My Article Writing Process

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I follow a specific process while crafting a super premium article. No, it isn't always sequential, and never runs like clockwork. Creative stuff rarely does.

But each of these components is almost always a part of the finished work.

1. Theme and Concept

The first step in drafting an article that packs a punch is to decide upon a theme and concept.

After looking at all the information a client sends me about the piece, and spending time brainstorming ideas, I'll come up with an angle (or 'hook') to appeal to a reader.

2. Painstaking Research

Depending upon the subject I'm writing about, I'll often spend a few hours researching the topic on the Internet (though there are times when I'll visit the library, or order a book or other reference material to study).

It helps if I'm already an expert at what I'm writing about. But whenever I'm not, research becomes critically important. And this takes time.

Sure, it may be boring. It might take some digging before the right information surfaces. Yet that's what makes a super premium article more valuable than a cheaper alternative.

3. Outline and Headings

Once I have all the material necessary to write the article, I will lay out the structure, and list topics to be covered in my content. Each of these sections will then be crafted into a compelling sub-headline that engages and retains reader attention all the way through to the end of the article. Whenever relevant, keyword research will also be a part of this step.

4. Title Suggestions

Next, it's time to start thinking about the main title or headline of the article.

This can be easy and fast - or become the toughest and most time-consuming part of the entire article writing process. I won't get into the nitty-gritty of how I do it, but behind the final choice of title lies thousands of hours of copywriting education and endless practice with creating and testing different headlines.

5. Article Writing

Finally, I'm ready to start writing the article. I will now create a first draft.

This initial article will often be extensively modified before the finished version is presented to a client. I will check to make sure that the draft covers all the points listed earlier, and carefully edit it for 'flow' and 'tone' so that the article reads smoothly, from start to finish.

6. Revision and Re-writing

In most cases, I will leave the draft to simmer for a day or two before returning to it with fresh perspective.

I will then add tweaks and improvements to enhance the piece, making it more attractive and appealing. A final review, along with a spelling and grammar check, results in a final draft which is delivered to the client.

There may be an extra step or two, depending upon the nature of the project. But as you've seen, this process is time- and effort-intensive. At a conservative estimate, it takes me an average of 5 hours to create a super premium article, starting from scratch.

Still think the rates I charge are too high?

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