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Learn How To Make Your Email List A Winning Proposition

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Dear List Builder:

To profit from your list, you must get your subscribers to spend money with you.

Buy your products or services.

Or buy ones you recommend.

Or carry out other actions that you can monetize in some way.

However, before you can get anything from your list, you must give them something of value first.


  • How can you train your list to help you?
  • What tools can you give them to make it easy?
  • Which incentives will encourage their use?

Some of these methods are not obvious, or even intuitive. Expert email marketers stumbled upon them after years and years of extensive testing. They absolutely and positively work - and they will work on your list as well.

That's what you'll learn in this 'Profit From Email' eClass called

How To Make Your Email List
A Winning Proposition

In this eClass, you'll learn about

  • 4 ways you can give your subscribers more value - to gain trust and loyalty

  • 7 simple ideas to engage your audience with your content - so you can profit automatically

  • A powerful 3 step approach to interact with your readers - and get them to engage in a conversation

  • 4 tactical methods that break through barriers - and force subscribers to respond

  • Phrases, words and questions that your readers will find impossible to resist

  • Gifts and incentives that you can create quickly and easily - and are guaranteed to turn new subscribers into raving fans

  • The unique twist that will multiply your results from a widely used strategy - that no one else is using effectively

  • 3 red hot ways to convert readers into buyers, plus the best way to use your list to double or even triple your orders!

  • A behind-the-scenes addition that will turbocharge the impact of your gift-giving approach to list engagement

  • 6 ways to extend the reach of your content - and gain fresh new audiences for your marketing message

And there's a lot more in this eClass. (Click here to register now!)

Using these tactics intelligently, you will get your list to

  • promote your business
  • help you create products
  • rope in new subscribers
  • give you technical assistance
  • spread your brand far and wide
  • share your content with others

... and make you more money!

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Your Profitable List Building System - VOLUME 4

How To Make Your Email List A Winning Proposition

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I look forward to seeing you in the eClass soon!

Good luck with your list building.



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