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How To Make $100 a Day?

Believe, Plan & Take Action - To Make Your Dream Come True!


If you could make $100 in a day, would it be useful? Help pay the bills, maybe? Or save up for retirement, or your college fund? Even create a nest egg to safeguard against an emergency?

For some people, it will be child's play to make $100 in a day.

For some others, the very idea will sound impossible.

And most people will fall somewhere in between these extremes.

Since you're reading this, you are probably NOT someone who thinks that it's impossible to make $100 a day - and you're eagerly looking for ways and means to make it happen in your life.

You know the power of the Internet. You know thousands of people are harnessing it to make a living. Some are lucky (or hard-working) enough to even make it big with their websites, blogs and online businesses.

Yes, there's something magical about learning "how to make $100 a day".

In fact, a quick search on Google will throw up almost half a BILLION results! Surely that should mean that quite a few people are accomplishing this goal?

Well, take it from me... They are! Easily. And consistently.

It just takes three factors to come together:

  • Belief
  • Knowledge
  • Effort

There are many different ways to make $100 a day online. Some of them are scams. But there are techniques that have been tested and proved, over and over again, and that just plain work.

Your first challenge is to sift through the lies and tall claims, identify ideas and plans that have a fair chance of working, and then directing your best effort towards executing it flawlessly.

By the time you've finished this report, you'll hear about the best way to make $100 a day online... and even know where you can pick up a step by step guide to make that happen.

But before that, we have some things to cover.

Specifically, the first - and most important - element of making $100 in a day.

Your $100 a Day Mindset

Let me begin by giving you a little pop quiz.

Go through these 3 choices and pick any one...

I think it's IMPOSSIBLE to make $100 a day working online

I feel $100 a day can be made by some people - just not me

I know $100 a day is possible, I've done it - but not consistently

Picked one?


Now let me tell you the biggest secret that will set you on track to make $100 a day... not just once in a blue-moon, but every day. Day after day. And starting shortly.

Ready for the big secret?

Here it is...

You Must BELIEVE That YOU Can Do It!

Yes, it's that simple. And that difficult.

Trust me, I know it's hard. When you're just starting out learning Internet marketing or how to build an online business, you will find it almost impossible to believe that you can earn $100 in a day.

The typical beginner works hard, learns a lot, makes plenty of mistakes, fails and tries again... over and over.

It's more frequent to spend money and lose it, than to make sales and profit.

But then, things will change. You'll first enjoy small successes that give you hope. You'll keep trying, and start seeing more consistent results. That's when you begin to feel confident that maybe, just maybe, you can make this work.

And then, you'll experience a BIG win.

It will be something way beyond the level of success you'd been enjoying until that point. And then, something magical will happen inside you.

You'll really believe, deep inside, that making $100 a day is possible.

That's how it went for me, many years ago. It was nearly 4 years from the time I started to the time I was able to make $100 a day. But barely a month after that, I had multiplied my "highest ever" record - by TEN times!

And then, repeated that again in a few more months.

What made the difference?

Obviously, no one becomes miraculously smarter, harder-working or knowledgeable in such a short time. No, that isn't what will skyrocket your results.

It's the fact that you BELIEVE you can achieve that goal.

How will you break that mental barrier? With the help of three things...

  • Seeing other people succeed.
  • Being in touch with them.
  • Finding out how they did it.

Once you've experienced, close at hand, the thrill and excitement of a breakaway success, you will be transformed.

The new belief system that you embrace and adopt will shatter previous barriers and limits inside your mind. It will give you the courage to dream bigger dreams. It will give you the confidence to go after even bigger ones - that require bolder, harder, riskier actions.

And because you believe, deep inside, in your heart, and with absolutely no doubt... it will happen!

This report is about giving you that proof, the mindset changing evidence, the confidence-boosting insight that it is possible, practical and even EASY to make $100 a day... when you follow a proven system.

Napoleon Hill, author of 'Think and Grow Rich' said it nicely: "Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve"

Your first challenge, then, is to believe that you can make $100 a day - and then work on a plan to actually do it.

When you remain positive and optimistic, keep an open mind to new opportunities, you'll find that it really isn't so tough to make extra money.

Your capacity to earn cash online is limited only by your own beliefs!

To make it easier for you to believe, let me break down this goal into something that's starting to seem like you can do it. We'll deconstruct what it takes to make $100 a day.

So, What Exactly Is $100 a Day?

Literally, this means that you earn ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS in a day. But like anything else, there are different ways to look at it.

  • $100 a day can also mean $700 a week.
  • $100 a day can also mean $3,000 a month.
  • $100 a day can also mean $9,000 every 3 months.
  • $100 a day can also mean $36,500 in a year.

They are just different ways of looking at the idea of making $100 a day. And you could pick any one of them as being more inspiring or practical - for you.

In the guide that accompanies this report, I'll be showing you how to hit these numbers... in your own way.

Let's say you're a strategic, future-focused person who can take the long-term view and work patiently towards your goal. You might prefer the annual target over a daily goal.

On the other hand, your needs may be immediate and urgent. You might need cash coming in - and coming in fast. In this case, your focus is better placed on the $100 in 24 hours version.

That's why any plan to make $100 a day must cover different scenarios. It should be able to bring in some money immediately, so that it tides over cashflow problems. And it should be sustainable so that any effort you invest into your plan will continue to bear fruit over time.

Making $100 a Day - The Models

Broadly, we'll classify your '$100 a day models' into 3 groups:

  • short term (measured weekly)
  • medium term (measured monthly)
  • long term (measured quarterly or annually)

Any model you select must match your unique, individual goals. Let me explain with a few examples.

1. Model #1 (Short Term): Low cost, daily sales

You sell a low-cost item (product or service) priced at $10. You make 10 sales every day. You earn $100 a day.

Simple, right?

Weekly total: $700, from 70 sales, each at $10

The only difficulty is being able to make 10 sales every day, week after week.

2. Model #2 (Medium Term): Continuity programs

What if you created a 'monthly membership' program, where you sell recurring services or access to a regularly updated site - and bill customers every 30 days, automatically?

At a price of only $10 per month, by automatically continuing the sale every month, you'll earn a recurring income from every new member who joins.

Let's say you sell a $10/month membership. You make 10 sales every day. You earn $100 a day.

You repeat this for a month.

After 1 month, even if you do NOTHING, you'll still earn $100 a day - for as long as your members remain in your program and keep paying their monthly dues!

Wow! Do you see what's happening here?

For 1 month, it's HARD work - but see what follows. If you just keep the membership so valuable and attractive that you retain your members, they'll keep paying you $10 every month... over and over again!

With just 300 members, you get to make $100 a day - literally on AUTO-PILOT.

3. Model $3 (Long Term): Build and Sell

We've just looked at a model that will let you make $100 a day - quickly. And we've seen another model where you can turn this into an automated system to make $3,000 every month.

If you don't mind putting off your profits to go after a 'big hit', there are other models that can be more lucrative.

What if you build up your membership program that generates revenue automatically every month - and then sell the entire business to a buyer (or even licence it to many buyers)?

It's typically easy to price such a profitable business at a rate that's equal to your projected annual earnings - or even more!

See how this works?

Are you now convinced that to make $100 a day isn't a pipedream?

Can you believe, deep inside your heart, that YOU can do it too?

Great. Because I'm going to help you do it.

But first, you should get your head out of the clouds and slide back down to earth... so that we can work on a practical, solid, reliable plan.

One that will begin by setting you up to earn your first $100 - and do it in a day.

Like I mentioned earlier, this will take 3 things:

  • Belief
  • Planning
  • Action

You now believe that it's possible - so you're well on your way.

You're going to get a plan - a blueprint to make $100 a day.

All you have to do is take action on that plan - and enjoy your first $100 day!

Three years ago, a brilliant online marketer challenged me to come up with an idea that would help anyone - even a raw beginner to Internet marketing - get quickly up to speed and build an income stream of $100 a day.

Of course, such a plan would mean NOT having access to a big list, JV partners, or even scripts, tools and resources that most advanced business owners have.

My challenge was to come up with something that will get you to say: "Wow! I can do that... easily!"

Well, it took some brainstorming - and I had to reject at least 17 different plans because each one involved some degree of prior expertise, or specialist knowledge, or resources a newbie wouldn't have... but then, I hit upon this one.

It's a tested and proven plan that I have personally applied early in my online marketing career - and know from experience to be a 'winner'. Following it, anyone - even YOU - can make money working part-time from home.

My own online information marketing career started in 1996, when I created and sold ebooks on a highly specialized niche, to a very small audience. Today, I have over 65 ebooks for sale, and have taught hundreds of entrepreneurs how to build successful and profitable Web businesses.

This short report delivers information you can use to learn an approach guaranteed to take you from wherever you are now, to a position of financial strength, reputational authority and online success - quickly and easily.

No Crack-Pot Theory Or Nutty Idea!

Far too often, what you're sold as 'educational infoproducts' are rehashed content from other courses, or worse, fantasy and dreams bundled into 'how to' ebooks. Well, there's none of that here. This ain't no crackpot theory or nutty idea!

The "$100 a Day Article Blueprint" is a tried-and-true business model that ANYONE can apply - in ANY niche or market. It is something you can work on entirely online, from home.

This is your safety net. Your hand-holding guide. Your personal coach or teacher.

A course that explains all that you need to do in simple, easy language, and guides you in baby-steps from absolute beginner to successful expert in 5 simple steps.

It's easy to follow.

Set yourself a schedule. Read the report. Take action on the simple process. See how it works for you. Gain confidence as you experience early victories.

And then, scale up your successes to make $100 a day - or even more!

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