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Your Email Marketing Strategy


A clearly documented strategy can make your email marketing extremely effective.

It's about telling your (or your organization's) story in a way and style that reaches your audience and resonates with it - through the intelligent and purposive crafting and sharing of content through email.

You're using email marketing to establish trusting and value-based relationships that will impact subscribers' behavior and thinking.

Sure, the ultimate object of your business' email marketing strategy is to increase profits. However the means of doing this is through building and nurturing a closer relationship with prospective customers and clients - through your email marketing.

A common misinterpretation is to think 'email marketing strategy' is the same as a 'content strategy'. The latter is about how to create and publish content. It's a management task rather than one of visionary business growth, which is the role of your strategy.

Why... Not How


The purpose of your email marketing strategy is to figure out why your audience gravitates towards you - and why you want to influence them. It is something close to the heart of you and your business.

In today's cluttered, crowded, fast-paced world, your biggest differentiator is being able to tell compelling stories that engage an attention-starved audience.

Make them dream.


Or even cry.

Your email marketing strategy must make people FEEL SPECIAL.

Because only when you have won their hearts can you ever hope to enter their minds.

It Begins With Your Plan


An email marketing strategy needs to be rooted in an overarching goal which will guide your business, company or web presence forward.

Whether you're a business owner seeking to sell more products, or a non-profit manager wanting to attract more donors, or an author desiring loyal readers, or anybody who wants a bigger, more engaged audience, email marketing can help you reach your goals.

But first, you've got to set the right goals.

Specific. Achievable. Measurable.

Your goals may involve things like:

  • brand awareness
  • lead generation
  • conversion to customers
  • building client loyalty
  • upsells and profit maximization
  • word of mouth spread

Writing a blog is NOT a good goal. Becoming a thought leader is.

Defining your goals clearly is the vital first step. Because after that, you can weave an email marketing strategy to take you towards it, step by step.

How To Craft Your Email Marketing Strategy?


First, you'll create the right kind of content for your audience.

Then, you'll layer on the right social strategy to get it shared.

Finally, you'll engage visitors in a way they return - and bring their friends.

And thus, your email marketing strategy will take you towards your major goals... through the tactical component of your ezine marketing.

  • What conversations will you spark off on social media?
  • What type and format of content will you publish on your blog?
  • What engagement devices will you deploy to keep audiences interested?
  • What steps will you move them through to convert lookers into buyers?

All this, and more, is part of your ezine marketing strategy.

In the FREE eClass, "How To Profit From Email", you'll learn about SIX critical elements of a winning email strategy, including:

  • How to grow your list bigger
  • Ways to boost your opt-in conversion rate
  • How to always deliver value to your subscribers
  • Tips to gain and keep their attention
  • Secrets to engage them effectively
  • Systems to ensure email delivery

... and many other tested and proven tactics that the world's best email marketers have used for years and years to dominate their niche and profit from their long-standing relationship.



How To Profit From Email Marketing

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Steps In Your Email
Marketing Strategy

1. Your Plan: The blueprint of your email series

2. Your Audience: Who you're going after - and why

3. Your Story: The essence of what makes you special

4. Your Distribution: Which channels will spread it

5. Your Engagement: How you'll listen and chat

6. Your Progress: What to measure and track



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