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3 BIG List Building Mistakes...
And How To Avoid Them

Educate, Establish Trust, And Make More Money With Effective Ezine Marketing


So you're just getting started, building an email list for your business. What do you do first?

Why, try and learn something about it, of course.

But here's where the trouble begins. Everyone's telling you the SAME OLD THING.

Get your message out to the masses. Make them sign up for your email newsletter. Invite them to join your mailing list. Give them a free gift as bait.

And you try it out for weeks.

All you've got for your hard work and time is... 500 subscribers. Or less.

And many joined only for the free gift you offered.


That's when you come across the next wave of advice. The kind that says "Don't do what everyone else is doing. Do something unique. Use my secrets and you'll have a list of 20,000 readers in just 3 months."

Eager to try it out, you get back to work again.

Rarely, the approach is effective and you get thousands of subscribers. More often, it isn't. And you start worrying if you're cut out for online business after all!


And at this stage, you hear people telling you that if your email list isn't making you thousands of dollars each month, you're not doing things right.

You need to improve your skills in copywriting, selling, psychology, web design, scripting, webmastering, presentation, niche finding, marketing, advertising, partnering ... and on and on.

Or, maybe, they tell you the trouble lies within you... that you lack the drive to win.

Their suggestion: "Take a course in neurolinguistic programming (NLP) / success training / goal setting / inner development."

And you think you've hit rock bottom. You hear that inner voice saying: "I'm good for nothing"


So let me tell you something. It's all B.S.

The truth about ezine marketing and list building is that:

  • you do NOT need to give away your business for free to build an email list
  • you do NOT even need a large list to pull in profits
  • you do NOT need excellent marketing skills to sell to them

There's only ONE thing you HAVE to do. And that is...


* Fast list growth is a possibility. Fast, TARGETED, RESPONSIVE list building is a pipedream

* Instant list profits are a reality. Instant profits WITHOUT HARD WORK is wishful thinking

It all begins with building your list carefully.

So what do I mean by careful list building?

Let me start by telling you about some major mistakes from my list building experience - I won't call them failures because I learned valuable lessons from every mistake I made.


My first ezine was in a health-related niche. It grew slowly, and in a year I had over 3,000 dedicated readers.

They loved my writing. Everyone would click on my links. Send me feedback on articles and links in it. I'd get plenty of email if I missed publishing the occasional issue.

But after almost a year, I realized that I couldn't make any money out of my list for 2 reasons:

  • I didn't have a product or service my readers wanted
  • I didn't even know what they wanted!

Silly, isn't it?

Looking back, that's how it seems. But there are many others who are in just this position today. They're building lists without a clear idea of what they're going to do with it, or what their list members are looking for.


For a while, I was a guide on a Top-10 Internet portal.

One of my duties was to build an email list about my topic. I grew my list to over 1,000 subscribers in just a week. (Contrast this with my first list of 3,000 that took a year to build.)

The list continued to grow rapidly, with almost 50 new sign ups daily. At this rate, it would have touched 15,000 subscribers - even more - in a year.

The marketing team had a full-time staff of professionals selling ad space on the ezines to targeted advertisers. The ad copy was great - but on my email list, they bombed!

It wasn't long before advertisers stopped buying ads on my newsletter. Growing a list very rapidly was useless - because there wasn't a strong enough relationship with my audience.


I wrote my first ebook in 1998 - and then had trouble giving it away!

That's right, an ebook that later sold for $47 was once available for free - and NO ONE wanted it!

I simply couldn't figure it out. Here was an exhaustive, extremely informative step-by-step guide, written out of my extensive experience - and it wasn't selling like hot cakes as I'd expected.

I asked experts for help. And learned a very valuable lesson about pricing. "Free" is often perceived to mean "poor quality"!

"Put a price tag on your book," a friend advised. I was hesitant, but tried it out.

At $5.95, I had some sales.

A little more confidently, I raised the price to $19.95. There were more sales.

Now I grew more adventurous. I hiked up the price to $49.95 - and offered affiliates 50% commissions.

Sales literally exploded!

It took me a year to realize that you can't give away your business for free - not even to build a list.

Because that isn't a list which will boost your profits.

There were many other mistakes I made along the long learning curve. Each one taught me a precious lesson.

And in Ezine ANTI Marketing, I'm going to share them with you - including a way to avoid the "freebie trap" and build lists that are able - and willing - to pull out their wallet and order your products or services.

Email Marketing Success Strategies

What do you need to succeed with email lists today?

The answer is really simple...

You need a dedicated, targeted, responsive group of readers who desperately want what you can give them, and who are ready to spend money on your high-quality offerings.

So what do you NOT need?

  • You do NOT need to build LARGE lists - just better lists
  • You do NOT need to MARKET to them - just guide them
  • You do NOT need to PESTER them - just informing them now and then will do
  • You do NOT need to GUESS their needs - just ask them
  • You do NOT need to BEG them - instead give first, to receive later

That's why I call it ANTI marketing - because it turns conventional thinking about email marketing upside down.

By taking the exact opposite approach to the masses, you will get what most ezine marketers are struggling and striving for without success...

A Responsive, Profitable Email List

Yes, one where profits continue to flow in for years to come. Even when you only have a few hundred members (or less) on your list, not thousands or millions.

Hopefully what you've just read has whet your appetite for more about this powerful new strategy for ezine marketing. You can now see just how critical it is for your success to have an overall strategy - especially one that has been tested and proven in the field - BEFORE you set out to execute different tactical moves.

If you'd like to be my student, I'll teach you the most powerful ezine marketing tricks and strategies worth thousands of dollars - at my risk.

I spent many months developing these lessons and they contain some of the most important and powerful ways I've ever known for boosting the results you get from your ezine and email lists.

And guess what? In most cases the ideas cost NOTHING to implement!

You see, I've taken almost a decade's worth of hands-on experience and compressed them into 6 classes that teach you how to DOUBLE ...TRIPLE ... QUADRUPLE your email marketing results -- without spending a penny more.

I truly feel what you'll learn will far surpass in value anything you've heard, read or seen before about email newsletter marketing.

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