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Ezine Publishing Benefits

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Lesson 1: Where to begin?

  • Learn about ezines - what they are, why they came into existence, who benefits from them.
  • See how you can finally compete with major corporations which have always dominated offline commerce, with one "completely" free and simple solution.
  • Discover the multiple ways you can leverage your ezine to stay in your customer's mind and eye.
  • Send readers valuable information from time to time, enhance your image and credibility in their mind, gain trust - and ultimately market your product or service to them - making you even more profits.
  • What to do with your new ezine.
  • Learn about what makes a profitable ezine - well - PROFITABLE!

Lesson 2: Taking the First Steps to Starting Your Own Ezine

  • Learn how a few minutes of planning and thinking out your strategy gives you a powerful boost at the start and lets you to leapfrog over your competition and dominate your ezine space.
  • Learn how to find out what topic or subject you are good at writing about
  • How to identify your readers and their interests, and how to fine-tune your strategies for turning a profit out of your ezine.
  • Find out how to delight your readers and retain their business by providing them with valuable, useful and fresh content through your ezine.
  • See how you can knock the socks off your competition by being the only one providing consistently high-quality content in your ezine.
  • How to skyrocket your sales and profits by giving your customers value first - for free.
  • Keep your ezine loaded with great content - without writing a word !

Lesson 3: Finding and Attracting New Customers

  • Learn how to expand your business by getting your name in front of a larger audience through your ezine.
  • Are you reaching your target market ? Getting new readers to sign up for your ezine and then gaining their trust is the easiest, least expensive way of niche target advertising. Learn how to do just this with your ezine.
  • Do your customers come back to buy from you ? Here are some tricks and tips to keep your customers returning - by retaining them as your ezine subscribers and marketing to them again and again.
  • Learn how to cash in big, in this market, without ever even having to spend a dollar on advertising.
  • Gain access to a huge new market that has never heard of you - by simply announcing your ezine to announcement lists and directories.
  • See how you can advertise your ezine on a shoe-string budget - or even for free
  • Promote your business with every email message you ever send out - by leveraging your signature file.
  • Use your website as the ultimate direct marketing tool - by capturing your visitor's email addresses and keeping in touch with them.
  • Exploit electronic bulletin boards and email discussion groups without being viewed as a spammer or boor.
  • Learn how you can collaborate with other businesses like your's - even your competitors. Swapping ads and announcements, and more elaborate joint venture relationships will explode your sales and send your profits shooting skywards.
  • Become a deal-making mogul in just seven hours with our popular, tried-and-tested GET-EM program. You'll even learn how to profit within 7 hours after putting together your ezine and this secret ingredient.

Lesson 4: Profiting From Your Ezine

  • Want to learn how to profit directly from your ezine alone? Done.
  • Find out how to make good money selling other people's advertisements for them - on your ezine.
  • Sell advertising space in your ezine by registering with ad networks.
  • Get sponsorships for your ezine - after you've attracted an audience sponsors want to reach.
  • Using tactics devised by expert marketing professionals, you can improve ezine revenues by 830% or more within weeks.
  • Learn about auctioning off ad space in your ezine, and have them viewed by literally thousands upon thousands of potential buyers - for FREE.
  • Discover a list of companies that will pay you to send out their announcements or advertisements to your readers!
  • Learn how you can make up to $15,000 per click-through (as a silent middle man) connecting people with premium "high ticket" products.
  • Sell your ezine - lock, stock and barrel for a fortune.

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