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5 Secrets of Effective Blogging

The Simple Steps To Building Your Authority Blog


So you want a popular, successful, and profitable blog?

Maybe you've heard about how easy it is to be a writer today. You've dreamed of becoming a famous, well-known and respected blogger. You've decided to build a great authority website - one that thousands (or even millions) will flock to, as the ultimate online resource in your niche.

But that's where you got stuck!

With 150 MILLION blogs around, you understand it won't happen automatically. You realize that you'll have to take effective steps to create your unique online presence. You're eager to find out what makes a blog really big. That's how you probably landed at this page.

Well, you're in the right place!

And once you've learned these 5 simple, yet powerful secrets that every successful blogger has used to dominate a niche and gain authority status, you'll be able to effortlessly mimic their tested-and-proven process to ramp up your success.

Are you ready? Then...

Let's Explore 5 Secrets That Have Worked Across Niches For Over A Decade,
And Helped Thousands Like You Build Very Successful Blogs.


Rich Niche Blogging Secret #1

Find the Right Niche and
Choose Powerful Keywords

Your blog will be read by people. People are constantly seeking out (and finding) what they want. If your blog gives them what they want, you will have an audience.

But what DO your prospective readers want?

It's easy to find out - with some digging, some research, some questioning... and after that, some thought and analysis.

Most people want the same things.

To be happy. Healthy. Rich. Comfortable. Famous. Beautiful.

They long for the same things.

Better relationships. More time. Better health. More peace.

They care about the same things.

A safer world. A better future. A fulfilling career. A purposeful life.

And just about everyone wants to have less pain and more fun. They want relief from vexing problems and troubles. They want pleasure and relaxation, enjoyment and entertainment.

Using this as the launch pad for your niche research, and then uncovering the keywords with the highest potential to attract the right prospects to your blog, are the first secret to blogging success.

It's what every popular and influential blogger got right early on. If you didn't, and your blog hasn't lived up to its potential, there's still time to fix it.

If you're not yet blogging, and plan to get started, this alone will save you days, weeks, or even months of fruitless frustration - and you'll get started on the right foot.

"Rich Niche Blogging" gets into this in great depth and detail in the first module, revealing the best ways to find red-hot niches that have thousands of prospects passionately and eagerly engaged.


Rich Niche Blogging Secret #2

Set Up Your Blog
And Do It The Right Way

After niche and keyword research, the next most important step is to build a blog that attracts your ideal prospects, and then gets them to take the action you want them to - it may be buying your product, joining your list, clicking your ads, or something else.

By nature, blogs are optimized to rank high on search engines.

But you can still do better by tweaking the structure of your niche blog to make it a powerful search engine magnet - one that soars to the top of search rankings, and attracts a flood of visitors.

  • This means positioning your keywords in the right places on your blog.

  • It means organizing your blog's layout to be friendly to search engine robots.

  • It means avoiding mistakes that penalize your blog and force it out of SERPs.

  • It means automatically arranging your content for the highest impact and effect.

  • It means placing ads and money-making elements where they'll be noticed.

While most of this is simple, it's not intuitive or apparent how to get it right. And the cost of getting it wrong is too high.

Instead of thousands of daily visitors, you'll get dozens - if you're lucky.

Instead of earning hundreds of dollars, you'll earn pennies - or not even that.

Instead of enjoying the popularity of an A-list blogger, you'll be an also-ran.

Surely you don't want that to happen?

That's why you should learn all about optimizing your blog for the greatest impact and profit. Once you know how to do it, the rest is as easy as falling off a log!


Rich Niche Blogging Secret #3

Plan and Create
Powerful Blog Content

At the core of every massively successful blog there is one common factor...

Quality Content

  • Content that informs.
  • Content that entertains.
  • Content that inspires.

Content that is presented in the form of words (articles), speech (podcasts) or visuals (video).

Content that matches the needs, wants and desires of your audience - and captivates, engages and fascinates them enough to want to stay, explore more of your blog, and hopefully take whatever action you want them to take.

Yes, content is king.

But blog content is significantly different from other online content. There are special rules for blog content, and there are specific styles and approaches that work ten times better than others.

To make things more interesting, blog content must also be attractive to search engines - because that's where most of your niche audience will find you. This means crafting your content to appeal to humans, while being seeded with the appropriate keywords and phrases that will propel you to the top of Google.

How can you do this?

It's easy.

Once you understand what it takes to get Google to rank your blog high, and what type of content your audience loves, then all that's left is to either create your own blog content, or hire a professional to do it for you.

Your goal should be to add so much value that Google (and Bing, as well as other search engines) can't help but rank your blog at the top.

Master this, and you'll be able to churn out one winning niche blog after another - quickly, and with a surefire guarantee of success.


Rich Niche Blogging Secret #4

Promote Your Blog and
Build Back Links

With an innate structure that favors search engine optimization (SEO), blogs usually rank well for even competitive keywords.

But to get the highest impact from your niche blogging, you must do more to market your blog than just publishing good, optimized content. That's a secret known to the top bloggers - but beginners often miss it!

Among the many 'marketing' techniques you can deploy, one of the most effective is building back links to your blog from a variety of resources. Each link is a vote in favor of your blog. The more you get, the more likely you are to win in a race for popularity.

There are literally thousands of different places from where you can get back links. Knowing which ones are the best, and how to go about securing and retaining these effective back links, is your key to niche blogging success.

While many niches are not too competitive and can benefit from just a handful of links, others are more difficult to rank for - unless you can compensate by building many back links.

But not all links are equal. Some pack the fire power of a neutron bomb - while others are as ineffective as a tommy gun shooting blanks!

Unless you know the best, most effective back linking methods and strategies, you'll end up wasting time, effort and even money, seeking and getting worthless links... and that won't help a whit with your chances of ranking high on search engines!

It's one of the most closely guarded secrets of a winning blog... and I'll tell you where you can learn all about them.


Rich Niche Blogging Secret #5

Build Multiple Streams of Income
For Your Blog

With accurate niche and keyword research, a well-planned and structured blog, useful content optimized for search engines and a marketing strategy based on building powerful back links, your blog will surely get a steady flow of traffic from various sources, including search engines like Google and Bing.

Pretty quickly, your blog will become a popular destination for people in your niche!

Your last challenge is to turn this flood of visitors into cash in the bank.

And niche blogging experts have mastered this one. In fact, their strategy can be described in a simple phrase - "Multiple Streams of Income"

While novice bloggers focus on one avenue of making money from their blog, experienced niche bloggers ensure a steady, continuous and secure profit by implementing many different revenue channels.

That way, even if one approach loses effectiveness over time, others take up the slack, and keep bringing in cash.

So, how many different ways can you profit from blogging?

And which ones are ideal for use on your niche blog?

Here are a few blog profit ideas - (there are 27 of them in all that you'll find covered in detail inside the last module of "Rich Niche Blogging"!):

  • Ask readers to donate
  • Sell products as an affiliate
  • Host ad banners for sponsors
  • Create and sell blogs
  • Offer discounts and coupons

Want more? Read "Rich Niche Blogging"!

Many of the 27 blog profit ideas are evergreen systems that have worked well for over 8 years. You can use these models in your niche blogging - because you can set them up once and enjoy the benefits for many years to come.

But rather than guess and try different methods, why not learn from the rich experience and field-tested wisdom of specialists who have blogged for profit since 2003 - and know the tricks and twists to successful blogging?

That's what really makes "Rich Niche Blogging" such an essential guide.

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Niche Blogging Doesn't Have To Be Difficult!

All it takes is to know these 5 simple secrets - and then put them to use in the best, most effective manner. Changes in the content marketing arena are scary, radical and potentially devastating to your business.

You must learn the correct methods - and do it fast.

With this 5-module program...

  • You'll focus on an evergreen strategy of consistently delivering value to users - so your visitors will seek you out, and tell their friends about you.

  • You'll structure your blog to withstand algorithm updates - so your blog will continue to rank high on search engines for years to come.

  • You'll build multiple streams of income that won't dry up - so that you will be proof against recessions and downturns in the economy.

  • You'll attract visitors and prospects from many different sources - so you're not dependent upon any single search engine or other traffic channel.

  • You'll develop relationships with your audience based on trust and respect - and that will translate into more sales, higher profit, and greater referrals.

  • You'll make sure that you're in compliance with what's acceptable and effective - so you won't have to scramble and worry about breaking the laws and rules.

And in this way, you'll future-proof your niche blog against any changes.

Yes, You'll Have Niche Blogs That
Will Stand The Test Of Time.

And it will happen easily for you when you follow the "Rich Niche Blogging" program.

Are you ready to give it a try?

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