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The Biggest Mistake In Information Marketing
- And How To Avoid It!

Pam Pam is an Internet marketer. She creates and sells information products. Like all beginners in the field, she sought out the experts (called 'gurus') and learned from them.

She subscribed to their email newsletters. She read all their messages, bought some ebooks, even invested in a high-priced course about information product marketing.

And Pam studied all the material eagerly.

She was like a sponge, soaking up the information. Most of the gurus taught a similar approach (with different fancy names). Pam learned that to build a successful online business, she needed 3 things:

  • a product
  • traffic
  • conversion (turning prospects into buyers)

Pam was a quick learner. Within a short time, she had written an ebook, built a website, actively promoted it, and was getting many visitors to it. She tested various parts of her sales process - headline, offer, price, and more - to try and improve her response rate.

But ten weeks later,

She Was Ready To Give Up!

All her hard work had not brought the results she hoped for. In fact, they had hardly produced any results at all!

Pam had made exactly three sales. And when she added up all her expenses to reach that point, she was shocked at how much each of those 3 sales had cost her.

Fortunately, before deciding to abandon her hopes, she talked to me. And within a few minutes of starting our discussion, I knew exactly what she had done wrong.

It's The BIGGEST Mistake In Information Marketing

And no, it's not only beginners who get it wrong. Many 'experts' are guilty of making it too. It's a deadly mistake - because it can sink any venture even before it gets going.

What's the mistake?

Not Carefully Researching A Niche!


Pam had set out to write an ebook - on a topic of her choice. It was something she enjoyed doing, because she was an expert at it. Putting her thoughts and experience into words was exciting and fulfilling.

Unfortunately, she didn't pause first to consider if there was
an audience out there who cared about it!

By the time she discovered there wasn't, it was already too late.

She had spent many days in creating her ebook, and she wanted many people to read it. So then, instead of changing her approach, she just kept trying harder, spending more time and money, hoping to find buyers for her ebook.

That approach simply does NOT work.

  • It is wasteful in effort and expense.
  • It is doomed to fail.
  • It is destructive to your enthusiasm and confidence.

That's Why You Must Find Your Niche - FIRST!


A market niche is a section or segment of the world which is interested in something specific - and that you can serve in a unique or special way.

It may be a hobby you love, a problem you can solve, a sport you play, a place you've visited, an activity you're good at, a type of person you know - anything at all.

And when you focus your efforts at creating and selling information products tailored to a specific niche, you'll be able to sell more of it easily - because people in that niche already WANT what you're selling them!

Simple, right?

It really is. Finding a niche is the most critical element of your online information business. Researching a niche is the highest and best use of your time and energy at the beginning of your infopreneur career.

So, What Matters In a Niche?

There are 5 important questions that you must answer in the beginning before taking the first step as an information marketer and starting work on a product or service.

  • #1: Are there enough people interested in it?
    There's little point in going after a niche market that's so small that you won't have enough prospects to sell your product or service to profitably.
  • #2: Do they want what you plan to sell?
    Unless your niche audience has expressed or indicated an interest in what you plan to offer for sale, you won't be able to close many sales. (At least not without much trouble and expense!)
  • #3: Have they expressed interest in paying for it?
    Time and again I've seen marketers rushing to create an offer based on their audience's "interest"... only to realize that they only wanted it if it was FREE!
  • #4: Can they afford to pay the price you expect to charge?
    Targeting a niche in which prospects cannot (or will not) pay what your product or service is worth will be a waste of your time and energy.
  • #5: Will you be able to find and reach them with your message - affordably?
    Access to a niche may be difficult online if the members are scattered far and wide. Look for audiences that gather or socialize in easy-to-reach locations.

Even if you don't ever buy another guide to niche marketing, and only focus on answering these 5 questions honestly and accurately before taking your first hesitant step into information marketing, you will multiply your chance of success.

Of course, each of these 5 broad areas has a further set of questions to be addressed and answered. And there are helpful resources like 'Which Niche Will Make You Rich' that will guide you towards finding the answers quickly and reliably.

There are questions that will guide you reliably to find and target your ideal niche. And there are tutorials, questionnaires and collections of resources to help you through the steps in clearly defining your ideal niche, one by one.

Among things you must learn, these are the most important:

  • How to calculate market demand and know for sure if your niche is worth exploring. Without this, you may as well wash your money down the drain!

  • 5 quick and easy ways to assess profit potential in any niche - and pinpoint the most lucrative income streams with accuracy

  • How to pick the perfect keywords guaranteed to accelerate the growth of your business. Get this right and you'll get a flood of traffic and boost profits

  • Tap into your niche's mindset and get them to tell you what exact products and services they are ready to buy from you - even before you create them!

  • Why competition doesn't really matter - and what you can do to avoid frustration and disappointment, even when competitors invade your favorite niche

  • How to create your information product with complete confidence that it will be a runaway best-seller

PamLet's pause here and think about what happened to Pam for a moment.

Do you want to go through a similar painful experience?

Do you want to waste ten weeks, lose your enthusiasm and confidence, and start off with a handicap in your online information business?

Or do you want to be smart - and have an expert guide you through the minefields of niche research, so that you can find a hot niche and then provide it with great value?

The choice is obvious and easy. And a great guide to niche finding that will help improve and enhance your skills at picking winning niches is "Which Niche Will Make You Rich?".

Armed with the powerful information in this guide, you can transform your information business, or get started on the right foot... to become profitable in the shortest time possible - with very little wasted effort.

Once you've done a careful niche market analysis, you will:

  • find a profitable niche market to explore
  • identify who your ideal audience will be
  • know what they want from you - and how much they will pay for it
  • learn where to find your prospective buyers - and what to tell them

Try it out at no risk today.

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