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Publishing an Ezine is one of the smartest moves you can make as an online marketer.

Every month, millions of people begin surfing the internet for the first time. Many of them will sign up to receive ezines. As a marketer - beginner or expert - you need to be visible to them. That's what this site will help you do. In a series of articles, I will share my experiences with starting and growing an ezine into an effective promotional and marketing tool.

What is an ezine?

An Ezine is an Electronic Magazine (or Newsletter) distributed over the internet by email, or on a website or both.

Why did ezines come into existence?

Ezines are guides to the best on the Web on a specific topic.

The World Wide Web is growing at a furious pace. Literally millions of webpages crop up every week. And for someone searching for information on the Web, the sheer volume is overwhelming and forbidding. What to do now?

Enter, the Ezine. In one sharp stroke, an ezine cuts through the confusion to the heart of the matter. A good ezine will provide information or links to sites where the information can be located. An ezine is a guide to the Best of the Net on a specific topic.

Why should I run an ezine?

Ezines are convenient, relevant and timely sources of information. There are thousands of ezines out there today. On every topic under the sun, and a few more too!

Publishing your own ezine has many benefits to you and your target audience or customers, as we'll see in the next section.

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