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I especially like the example you gave about one of your own products... and how you boosted your income almost instantly!

Jon Harrison
Grand Rapids, MI

These NINE punchy little guides reveal the forgotten science of proven, effective marketing... to help you sell more!


Dear Friend,

      Do you sell ANYTHING online?

  • If you sell products as a vendor or affiliate...
  • If you sell services as a freelancer or company...
  • If you sell 'yourself' as a brand or personality...

...then you'll benefit from this program on

How To Sell More


      How would you like to make one little change and be able to pull in a ton of extra sales... not just one time, but over and over again..

      Imagine this...

    Someone arrives at your business website, but leaves without buying anything.

   You go through this program and learn 9 unique, powerful secrets almost all successful marketers use to make sales.

   You put them to work - and each 'force multiplier' acts as your most effective sales person.

Visitors to your website now buy... and buy... and keep on buying more and more stuff... RIGHT UNTIL YOU STOP SELLING!


How Would You Like To Boost Sales By 62% - Or More?

      Sounds too good to be true?

      Well, it isn't if you have the right knowledge and the right tools.

      Think about it.

      These 'overlooked' secrets make up a powerful profit-boosting formula that can multiply your sales and profit. To enjoy a healthy surge in profit, you won't have to spend more on ads or staff or tools.

     By weaving these simple techniques into your selling process, you can quickly and easily:

  • grow your digital business
  • increase sales figures
  • boost your profit

And do it all on auto-pilot!

     I once did this with a promotion - and earned $4591.15 instead of $2,832... or 62% more profit!

     My 'Niche Starter Kit' sold well at $19.95 - and in three months we'd sold 142 units.

     But with a minor tweak to my sales process, I got 65 of these buyers to pick up more products... right on the sales/order page!

It Earned Me 62% EXTRA!

     And that's from using just ONE of the 9 methods you'll discover in 'How To Sell More'.

      Would you like to duplicate this in YOUR business?

     You can...

But Getting It Right Is The Hard Part...

      It could take you years. And cost you a small fortune. And even then, you may not figure out just the right combinations that create magic.

You'll have to figure out

      ... the exact phrases that convince and convert prospects into buyers - without losing the sale

      ... the perfect time to deploy a 'force multiplier' - and push a hesitant shopper off the fence

      ... the ideal way to frame and present your offer - so that your buyer simply cannot resist it

      ... the breakthrough strategy to stay in touch - and keep reminding clients until they order!

      ... the best frequency to pitch your offer - and not offend your buyer, yet make the sale!


      All of this is fully explained for you in this revolutionary new program called:

"How To Sell More"

      At last! Every ingredient of effective selling is pulled together into this profit-exploding recipe.

      But don't take my word for it.

     See what others say about this sales boosting formula:

Effective Strategies

If you want to build authority and brand, you could go to folks who have gone through all the books/courses and are able to regurgitate the information on command.

Or, you can choose to learn from someone like Dr. Mani, who has actually built his own brand - from scratch - in an extremely competitive market, with the use of effective strategies.

- Bryan Kumar

Truly Powerful Stuff!

I've used some of the tricks that you mentioned in this report in the past, but I didn't realize how much money I was leaving on the table by doing it incorrectly.

This is truly powerful stuff that I can use today. I expect a 50-60% increase in profit by the end of this month. Thanks!

Mike Nalbone

Easy To Follow

The What, When and Where are explained perfectly and with so many examples it will be so easy for anyone to put your advice into practice.

Great job, well done.

Case Stevens


      Maybe you're still skeptical. Wondering if this will work for you. But think about this...

If you keep doing the same things, how can you enjoy more sales and bigger profits?

     That's why I invite you to try out this tested-and-proven collection of 'force multipliers' that can skyrocket your sales and boost your profits.

     And you can do it completely and totally risk-free! More about my unique guarantee in just a moment.


Which Of These Powerful Secrets Could You Use To Boost Sales?

How To Sell More

  • #1: POWER UPSELLING: The Quickest Ways To Influence, Persuade & Sell

    Effortlessly Make More Sales With This Breakthrough Power Tactic Guaranteed To Explode Your Profits… Without Spending More, Without Working Harder & Without Wasting Time!

  • #2: CLOSING THE SALE: Powerful Ways To Take Away Risk & Make More Sales

    How To Smash Your Prospect’s Sales Resistance To Smithereens… And Get Them Practically Begging You To Let Them Have What You’re Selling! Take away all perception of ‘risk’ – and boost your profits.

  • #3: LAUNCH IT NOW: Joint Venture Power Tips & Insider Secrets

    Imagine sending out one email, or making one phone call, or mailing one letter – and generating dozens (or even hundreds) of sales, hordes of new customers, and making windfall profit… quickly and easily!

  • #4: FOLLOW UP POWER: For The Small Business Owner

    How To Get 2 Times… 5 Times… Even TEN Times More Profit Out of the Same Prospect List – Selling The Very Same Products! Follow up smartly and zoom ahead to massive success in business.

  • #5: IRRESISTIBLE INCENTIVES: The Fastest Way To Get Rich Flaunting Your Bonuses

    How To Use Bonuses To Sell More, Make Bigger Profits – & Build Loyalty With Your Clients EVERY Time. This is how advertising can help explode your sales and boost your profits massively.

  • #6: HOW TO EXPAND? GO OFFLINE: The Best Way To Reach New Buyers & Sell More!

    How Savvy Digital Entrepreneurs Are Changing Web Marketing – And Get Rich Fast! Uncover secrets of using physical versions of digital products to boost sales conversion and bank higher profits.

  • #7: HOW TO GET RAVE REVIEWS: Sell More, Grow Revenues & Dominate Your Market

    The Magic Words To Add To Your Sales Page That Instantly Boosts Sales By 17% Or More… And You Won’t Even Write Them Yourself! Learn to skyrocket your R.O.I. and sell more – effortlessly.

  • #8: AUTOMATIC WEALTH: Easy Ways To Multiply Profits From Repeat Buyers

    Learn The Amazingly Powerful Strategy Smart Business People Are Using To Multiply Their Profits – Without Even Trying! Put it to work in your business – & enjoy automatic wealth…starting now!

  • #9: BOOST CONVERSION: Quickly Explode Your Sales Through Split Testing

    Split Testing Secrets To Ramp Up Your Marketing Performance. How To Triple, Quadruple Or Even Skyrocket Sales By Following 6 Proven Steps – Without Spending Any More Money!

It's Like Having Bunker-Busting Bombs In Your Sales Arsenal

...Nothing Can Resist You!

You will know all about...

  • When to make additional offers so that they'll greedily snap them up - and even ask for more

  • What else to sell to your clients to add value - that they will pick up in a heartbeat

  • Where to push hot trigger sales buttons - and help customers conveniently buy what they are already eager to have

  • How to extend special deals - so that shoppers will thank you for making it easy to decide to buy

... and a lot more.


These 9 modules in the 'How To Sell More' course are loaded with powerful, effective, profitable tips.

Learn them. Put them to work. Enjoy quick results.

You'll also discover...

  • How to switch seamlessly from online to offline in order to enhance perceived value to your clients

  • REAL profit secrets even huge corporations like Apple, Amazon and Google regularly use for windfall gains

  • Universal psychological triggers that will practically hypnotize your audience to reach into their wallets and buy

  • The step-by-step approach to craft a winning 'selling process' - that will drive prospects relentlessly towards a purchase

Okay, So What's This Remarkable Program Worth?

      'How To Sell More' could easily sell for hundreds of dollars.

     In fact if you consulted a specialist for sales conversion advice, you'll pay thousands!

     So at a minimum you're getting that kind of tested-and-proven guidance from this program.

     Along with step by step explanations, template messages, case studies, and a range of variations to ensure you'll find one suitable to model in your business.

      And your total investment for all of this is just...



Order Now - How To Sell More

So what's the catch?

      Why is it priced so affordably?

      Well, it's really quite simple. I need more feedback. Some real-life case studies and 'unbiased independent proof' from entrepreneurs like you.

     It will help convince others that this formula actually works. Not just for an expert or experienced business owner... but for EVERYONE.

     That's why I'm eager to get this information into your hands, so you can put it to use... and share your results.

     Maybe you'll even help spread the word, once you see how powerful these 'force multiplier' tactics are!

      Plus, to further twist your arm and encourage you to make a buying decision right now, I'll throw in some...

3 Fantastic FREE Bonus Gifts - If You Order Today

Free Bonus Gift #1:
'21 Copywriting Tips To Make You Rich'
- value $19.95.

This is a 'soup-to-nuts' guide to help you quickly and easily create powerful, compelling sales copy... within minutes.

Free Bonus Gift #2:
'Hot Email Headlines'
- $19.95 value

A collection of 40+ attention-grabbing email headlines guaranteed to get your emails opened and read.

Free Bonus Gift #3:
'Hot Email Sales Letters'
- value $27.00)

23 tested and proven email sales letters for you to model, promote and use to make more sales.

     These bonuses are worth as much as your investment in How To Sell More -- but they are all yours absolutely free when you order today.

     And you're also backed by...

My 100% Risk-Free Guarantee:

Your Better-Than-Risk-Free-Take-it-To-The-Bank Guarantee

     If you don't get at least 3 new ideas to boost your business profits...

     Or if you try out these profit-multiplying tactics and don't see a remarkable improvement in your sales and profits...

     Or even if you just don't like the report for any reason at all...

I'll refund your money. No questions asked!

     If within a full 2 months, you honestly believe the program hasn't delivered on this promise then let me know... and I'll issue you a prompt and courteous refund.

      Plus, the free bonus gifts are all yours to keep anyway... just for your trust in taking a chance.


How To Sell More



Is That Fair?

      It means you can try out all the How To Sell More secrets at my risk... and see if they work for you.

     And if they don't produce profit boosts that make you squeal in delight, then I honestly cannot keep your money in good faith.

     And I'll even let you keep the free bonus gifts as my way of thanking you for giving 'How To Sell More' a try.

      You have no risk at all. If you don't get immediate profits using these force-multiplier sales-boosting techniques, then I lose - not you!

      Look at it this way -- $227.00 $67 is really a painless drop in the bucket compared to the money you're leaving on the table with a leaky sales process.

     That's really why...

You Can't Miss This Program!


YES, I Want To Know How To Sell More!


You'll get started right away.

     Click here to order - and get instant access to 'How To Sell More'

      Get ready to make more sales and boost profits - within days.

     All success,


     P.S. Just think! You'll never again suffer through the pain and hassle of lost sales.

     You'll make more sales - without expensive marketing or advertising.

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