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"You should write a book about it," Priya said.

A specialist medical doctor and first-time author, she wasn't sure how to sell more books.

She isn't alone.

Most writers find it hardest to sell their debut novel or book.

I remember how I went about it in 1998.

First, I looked for people who were already selling ebooks to their audience. Allan was one of them. Based in Australia, he had a global following. His email list numbered over 25,000. I was on it. And had bought some products on his recommendation.

So I sent him a note. In it, I offered to let him promote my book to his followers - and even keep a generous 50% of the profit.

"He'll be sure to jump on such a great deal," I told myself... until his reply hit my inbox.

He turned me down flat!

Looking back, it was the best thing that ever happened to me. Because miffed and upset at this rejection, I decided to learn how to sell my book.

With a vengeance, I went to work. Signed up for newsletters. Registered on forums. Downloaded courses and guides.

And then, I spent hours and hours learning.

Running tests. Making mistakes. And fixing them.

Two months later, I made my first sale.


It seemed like a fortune!

Even as I write this, I'm smiling - because at the time, I didn't know this was the foundation of a structure that would help me sell 65+ ebooks I've written since then, to tens of thousands of readers all over the world, earning money that would help fund my passion-fueled project...

To sponsor life-saving heart surgery for my little patients from under-privileged families.

A journey that began in 1998 has saved the lives of 152 kids - and earned me a readership of nearly 150,000 people.

The good news is that you can do this too.

The bad news is that it would take you 20 years.

Unless you are smart... and get started early with the most effective marketing technique to sell many books.

That's exactly what I'm ready to teach you in a powerful little ebook called

Email Marketing For Authors

Email Marketing For Authors - How To Sell More Books

This short, actionable guide is free of any fluff and filler. You get right to the meat.

  • You'll learn what to do - and what to avoid.
  • You'll hear about proven principles and effective tactics.
  • You'll see exactly what to say in your emails and when to send out your messages.
  • You'll know where to find your subscribers and how to add them to your list.
  • You'll discover secrets that help you sell more books to a hungry crowd that simply can't wait to buy from you.

I won't assume you know anything about email marketing. In fact, I'll take it that while you're good at writing, you only know how to send personal email messages.

We'll start from there - and by the time you're done reading "Email Marketing For Authors", you'll know EVERYTHING about using email to sell more books!

You'll learn:

  • What is email marketing - and how you can use it to sell books, ebooks and even other stuff.

  • Why email marketing is the most important thing an author can do - next to writing a book! Hint: Ignore it and you'll leave money on the table.

  • 5 power principles of email marketing for authors - that will make you stand out and get noticed even in a crowded, noisy inbox!

  • What to say in your first email that will speed you along the magical 3-step 'Know-Like-Trust' path to more book sales.

  • The best free gifts to suck new subscribers onto your email list - like a powerful magnet attracts iron.

  • How to choose the right email service provider - not the cheapest one! Don't get blasted into oblivion just because you tried to save a few bucks.

  • 3 Easy ways to sidestep dangerous pitfalls that will leave your email campaign dead in the water - or buried in a spam folder.

  • How to add more readers to your email list - and what to tell them so they get more and more excited about buying your book.

You'll also discover:
  • Where to find your ideal prospects - and the 8 top ways to sign up fresh crowds of passionate readers to introduce to your books.

  • A breakthrough system to launch your book to bestseller status - by driving a flurry of sales that rocket your title to the top of charts!

  • Why branding and consistency matter - and the 7 questions to ask yourself that will guarantee you'll outsell your competition for years and years to come.

  • Easy tools to help you get set up quickly - and add website or blog visitors to your email database instantly.

  • Which email laws must be strictly obeyed - and how any good email marketing service will get your back.

  • How often to email your list - and why you shouldn't wait longer than a month to stay in touch if you want to sell more books.

  • What, when and how to monitor progress - so that you can quickly correct course and get your book marketing back on track.

  • What to do next, once your basics are in place - so you'll build on the momentum and carry it through until your next book is ready... and then the next!

But wait! There's more...

I've included a 10-message email sequence that actually worked in the real world to make my ebook a 'Top 100 Best Seller' on - just with effective email marketing!

You get copies of the exact messages that went out to my email list - along with my comments and analysis to help you understand what about them makes the campaign work so well.

Once you know that, you can engineer them into your own email marketing - and sell more books!

So... What's this worth to you?

A few hundred dollars? Certainly.

A few thousand? Maybe.

But what if I let you have it for under twenty bucks? Wouldn't you call it a "steal"?

Well, it is indeed a steal... because you can download 'Email Marketing For Authors' today for

Just $19.95

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Email Marketing For Authors - How To Sell More Books

At this price, I thought to break out the 10-email best-seller sequence and offer it as a separate product - for $97, or more. But for the moment, I'm leaving it in the same ebook... so you'll get it at no extra cost.

That could change at any time.

So if you come back later and find that it's no longer a part of the ebook, you'll only have yourself to blame!

Grab 'Email Marketing For Authors' right now - for $19.95
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Still not sure?

Want a 'guarantee'?

Okay, here you go...

If you order 'Email Marketing For Authors', read it, and find that it doesn't reveal all that I've promised, or get you started on the journey to use email marketing to sell more books, then simply ask for your money back. I'll courteously issue you a refund - no questions asked - for the next 60 days.

There, you no longer have an excuse to wait.

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You can thank me later when you have an email list with thousands of fans, and a string of bestseller launches in the near future!

All success,

P.S. - If you're an author and want to sell more books, you need to master email marketing. This guide will get you started - and keep you going.

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