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Do you find yourself wishing that there were 27 hours in your day?

Are you always feeling completely overwhelmed with just not enough time in the day to get everything done?

Truth is, most of us started our businesses in order to enjoy more free time.

But nine times out of ten, what happens is that we become slaves to our businesses, and are forced into servitude with the almighty clock being our master!

We've traded those 9-to-5 jobs for all-day work schedules. And still, it doesn't feel like we've accomplished anything at the end of the day.

You Need These Powerful, Effective
"Time Management Secrets"

My friend, mentor and role model is a top official in the Indian Administrative Services.

He rose from strength to strength in a high-stress, super-achieving field, and retired recently as Cabinet Secretary to the Federal Government.

Over the 9 years I have known him, one thing always stood out.

He was never late for an appointment - even 'non-official' ones like with my team

He would always wind up meetings on time - without seeming abrupt, blunt or impolite

His desk never had more than 5 files on them - even though he was responsible for thousands of people, hundreds of direct reports and managed millions of dollars for the departments he headed

Efficiency. Punctuality. Effectiveness.

These are words I have always associated with this remarkable man.

A few days ago, in the waiting room of a hospital, I had a chance to talk to him for an hour... and picked his brains about various issues, among them the most critical was the way he managed his time.

I suggested that he write a book on the subject or conduct a seminar - and was floored when he said he already was thinking about it!

It seems the World Bank sought his services as a consultant, and impressed by his amazing organizing skills, asked him to conduct a 'behind closed doors' seminar for their workers about managing time effectively.

One thing led to another, and I managed to convince him that there were millions of people who would benefit from his advice... and he agreed to run a quick test. He would let me share a draft version of his time management presentation with a small group of people - as a trial.

If you ever said one of these things to yourself:

  • I can never get enough time to finish what I am doing in a day
  • I have so many things to do I get confused
  • I could be making more money, but I just do not have the time
  • I got caught up, so I never got to finish that proposal on time

... then you absolutely need this revolutionary guide to effective time management.

"Time Management Made Easy"

Tips, Tricks & Secrets To Gaining 4 Extra Hours In Your Day!

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