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How To Focus

Set Goals, Beat Procrastination & Get Things Done

So you want to learn how to focus. You're tired of being easily distracted, losing concentration and getting sidetracked. You'd like to beat procrastination for long enough to get things done.

Well, you're about to learn some tricks and tactics that should be useful.

Hundreds of readers have written to say how well these methods worked for them. Many were thrilled at how easy and effective they are. And quite a few went on to buy the books in our personal productivity series - because they were sure they would add even more value to their lives.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. Time to focus :)

The Value of Focus

In a social media driven online world where attention is fragmented and your concentration typically lasts a few minutes (if not seconds!), the one thing we most need is the ability to focus.

If you're average, you spend 18% of your online time on social media. Phone calls, email and postal mail account for another 14%. The average person engages with friends and peers over the Internet for more than EIGHTY hours every year. And that number has been steadily increasing since 2007.

Be it on Facebook or Twitter, Tumblr or Pinterest, Instagram or LinkedIn - or even browsing blogs or watching video on YouTube - these distracting activities consume precious hours we can never win back. Ever.

They're luring you away from more important tasks. Keep you from doing work that truly matters.

And we're not even talking about the bigger time wasting influences that exist offline!

Television claims nearly 10 hours daily. By contrast, you only average 15 hours a week caring for others in your household!

Other hobbies, disturbances and interruptions keep you unproductive for a large part of your working day.

All of this has an impact on how much you're able to get done.

  • There are things you need to do... which aren't finished.
  • Goals you'd like to achieve... but can't seem to gain priority.
  • And that's because you've not mastered the art of focus.

How To Focus Better?

That's the big question on millions of minds, including your own.

Can a book or report teach you how to focus?

It may seem unlikely, but studies have proven time and time again, that a well-structured book can transform lives suddenly and dramatically - by focusing on a trigger or pressure point.

A book may

  • instantly shift your paradigm, change your worldview
  • reveal the stark horror of how wasteful procrastination is
  • clearly expose the probability of never reaching your goals

And by forcing you to focus on taking action, it will transform your life... completely.

"How to Focus" by Dr.Mani is one such book. In 49 value-loaded pages, this simple yet powerful guide will shift your mindset immediately.

What Are The Steps To Better Focus?

While there is no formulaic approach to learn how to focus, there are some common steps that will help you concentrate longer and tune out distractions more effectively.

The three basic steps to improving focus are:

  • Set Goals
  • Beat Procrastination
  • Get Things Done
The power of these steps can be explained through simple, easy to understand analogies like this...

The Ladder Against a Wall

Imagine that there's a rich treasure stored in a chest placed on a high loft. You can only reach the loft by climbing a long ladder. Getting up each step is hard work, and needs tremendous concentration, focus and effort.

But even if you have all these skills and successfully reach the top of the ladder, everything is wasted if you miss out on one important step right at the beginning.

You must confirm that your ladder is leaning against the right wall!

Unless you have goals, you won't know if you're focusing on the right things - or not. Mindlessly checking off items on your to-do list might make you more efficient - but not more successful. That's why you must critically ask yourself whether you're focusing on the right things.

Tomorrow Never Comes

A friend of mine has not yet received his Master's degree. Every time he thinks about it, he postpones the decision to act.

  • He'd 'forget' to get the application form for his examination.
  • Or be unable to book his flight to the venue on time.
  • Or fail to submit a part of the required documentation.

This has been going on for a long time. His excuse to "do it tomorrow" has set back his career progress... for ten full years!

Several things hold you back from taking prompt action on the important goals in your life. Lack of focus is one of them. By learning how to focus on your biggest dreams and ambitions, you can prevent the cancer of procrastination from sabotaging your success.

How To Focus - The Process

1. Change your style of working. Ask the critical question at the very beginning of any new project, or before taking up a new task.

"Should I be doing this?"

This way you will focus on the most important things - and ignore the fluff and drivel that clutter up your life.

2. Take stock. Analyze your present situation, in order to plan your strategy. With a simple 15-minute exercise (that you'll learn in "How to Focus") you'll have a clear idea of where you stand right now.

3. Visualize where you want to go. Then draw up a blueprint that takes you there in the shortest, quickest, easiest way. Having a plan for your future is the best way to align your purpose and targets with a daily or weekly sequence of activities.

4. Stay on track. Because there will always be distractions that draw you away from these activities, you must understand the things that affect your focus - so that you can master the solutions.

So, Can A Book Teach You How To Focus?

Yes. There are many books, guides and courses that try to teach you how to focus. And there are any number of gurus and coaches who can instruct you on the basics of drawing up a to-do list, attacking it with gusto, and accomplishing a few tasks.

But in a distracting, noisy and attention-deficit world, you need extra-ordinary focus and concentration to stick with what matters if you want to reach your biggest goals.

"How To Focus" is not a casual "feel good" tutorial. It is a series of action steps to follow if you want to beat procrastination, develop extreme concentration, and get things done.

As other readers who have used these concepts attest, this is a book you must read if you're serious about learning how to develop better focus and get things done.

You'll find yourself enjoying:

  • lesser stress and frustration
  • fewer distractions and interruptions
  • greater achievement and accomplishment
  • higher profitability and better results
  • deeper satisfaction and greater fulfillment

So think about what the value of this book might be in your future... and then download a copy to read today.

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