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From: The Internet Infopreneur

Re: Copywriting Tips To Make You Rich

Dear 'Sales Hungry' Internet Marketer

How would you like me to hand you a short list of 21 powerful secrets that you can put to work on your sales page in 10 minutes - or less - and have your sales conversion ratio go up by 300% - fast?

You know the problem. Most online marketers and ebook sellers like you are plagued by terribly low conversion rates on your sales website. You struggle and sweat to improve sales - but nothing ever seems to work!

I know exactly how that feels. For years, my best sales letter only brought a sale for every 300 visitors - or more. And it stayed low... until I learned to

"Crack the Copywriting Code"!

Just look at this staggering statistic. 78% of all online sales letters have a conversion rate of less than 3% - and for many of them it was under 1 percent. Just think about that! Out of every 100 visitors that see your sales letter, NINETY-NINE do NOT buy.

That's shocking. And must be changed. Fast.

If you're paying for your traffic, you're wasting money. If you're working for your traffic, you're wasting effort. If you're doing joint ventures for your traffic, you're wasting time.

Stop Wasting Money, Effort And Time &
Get More People To Buy From You Now!

I've been selling online since 1996. To improve my website sales, I have spent over $7,500 on various copywriting courses and guides, attended seminars and workshops, and read books by copywriting wizards across the ages.

Then I distilled down their very best, most effective, super-profitable secrets into a short 'power list' of copywriting tips. This list of copywriting secrets has made me very rich. And if you are interested in growing your online sales, I'm willing to share them with you.

Some of them are obvious, others are subtle. Most are apparently simple - so simple that many copywriters and Internet marketers ignore them in search of more elaborate or complex concepts.

But The Simple Secrets Are Explosively Powerful

Did you know that the...

  • most effective online sales letters loaded in a visitor's Web browser in less than 2 seconds

  • the best sales pages telegraph their biggest benefit to prospects right in the headline

  • copywriters with the highest sales conversion used testimonials pre-emptively to counter any and every objection a prospect may have

  • the sales process with greatest visitor value implemented TWENTY different tactics to push hesitating prospects off the fence and get them to buy

  • offering multiple payment options for buyers boosted sales by 28% in one test - and doubled net profit for the SAME sales page

All these changes were small - but the impact they had on generating more sales was MASSIVE. At its core, copywriting is just about working out what you want to say, who you are saying it to, and how you want to say it - but over the years...

Copywriting Has Changed Dramatically

Sure, the old tenets are still valid. But the marketplace is different today. Social networking rules. Prospects are connected like never before. And to sell effectively in the 'new world', you must adapt and evolve.

You must learn what works today, and find out the tiny tweaks that are still effective enough to be wildly profitable. You won't be able to discover them on your own without a lot of expensive testing over months, maybe even years.

But there's a shortcut - you can get them all right now... in my concise little guide, "Copywriting Tips To Make You Rich".

In this ebook you will learn how to sell for fun and profit on the socially networked Internet. No matter whether you're selling books or ebooks, articles or special reports, audio programs, DVDs or other how-to content, you need these powerful selling secrets to give your bottomline profit a boost.

You Can Use These Methods Anywhere

Whether you want to market an information product from a web site or promote your how-to services via direct mail or sell them in person from the stage, these tested-and-proven principles work just as well.

But if you're worried that you don't know how to write copy, or wondering if this can really help you, let me tell you about a client who was just like you - and who found this guide inspiring and informational.


"After too many of my own sales letters failed to earn me money, but cost more than I could afford, I picked up 'Copywriting Tips To Make You Rich'. It's a clear guide for aspiring and established copywriters, and will show you how to write powerful, compelling copy that works for whatever format you need."

- Frank D'Souza, eBay power-seller and Internet marketer


This is not just a step-by-step guide to writing copy that sells. It's also a broader based guide that shares the real power behind the craft. Understand this and you can fall flat on the technique - and still get masterful results. That's because...

You'll Know What Good Copywriting Is About

Good copywriting is NOT about clever headlines; it's not about puns; it's not about abstract concepts. Good copywriting is about SELLING. And the copywriter is a salesperson who sells products through his or her copy.

You'll learn how to evolve your USP, deliver simple messages that everyone can understand, and craft it precisely for the intended audience.

This simple guide takes the mystery and romantic illusion out of being a "sales copy writer" and shows step by step exactly what truly powerful copy involves - and knowing this, you will be able to effortlessly convince prospects to buy with true practical application and precision.


"This is not a 'how to' of copywriting in the usual style, but it packs an extremely powerful message. In fact when you get the report, it ticks all the right boxes for a perfect copywriting style. I suspect it won't be the first copywriting guide you have bought but if you use it correctly it will be the last."

- Catherine Ford,


What you'll learn from this concise ebook is not theory, it's based on actual experience. This is not recycled common information hacked into ebook form. It is a compilation and analysis of lessons learned from great copywriters, mixed with field-tested rich personal experience.

Every secret that's revealed inside this ebook has been put to the test with my own marketing and advertising.

I have meticulously studied thousands and thousands of pages of copywriting manuals and courses, written dozens of sales letters, and run hundreds of tests to measure conversion rates for a slew of different products and services.

At a conservative estimate, I have risked a six-figure budget on my marketing and testing over the years - and gained deep insight into what works, and what doesn't.

After sifting through my data and results, I ruthlessly removed everything that didn't work - and kept only the best-performing tactics guaranteed to improve conversion on any website or salesletter. Only those secrets found their way into "Copywriting Tips To Make You Rich".


"This book is for you whether you are in charge of your own marketing materials or are just looking to write a more persuasive proposal or compelling report."

- Marianne W.


If you're interested in selling products or services online, you simply must have this hands-on practical guide.

You will learn:

  • How to efficiently conduct research and watch exactly what's going on inside your prospect's mind - so you'll sell to them effortlessly, without even trying

  • How to build a reputation in your field - and earn a solid living based on trust and credibility with people recommending you to their friends

  • How to convert prospects into leads and leads into customers - You get maximum value from every dollar & every minute you invest into marketing and advertising

  • How to tell stories and engage your prospects - so that they view your sales message as friendly advice, not an over-hyped pitch that's ignored and brushed aside

  • How to take copywriting rules from the past - and tweak them to work wonderfully today, and attract a socially networked audience to buy from you easily

  • How to create something so useful or entertaining with your sales letter - that it generates its own audience, making you rich on auto-pilot!

There's so much more packed into this little collection of profit-pulling copywriting secrets that it is worth a fortune to anyone selling anything on the Web.

The book reveals new techniques that don't require tens of years of experience or a huge budget to put to work. You can have them pulling more sales into your business over just a weekend!


"Copywriting is one of those topics that I didn't want to get into as I thought I'd have to devote a good year of studying to the topic. What I like about your report is it is easy to read and provides a lot of information that anyone can start implementing tomorrow."

- Manda


If you start today and go through this guide, and then tweak your sales letter (or craft a new one) that employs just 3 or 4 of these 21 powerful tactics... in a week from now you will see your sales conversion improve.

Let's take a 'worst-case' conservative estimate. Imagine that you're selling a $37 ebook and getting 100 visitors every day with one percent sales conversion. If your conversion rate increases by a measly one-half percent to 1.5%, you'll make an EXTRA $585.00 in one month!

For the same amount spent in advertising, for the same time spent on marketing, for the same number of visitors hitting your sales letter, you will DOUBLE your profit - or more!

And think about what might happen if you use ALL twenty one methods I'm sharing in "Copywriting Tips To Make You Rich". Do you still doubt my claim that this powerful guide is worth thousands of dollars?

But you won't pay anywhere near as much.

Here's the thing. If I charged what this was worth, too many online sellers who could profit massively from the information will not buy it - because they would think it too "risky".

You and I know that, logically, money you invest into learning these copywriting tips will be worth much more by way of increased sales. But still, a price-tag of $1,000 (or even $500) may make you hesitate - and even decide not to order a copy.

So that's my dilemma. Should I price "Copywriting Tips To Make You Rich" at what it's worth? Or practically give it away at a fraction of that value - so that many more people will benefit from the system?

In the end, I decided based on a powerful lesson my mentor, Jay Abraham, taught me - "The most selfish thing you can do is to be selfless".

If I give you these powerful secrets and you put them to work, you'll reap rich rewards. When you've experienced these positive results, you'll trust me more. And then you'll come back and buy more from me, including my expensive coaching and courses.

You win. I win. And we both have no risk.

That's why you can get "Copywriting Tips To Make You Rich" at a throw-away price today of only


$19.95 only

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"A nice list of valuable tips which should be in the hands of everybody who has a sales page. Implement them as soon as possible. There's no doubt that they will increase your visitor value immensely.

This goes beyond copy writing. You can have the best copy in the world, but if you neglect these simple secrets, you'll never sell as much as you could. This is a checklist to achieving sales."

- Britt Malka,


And You'll Get Some Cool Gifts

To make this decision a 'no-brainer', I'm going to throw in three valuable bonuses - and offer a "no questions asked" refund guarantee as well.

If you order "Copywriting Tips To Make You Rich" today, then I'll give you three gifts absolutely free. They will add even higher value to your copywriting library and expand the effectiveness of your online selling activities. And best of all - they are yours to keep forever, even if you later decide to return your purchase.

The gifts are:

  • "20 Ways To Boost Visitor Value" - a $19.95 value. This short ebooklet reveals twenty ways to increase your visitor value and grow your profit... easily!

  • "Hot Email Headlines" - a $9.95 value. A collection of 40+ attention-grabbing email headlines guaranteed to get your emails opened and read.

  • "Hot Email Sales Letters" - a $27.00 value. This set of 23 tested and proven email sales letters is for you to model and base your email promotions and solo ads upon.

These 3 bonuses, with a retail value of $56.90, are yours today if you order "Copywriting Tips To Make You Rich".

But I cannot guarantee that these gifts will be available for long. All of them are valuable ebooks, and I'm only throwing them in as bonuses to encourage you to pick up this copywriting manual right now.



"A must read for any copywriter and anyone looking to understand the new realities of online selling"

- Fiona Chavez, information marketer


Here's What Happens Next...

When you make the wise choice to order "Copywriting Tips To Make You Rich", you will have the ebook in your hands within the next five minutes (it is a digitally delivered ebook that you can download from my website immediately after making your payment).

You'll be finished reading it by tonight - and your head will explode with ideas to put to work in your sales letter right away.

If you can resist, you'll go to bed - but first thing tomorrow morning, you'll be at work on your sales letter, trying out the powerful tricks and tactics revealed in "Copywriting Tips To Make You Rich".

If your sales page already receives some visitors, you'll notice the effect of your changes immediately. By next week, you'll be making more sales, or getting more opt-in subscribers to your list, or generating more leads, or having more enquiries come in over the phone.

And it will keep on happening over and over again, for weeks, months and even years!

By next month, your sales will be higher - and because you are not spending any money to implement these changes, your profit will skyrocket.

Within 3 months if you have not multiplied your modest investment in this purchase - and lifted your sales letter conversion to 3% or higher - I would be terribly surprised.

Even if your results are modest and you get only one-TENTH of this impact, you'll still be making a lot more money than you did before having this knowledge. And as you put more and more secrets to work, your income will keep growing.

Your Iron-Clad Guarantee

But let's say you don't experience these results and are disappointed at what you learn in this guide. If that happens, I will promptly and courteously refund your entire payment in full - no questions asked.

At any time within the next 60 days, you are eligible to request a refund and I'll return your money.

Plus you get to keep the bonus gifts worth $56.90 - it's a better than risk free deal.


Let frustrations over non-converting sales pages be somebody else's problem.

You focus on learning these 21 powerful copywriting tweaks, and improve your sales process to get sky-high conversion rates and a healthy upswing to your profit curve - starting right now!

To your success

Dr.Mani, Internet Infopreneur

P.S. - "Copywriting Tips To Make You Rich" is an ideal read for anyone seeking to learn a successful copywriting strategy without breaking the bank.

If you are looking to increase your sales or grow your business by generating more leads and converting these leads into customers, then grab yourself a copy of "Copywriting Tips To Make You Rich" and watch your sales swell massively!



"Short and concise, yet chockfull of powerful tips to boost website conversions. And one of your surprise bonuses lays out simple, proven ways that helps to enhance my visitor value and boost my bottom line."

- Ronnie Chew, product owner


You have no risk at all. I've got you covered with a "no questions asked" satisfaction guarantee.

Don't even worry about making a buying decision now. Just take it on a trial basis - and if you're not fully satisfied, ask for your money back and I'll refund you in full.

At this rock-bottom price, this powerful copywriting guide is a steal!


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