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Free "insider tips" on how to create, marketing and profit from ezine publishing. Tricks and secrets of ezine content, ezine marketing, e-zine promotion and tactics to profit from e-publishing.
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Essentials of Ezine Publishing

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How would you like to:

  • learn to increase profits from your business ?
  • sell to your customers over and over again ?
  • attract buyers back to your store for more expensive purchases ?
  • keep clients informed about new developments on your site?
  • stay in touch with your customers ?

and do it all with the absolute minimum in expense and effort ?!

With your own email newsletter, you can do all this and more. An E-zine is Your Most Profitable Marketing Strategy. With an ezine you can enhance your customer relations and skyrocket your profits.

To help you get started publishing an ezine, here is a series of informative articles that cover the basics of launching an ezine. Written in simple, easy to understand style and directed at the new enthusiast, the series contains many tips, tricks and secrets to make it valuable to more seasoned ezine specialists as well. The ultimate aim is to help you make your ezine extremely profitable.

By the end of this free course, you too can be fully set up to do this.

This website has been carefully designed to act like a free (all-in-one) "Insider Learning" Course on Ezine Publishing that is constantly updated, so bookmark it now and return frequently to learn about the latest information.

If you want to quickly (but completely) master the essentials of ezine publishing (and earn a lot of money without spending any) I strongly recommend that you read through every lesson, go through all sections of this website. Within it, you will discover a valuable collection of information, tools and resources, indispensable if you are considering publishing an new ezine or improving one you already publish.

It only takes a few minutes to learn exactly what you need to know, and it's free.

In fact, I've even set up a "Benefits At A Glance!" page where a summary of each section is listed, explaining the benefits of what you are about to read, so you can see and decide for yourself just how valuable this information is to you.

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