Refund Profit Secrets

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Dear Information Marketer:

If there's one word that strikes terror in the hearts of our fellow infopreneurs, it's this one:


I still remember getting ready to sell my first info-product. There was just ONE thing I was worried about - and no, it was not making sales.

I was TERRIFIED buyers wouldn't like it - and might ask for refunds.

Today, 8 years later, I've launched well over 35 different products - and have come to accept an undeniable fact... refunds happen.

But something MORE has changed since 1999. I've learned a very special, very powerful, and very 'secret' philosophy. And it's about turning refunds into profits - over a long time.

In this short report, I'm going to share with you the fruits of almost a decade of selling information products online. And armed with this knowledge, if you apply the concept to your own business, I can guarantee you'll see encouraging boosts in your profit figures - and a notable improvement in client satisfaction levels.

You'll do more business, earn higher profits, and be happier.

That's a big promise, I know. And in this short report, I'll show you how to achieve it

You'll learn...

A multi-stage process to lower your refund rate - you'll save more sales, delight more buyers and boost your profit

A smart way to deal effectively with refunders - you'll not just keep them satisfied, you'll program them to come back and do business with you many more times

A 3-level process to advance your refund message marketing - you'll discover how explosively a 'Level 3' plan will grow your business success

A set of 'power' advanced refund handling techniques - you'll hear about things 85% of marketers don't even know ... and that NO ONE is ever sharing

An over-arching philosophy about refunds - you'll experience a paradigm shift in how you view refunders in the future

It's The Only Report Of This Kind I've Ever Seen!

I conservatively value this report as being worth at least $97 to your business - this year alone! And the impact will last for decades.

All you'll pay for it today is $17 - and it's a steal at this price.

But to make the decision absolutely, irresistibly, brain-numbingly easy, I'm going to slash even this modest price by HALF... and charge you

Only $8.50

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Are you likely to ask for a refund?

Well, I suggest you read the report before you do - because then you'll learn how I will play on you like a stringed instrument, and milk oodles of cash out of your wallet if you try it! (Just kidding!)

Seriously, though, if you read the report and think it is not worth the money you pay for it, drop me a short note explaining why you think so - and I'll gladly return your payment. You have absolutely no risk in this transaction - and you can only win!

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