find writers - and good writers who'll provide you with quality work - for as little as 5 cents a word.

They are rare. And rarely will they continue working for such low rates.

Then, there are premium writers who charge between 5 and 20 cents per word.

I am a SUPER premium article writer, and the rates I charge reflect this reality.

I work on a flat fee basis. My rate is $400 for articles between 500 and 1,500 words in length. (That's approximately 25 to 80 cents a word.)

There are a few quirks in my pricing and billing, as well.

While most premium article writers will discount their first project to make it more appealing for new clients to try them out, I'll charge you a higher rate ($500) for our first project - because I'll spend more time on learning how to work well with you.

I might require additional information. You may not know how important a specific tid-bit will be. We both might have questions, doubts and concerns that'll be addressed in the course of our project.

Hence the higher charge for our first article writing project.

After this, we'll revert to the regular $400 per article. (That's if you want there to be a "next time"!)

Another oddity is that I require upfront payment only for the 1st project - and after this, I'll invoice you only after the work is finished and submitted.

This means that you'll be taking a risk with the first project, but the tables will be turned on all future writing services.

I believe that's fair.

I hope you'll agree.

It's a system that has worked well until now. A simple, flat rate deal. 100% payment in advance for the first project. Future work at lesser cost, payable upon completion.

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