ATTENTION: Read this if you sell ebooks or digital products online...

What Do You Do When Somebody
STEALS Your Ebook?

Which of these is YOUR typical reaction?

I get MAD - and do all I can to catch and punish the scamming thief

I get MAD - and rant & rave about it for hours

I get MAD - but accept it as the cost of selling online

It's happening right now - and you're losing money every minute!

STOP IT - Download Your Guide Right Now

Stop getting cheated, fooled or scammed... and Take advantage of mistakes made by digital pirates, ebook thieves and other Internet low-lifes... ethically, honestly, easily!

This letter will be shocking, scary and unpleasant.

It will also make your business a lot more profitable.

But first,

Be Prepared To Be Scared

  • What if I told you that your customers (yes, the folks paying you cash) could be stealing you blind?

  • What if you did a search on Google (using keywords I'll tell you about) - and found your unprotected download pages listed prominently for anyone to reach?

  • What if the digital product you sweated blood over is suddenly the hottest free 'give-away' downloaded by hundreds, even thousands - and you don't make a cent?

It could be going on this very moment - and you didn't even know!

But now you have a chance to fight back.

Don't Get Mad... Get EVEN!

How To Deal With Digital
Product Thieves - And WIN!

  • What if you learned how to make money when someone 'steals' your digital product - more than even when they paid you for it?

  • What if you can multiply your profits simply by plugging up leaks and shoring up your defences - and then skyrocket them again by turning the tables on Internet pick-pockets?

  • What if you could turn a 'weak spot' in someone's process into a lever to engineer profitable partnerships that will expand your business by leaps and bounds?

Look At How Jack Beat The Scammers
... At Their Own Game!

Jack is an eager, hard-working entrepreneur who creates and sells information products on the Web. Just like you.

He is ambitious, dreams of creating a best-selling ebook that will become a runaway success and launch his business to great heights - and is willing to put in the effort and time needed to make it happen.

One day last summer, Jack asked if I would mentor him through his first big digital product. I agreed.

For 40 days, he worked hard to create a really awesome ebook and some incredible bonus reports. It was easily worth $100. I recommended he launch with a special offer - at 10% that price.

He did it without question or argument - just like he followed everything else, even when he didn't fully understand why. He quickly racked up 15 sales.

And then things went wrong!

Sales stopped. Completely.

But his 'post-sales autoresponder' was registering subscribers every day - by the dozen!

Jack called me in a panic. "I don't understand this," he cried. "There are no sales, yet people are signing up to my buyers-only list to collect the bonuses!"

But I understood. Only too well. It isn't really an uncommon problem.

Jack had been affected by a deadly disease that's spreading across the online marketplace, destroying the confidence and business futures of many hopeful information entrepreneurs.

It's called "Digital Product Piracy"

And it comes in different forms and flavors.

Scammers may hack your website and steal from your download page. Thieves may buy your digital product and then ask for a refund. Pirates may download your ebook and distribute it illegally.

Or worse.

And every time that happens, you lose sales. You lose profits. You lose customers.

Horror stories of digital theft are
numerous and heart-breaking.

I recently heard that one scammer on the Web's most popular Internet marketing discussion forum was sending private messages to other members, asking to 'swap' ebooks they had purchased... as deeply discounted special offers!

Bottom-feeding doesn't get lower than that!

When someone tries to to rip-off a fellow community member on an already generous deal, you stare in shock and despair at the sad reality of the marketplace you've chosen to enter.

I'll shock you a little more.

Digital Pirates DO NOT Think That
They Are Wrong!

They justify what they do with convoluted logic. Here are a few arguments I've seen put forward:

- "Ebooks aren't really the same as printed books. Anyone can write one, and sell it... there's no cost involved!"

- "So many of the ebooks are trash, the authors should feel ashamed of asking me to pay for them. That's why I don't!"

- "Information should be free on the Internet. How dare anyone sell it for money!"

- "I can't afford to buy it. So I'll take it."

- "It's the author's responsibility to protect their work. If they can't do it properly, why blame me for taking advantage?"

And these are excuses that come from the 'ignorant' digital pirates - not the unscrupulous, unethical, scamming thieves... and the second group make up the greater danger!

But Jack and I Are Smiling

How can we be happy that pirates are STEALING what Jack slaved over for 6 weeks?

Because the things Jack did - even without understanding why - are now acting to PROTECT him from lost profits.

That's what I explained to him when he called me in a panic.

And that's why the grin on Jack's face got wider as we spoke. He realized how the pick-pockets were actually helping him EXPLODE his business - and it wasn't costing him one red cent!

You can insure your digital product business in the exact same way. But...

Whoever Told You It Was Simple - Was WRONG!

You see, you're going to learn how the 'game' is really played. And if you're patting yourself on the back, thinking that you already know everything that you need to know... think again!

You are leaving money on the table.

What's more, it's so easy to pick it up - instead of letting Internet pick-pockets take it as effortlessly as stealing candy from a kid!

But strangely enough, this powerful profit-boosting information has been kept one of the most closely guarded secrets on the Web!

There are literally millions of ebooks, courses and guides showing you how to create information products, how to craft highly effective sales pages, how to drive a flood of targeted traffic to them, and how to sell many copies at a tidy profit.

Yet, there is nothing teaching the easiest, quickest, cheapest way to grow your profits - by eliminating loss, theft and piracy, and even profiting from it!

  • Do you think you can you use these secrets to grab what's rightfully yours?

  • Do you want to get your hands on this powerful information right now?

  • Do you like the idea of learning to stop Internet Thieves dead in their tracks?

Look, you can take the 'easy' path most infopreneurs do. You may genuinely believe it's not worth losing sleep over whether or not someone will steal your digital products. You know they can - and so you may accept that:

"Digital theft is a cost of doing online business."

And you are not alone. But there is another category of savvy digital product sellers who are PROFITING from every attempt made to steal, hijack or hack their virtual vaults.

By taking some simple, easy steps, they are forcing every pirate, scammer and thief who visits their site to...

Hand Over a Hundred Dollar Bill - Every Time!

There are two problems that attack ALL internet marketers, big or small

1. How to protect and safeguard your website from hackers?

2. What to do in case they break through anyway?

You Deserve To Know This

I know how hard you struggle to create your information product. I appreciate how hard you work to earn your online profits. It isn't easy, no matter how long you've been doing it, or how many times you've done it.

You sacrifice sleep, relaxation and time with family and friends. You stop watching TV, going to a movie, or just lazing around on the beach - just so that you can get that ebook done, code that piece of software, release that music album, post that new video tutorial.

And after all that toil and stress and strain, after all those gut-wrenching, back-breaking hours staring at a computer screen until your eyes blur and you can't keep them open, you deserve to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Instead...

Profit-Sucking Vampires Are Swindling You Sick!

That hurts. It hurts you. And it hurts me to see it happening to you.

I could merely advice you to not bother about these losers and wastrels, to simply soldier on until you win. But it feels far more satisfying and rewarding to arm you with incredibly lethal WEAPONS that will help you take the war right into the enemy camp...

And Smash The Enemy's Evil Dreams To Smithereens!

No one is talking about this because not many people KNOW how to do it. And if they do, they don't know the super-effective strategies that leverage the illegal and unethical actions of a bunch of crooks to use it as a springboard to generate massive profits from them.

This Report Will Change Your Business - And Your Life

Because you'll learn exactly how to turn the tables on the scoundrels and rascals who steal from you - but tackle them in a completely different style, that is infinitely more effective.

It's a form of ju-jitsu, a martial arts trick that locks on to a movement the enemy makes - but uses that strength and momentum to achieve an advantage. You'll learn all the ethical, completely legal and honest ways to turn a hacking or stealing attempt on your digital property into a profit-pump that floods your bank account with extra cash.

Remember our friend, Jack?

He's a happy bunny. The thousands of 'stolen' copies of his info-product have brought him hundreds of affiliates, and resulted in a little over 2,250 sales of his advanced digital product - at a price point of between $47 and $97 each!


Because the hidden power of the tiny tricks I taught him kicked in. And you can now own all of these secrets - and some more I didn't teach Jack - in this brand new ebook called:

Don't Get MAD - Get EVEN

Among other things, you'll learn how to

  • Set traps for Internet thieves - that will suck cash out of their pockets where it once lost money for your business

  • Build decoys that will entice and seduce crooks to download and distribute the exact digital products you want them to - so it will explode your profits

  • Understand the 3 types of online pick-pockets, and what drives them - so you can tailor your bait to hook them, and convert them into unknowing 'advertisers' for your products

  • Maximize your future profits by making one unique twist in your download process - It will make thieves look like complete fools... but they won't even notice!

  • Name your digital files so only legitimate buyers will reach the real treasure... and everyone else will find 'Fool's Gold'

  • Plan your strategy in a way that makes even thieves feel good about what they do - so they'll listen to you, and send you a check... and many new customers too!

  • Reform ignorant pirates using a simple, yet powerfully effective technique - and turn a predator into a passionate evangelist, easily and automatically

  • Set up your process so you'll be aware (or get notified) when you're a victim of Internet fraud... so you can take corrective action and turn it into yet another profit center

  • Use a simple, elegant piece of software to lock up your digital storeroom - and no one but the most determined burglar will even get a sniff of your content

And there's a lot more that I'm revealing for the first time ever. All of this is geared towards helping you protect your digital products from unauthorized access - and profiting from it, even if it happens.

What Will Happen When You Download This Report?

Your life will change. You'll become rich. And healthy. And happy. And youthful too.


Not really. Sorry, I wish it were possible - but I'm not a miracle-maker.

What I can do, however, is guarantee that you will plug many profit leaks in your digital product selling process, and show you some cool ways to turn any leaks that may arise in the future into opportunities that will skyrocket your profits.

And that means your life will change, you'll become rich, and happy.

Well, well... 3 out of 5 promises fulfilled isn't too bad, is it?

So, Are You Ready To Claim What Is Rightfully Yours?

Then get your copy of the report that will soon be widely recognized as a must-have for every serious online business owner.

In the right hands, this document will be worth several thousand dollars in 'saved sales' - and a lot more in terms of future potential profits.

But you won't pay anywhere near that much. You can get your copy of "Don't Get MAD - Get EVEN!" in digital format for just $79.95

I created this guide to help other infopreneurs like you protect your digital downloads (and more important, to continue to profit even if your ebooks get stolen). I documented the steps we took to salvage Jack's efforts - and set it all out in a series of digital reports that became a course called "Don't Get MAD - Get EVEN!"

It sold for $147.00 - which is well worth investing in a guide that will help you save dozens (if not hundreds) of 'lost sales', and keep hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars in your pocket... but many ebook authors/sellers are not able to spend that much even to protect their hard work.

So I decided to trim this extensive guide to the core essentials... and price it much lower than before.

Now you can get "Don't Get MAD - Get EVEN!" for a one-time payment of $79.95

To order your copy for immediate download, please click here now.

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Why so less (or why so much)?

So less because - I want this report in as many qualified hands as possible, and if I charge the $497 it is really worth, many will hesitate to order it.

So much because - I don't want to devalue the content by giving it away... and seriously, if you won't invest twenty dollars to learn how to save potentially thousands, I don't really think you'll find this information all that hot!

This Is NOT For Everyone

In case you're hesitating, re-thinking your decision to buy a copy, or wondering if it's right for you, please stop here and go back to the beginning of this page. Read the letter again. See if the situation I've described appears to be what you are facing in your business today.

If it is, don't wait any longer. The $79.95 you'll spend today will more than pay for itself in the sales you'll protect from theft.

  • You know this report will help you make more money from your business.

  • You know it is exclusive, and you cannot find it anywhere else on the Net.

  • You know digital piracy is all around us - and needs to be stopped.

You know that...

You Are In Control

  • You can control who downloads your painstakingly created digital products.

  • You can control what people do with it after they download the product.

  • You can control how to benefit from illegal distribution and piracy.

And you can start taking action to get that control right away... if you are ready!

Click here to order now

Don't lose any more money by waiting any longer. Why would you want digital pirates to steal you blind - just because you don't know about these powerful deterrents to keeping their hands out of your cookie jar?

And you're protected completely under my rock-solid guarantee... so you don't have any risk at all.

Your 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Order "Don't Get MAD - Get EVEN!" today at no risk.

Examine the content for up to 60 days. If you are unhappy or unsatisfied in any way, simply write to request a prompt, full refund. We'll return your money. No questions asked!


Order "Don't Get Mad - Get Even"


I look forward to hearing your story of how you prevented digital piracy soon :)

To Your Success,

The Internet Infopreneur



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