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Revealed: 86 'Insider' Tips To Get Your Laptop Computer To Look Nicer, Work Better & Last Longer - In Less than 5 Minutes a Week

Frustrated at how your laptop seems to be getting slower and more unreliable no matter how hard you try?

Sick of people telling you to just chuck it and buy a new one (as if it hasn't cost a small fortune already)?

Tired of getting advice from seedy technicians with false grins and an eye on your wallet?

Discover How To Reclaim
Your Dream Machine - Easily


This guide to maintaining your super-fit notebook computer will help you...
  • find more hours in the day to do what you like
  • become more productive and efficient at work
  • feel better and more positive about yourself
  • be the center of attraction - even envy - among your peers
  • enjoy stress-free days and restful nights
  • experience a sense of security and comfort


And Save Hundreds of Dollars Every Year In
Wasted Time, Unnecessary Laptop Repairs,
Low Performance & Dropping Resale Value

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Discover the true secrets of easy, effective laptop care from the expert who wrote "86 Ways to Quickly & Easily make Your Laptop Computer Look Nicer, Work Better & Last Longer!".


REMEMBER! If You Are NOT Taking Good Care of Your Laptop Computer
-- You're Losing Time, You're Losing Money, & You're Losing Value


Get The Real Truth About
Laptop Computer Care


What Do You NOT Know?

     Do you know that...

  • ... when coming indoors in winter, you should allow the system to acclimate to normal room temperature before turning it on - or it could spell disaster for your drive?

    67% of laptop users surveyed did NOT know!

  • ... when you work with your laptop on a blanket or other soft surfaces, cooling vents can get blocked - and cause the system to overheat?

    Your laptop slows down, and could even get damaged - permanently!

  • ... placing your laptop closer than 13 cm from electrical devices which generate a strong magnetic field can induce currents and voltages causing lockups or failures?

    Your system could freeze up - or worse! And 4 in 10 laptop owners were not aware of it!

  • ... laptop theft has skyrocketed, increasing by a mind-numbing 73% since 2007 - and it's still rising. You don't want to be a victim.

    But without knowing how to protect yourself, you're running a real big risk!

     And that's just what you don't know! If ignorance is bad enough,

Being Careless Is Worse!

     What precautions do you take to make sure you don't drop your laptop? 43% of repair calls deal with such accidents!

     You don't keep laptops in overhead storage lockers on airplanes, do you? It's another big boo-boo 1in 5 laptop owners make.

     Ever spilled coffee (or any other drink) on your laptop keyboard? What did you do - immediately? I'll bet it wasn't the right thing! Not even one in 10 users could tell correctly.

Do You Make These Mistakes Too?

This remarkable booklet has helped hundreds of owners take better care of their prized laptop computers. Only 5 minutes a week required to improve appearance, performance and value.

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     Have you wondered, as I have, what keeps some laptops going great, looking fantastic, and finally selling for more? And others seem to be an ongoing source of trouble?

     It isn't always what you paid for a laptop, or which model you chose, or where you bought it. The difference lies in what each person knows about laptop care - and how he or she makes use of that knowledge.

Yes, Laptop Care Is Critical

     Do you remember how it was for you?

     Think about how many models you researched before finding your 'dream machine'. And how long and hard you saved up to be able to afford it.

     Imagine yourself breezing into your office or classroom, setting it up on your table, and instantly you were the center of attraction. You used to draw looks of envy from colleagues, classmates or co-workers as you proudly showed off your new toy.

Could You Still Do It Today?

  • Is your notebook still lightning-fast - or turtle s-l-o-w?

  • Do people now stop and stare at it in admiration - or horror?

  • Can you sell it today for a small fortune - or will you have to pay someone to take it?!

  • Does your laptop still take pride of place on your shelf - or is it gathering dust in the corner?

What Turned Your Treasured Laptop
Almost Into Trash?

     Remember how you pampered it. Revered it. Took good care of it.

You Were In Love With It!

     And you can do it again! It's like a great romance that's only just begun!

     Yes, just as you can rekindle the excitement in a relationship, you can recreate the wonderful experience of owning a new laptop - when you follow simple, proven, effective tips to good laptop care.

     And here's the best part.

     You will not need to work hard at it. You will not take hours to get it done. And it will not cost you an arm and a leg. In fact, we will show you how you can do it...

In less than 5 minutes a week,
For less than $5 a month
Without moving out of your house
-- or even your arm-chair

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     You will learn...

How To Take Better Care of Your Laptop
& Make It (or Keep It) Good As NEW!

     But... What If You Don't Want To?

     Listen, you won't have anyone else to blame when disaster strikes. And it could happen anytime. Even tomorrow. Or maybe TODAY!

     Here's what might happen:

  • You Could Lose Money. Not taking care of minor maintenance tasks could cause major damage. Fixing it could cost you a LOT. Hey, you brush your teeth because you worry about losing them, don't you? It's exactly what could happen to your laptop too!

  • You Could Lose Data. Imagine walking into an important meeting - only to discover vital data stored on your laptop is gone! It happens more often than you'd think - because folks don't want to spend 5 minutes a week - or know how to do it!

  • You Could Lose Time. It is a kind of perverse law of Nature that the most serious computer crash comes at the absolutely worst moment - often just before a project is completed or an important presentation is due. Guess who will be re-doing it?!

  • You Could Lose Your Laptop! Laptop theft has skyrocketed. Not taking security precautions to safeguard your notebook computer and protect the data on it is - to put it bluntly - an act of irresponsibility. Ignore it at your risk.

     And if you're thinking "It Can't Happen To Me", well then we cannot do much more than wish you luck! Because if you are the kind of risk-taker willing to gamble your money, your data, your security and peace of mind on a wish and a prayer, then this Laptop Care booklet is certainly not for you.

     It is directed at forward-thinking, action-focused, practical individuals who believe in tackling risk head-on, managing it and even reversing it - to succeed in everything they do.

     Armed with the powerful knowledge inside "86 Ways to Make Your Notebook Computer Look Nicer, Work Better & Last Longer", you too can join them in being a smarter, safer, more successful laptop owner... and it is so easy to do, you are doing yourself a serious dis-service by not at least trying out this information on an absolutely risk-free basis.

Save Money, Data & Time - Secure Your Laptop Today
With These 86 POWER Tips!


     Everything included, you are looking at a very reasonable investment of...

Only 5 Minutes a Week!

     Nor is there very much to learn. Just see these highly astonishing facts about laptop care.

     For instance, statistics show that a list of 47 things (with their repetitions) makes up more than half of all our laptop care activities. Obviously, if one could learn to clean, virus-scan, update, secure and regularly service their notebook computers, one would go toward eliminating incorrect maintenance and under-performance.

     Similarly, there are no more than one dozen fundamental principles of laptop care. If we mastered these principles, there would be no costly repairs and painful replacements to handicap us in our work.

     Finally, seven typical errors in laptop protection account for nine-tenths of laptop thefts. When one learns to avoid these pitfalls, it's almost guaranteed your laptop will be yours as long as you want to keep it!

     When taking care of your laptop computer is made so simple, it becomes clear that maintenance can be assured in a very short time. No more than five minutes a week is required. Five minutes, not of study, but of fascinating practice!

     You are a busy person. I understand that. You do your work in any spare moment they can snatch. Take five minutes from the time usually spent in profitless reading or amusement. The results really are phenomenal.

     Get this excellent collection of laptop care tips. You will take advantage of proven methods and gain something so priceless that it cannot be measured in terms of money.

  • You will gain extra hours every day to spend with your friends, family or enjoying yourself doing anything you want.

  • You will gain the mark of a successful executive as your posh, elegant, almost-new laptop draws stares of admiration from the people around.

  • You will hold limitless advantage over your competitors by having a reliable, powerful tool which consistently performs at a high level.

  • You will be singled out for delivering your work on time, on making presentations which are flawless and perfect, putting you on the fast track to business success and career advancement.

  • You will gain the self-confidence and self-respect which this inspires.

  • You will sleep easy and stay more relaxed and calm, knowing you no longer need worry about losing your laptop - or the data on it.

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     As for material reward, certainly the importance of good laptop care cannot be over-estimated. Surely, no one can argue with the money you'll save on repairs and replacements, or the time you'll save by finishing your work faster, or the stress you'll avoid by having your computing powerhorse humming along like a finely tuned Rolls-Royce! Surely no one can advance far without it.

So do you want this fascinating little booklet called:

"86 Ways to Make Your Notebook Computer Look Nicer, Work Better & Last Longer - In Less than 5 Minutes a Week"

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     The booklet is more than a brochure. Unquestionably. It reveals the most amazing - and simple - tips about laptop care that anyone can follow quickly and easily.

     If you are interested in learning more in detail about what good laptop care can do for you and your business, send for the booklet, "86 Ways to Make Your Notebook Computer Look Nicer, Work Better & Last Longer". Click here to request your booklet.



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     After putting these 86 powerful tips to use, you will find your laptop will...

  • look cleaner, more attractive and draw admiring stares wherever you go

  • work faster, smoother, and have fewer problems than before

  • retain this for many more years, adding value if you decide to sell it later

     And you will notice yourself

  • having more hours in the day to do what you like

  • being more productive and efficient in your work

  • feeling better and more positive about yourself

  • becoming the center of attraction - even envy - among your peers

  • enjoying stress-free days and restful nights

  • experiencing a sense of security and comfort which only comes from insider knowledge


     And none of these tips will take you longer than 5 minutes a week, and you won't have to spend more than $5 a month (unless you want to go the whole hog and do things in style).





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