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If you're buying backlinks to your website or if you are doing ANYTHING that involves spending money to get your site ranked higher in search engines - then you need this simple guide.

When your website gets ranked #1 (or even #2 or #3) on Google, Bing and other search engines,

* You Get FREE TRAFFIC from targeted visitors who are actively looking for what you offer on your site by typing in relevant keywords

* You Make MORE SALES from testing and tweaking your copy based on what visitors are doing on your site, quickly improving conversion rates

* You Keep MORE PROFIT as you no longer have to pay for every visitor on a CPC basis or run expensive ads to get traffic

And That Means That You
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The 'secret' to getting ranked high on search engines is having more backlinks.

Specifically, backlinks with targeted anchor text from relevant authority sites.

Now, you could achieve this the hard way - by negotiating link exchanges from authority sites in your niche, or trying to get guest posts published on their blogs or article directories, or even paying to run a text link ad or banner on their site.

But this takes time or costs money - and doesn't last forever.

Each unit of 'link weight' you buy costs you roughly $1 per month - and in competitive niches, you'll need 100 to 500 units to stay in the running. In a year, you'll spend $1,200 to $6,000 - and in the end, you own NOTHING!

Yes, when you 'rent' backlinks on high PR networks, you only get links for as long as you pay for them. Stop your monthly subscription and your links vanish!

That's why it makes so much sense to...


And it makes perfect sense from a financial point of view.

For a similar investment (or even much less) you could OWN your network of 10 high PR domains (PR-4 or higher) and CONTROL all the links from it to your 'money sites'.

YOU get to decide how much 'link weight' your network passes along to your profit-generating cash-sites... and how long they stay there.

It's EASY to build your own private network

And no, that bit isn't easy to learn :)

I've spent three months researching this subject in great detail. I bought ebooks and special reports on specific sub-topics. I browsed forums and blogs for more information. I engaged in extended discussions via public forum messages and private communication with people running and renting out their own private networks.

  • I asked them probing questions - and was fortunate to get detailed answers from experts who were actually running high PR private networks.

  • I joined a couple of networks, paying a monthly subscription fee, to see for myself if the results of such backlinking were worthwhile.

  • I studied the networks from which these specialists were giving out backlinks to learn their structure and set-up.

(btw, this is closely guarded private information that only paying members can uncover - and even that only through 'spying' on the backlinks generated to my own sites on the networks!)

It was long, hard work - but worth a fortune.

This is truly an area where 'knowledge is money' because it's so easy to get scammed, fooled and make expensive mistakes.

And Then, I Built My Own
Private High PR Network

Based on my research and newly gained knowledge, I've started building my own private high PR network.

It has 8 sites at present. Three of them are PR-5 and 5 are PR-4.

Using this 'small' but immensely powerful network, I've boosted TWELVE niche sites to #1 spots on Google - and ANOTHER SEVEN sites to the top #3 positions as well! (No, none of them are hyper-competitive niches - but they do have some stiff contests for top spots)

What would it be worth to your bottom-line if 12 of your niche sites rose to the top of Google?

With the flood of traffic that's sure to hit your sites from your high ranking pages...

How much MORE money will you make?

A few hundred dollars?

A few thousand?

Many thousand dollars?!

Now think about that continuing over the next 3 months.

Or 6 months.

Even a year or longer.

You can build your own PRIVATE NETWORK of HIGH PR sites too... and if you'd like to know how to go about it, I'll share what I've learned in


How To Build Your Own High PR Private Network

What does the report cost?

I was torn between pricing this exclusive report at close to its real value, yet keeping it affordable to everyone who is interested. Finally I hit upon a compromise...

The initial copies will be sold for...

Only $19.99

But the price could go up to $37 - or even $67 - at any time.

See, what you'll pay today if you order now is probably the lowest you'll ever get it for...


Still Not Sure?

Here's a glance at the 'Table of Contents' to help you decide:

* Why PR Matters - Even Today

* What Is High PR? How Many Sites Do I Need?

* What Does a High PR Private Network Look Like?

* Buying High PR Domains and Sites

* Where To Host Your High PR Private Network?

* Backlinking From Your High PR Network

* Preserving High PR of Your Domains and Network

* Indicative Pricing of High PR Domains

* Pitfalls in Buying High PR Domains & Hosting

* Where To Find High PR Domains for Sale?

* How To Profit From Your High PR Private Network?

* Content Strategies for Your High PR Network

* OBLs and Content Relevance for Backlinking

* Domain PR Attrition and How to Deal With It

* Conclusion


Our Refund Policy

If you don't like what you get, for any reason at all, simply ask for a refund and we'll return your money. It's simple and clear. That's just the way I prefer to work with my buyers.

If what I spent MONTHS researching, and have applied myself to start building a private high PR network, seems like junk or waste to you, then I definitely do NOT want to keep your money - and will refund you as early as possible, and definitely within 2 business days.

Go ahead and order a copy with confidence - and see if you find it useful. I think it will :)

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