After 2 years of managing The Ezine Marketing Center, I was convinced there was no such thing as a "ezine growth miracle"... and then I discovered this...

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For the past two years, I've been running The Ezine Marketing Center and publishing a free email newsletter (called Ezine Launch Monthly ) where hundreds of readers send me their favorite -- and most effective -- ezine marketing ideas and thoughts... So I've seen many many ezine profit spinning schemes!

But nothing could beat the one I heard about for the first time last month. Without any doubt, this was the BIG one I'd been waiting for!!

Since the beginning of The Ezine Marketing Center, I'd been waiting eagerly for this ... - a foolproof, permanent solution for generating consistent, high-quality ezine readership... for free.

While showing me a way to make money from the
process of building and growing my ezine list!

Well... last month, "The Big One" appeared in my inbox. In the form of an email announcing a fantastic new idea ... and it's got it all!

It's very simple, but every time you use it... the number of profitable subscribers to your ezine will permanently increase.

Yes, I said profitable!

Every time you use it, the number of readers who actually earn money for you reaches a new plateau and stays there. And that's true EVERY time you use it.

How "List Builder PROFITS" impacted my ezines

I've used this technique on several of my ezines now, but I'm going to tell you here about my Ezine Launch Monthly results since it has been the most dramatic -- and profitable. You can see the proof for yourself.

Last month, I started using the List Builder PROFITS concept on my free email newsletter, Ezine Launch Monthly... and measured results exactly one week later.

Over the previous three months I had gained 126 new subscribers. None of them had ordered anything from my website until after they had received and read a few issues of my ezine.

When I reviewed my results at the end of the week-long trial, I was stunned! I had signed up another 31 readers -- and had earned $59.85 ... that's an amazing $1.97 per new subscriber.

And this happened BEFORE I had even sent them the first ezine issue!

There was nothing else I was doing differently... except for using the special List Builder PROFITS strategy.

I was astonished! That was the best "quick-fix" idea I'd ever seen, and the results were amazing. The total time I had spent preparing this List Builder PROFITS experiment was about 4 hours TOTAL... so the return on investment was phenomenal.

Now here's the important thing - those numbers are holding! I haven't done ANY modifications for these ezines in any way. And I'm convinced that it can get better - much better - if I tweak the process further!

I have literally multiplied and re-multiplied my ezine's profitability!

And make sure you understand - this isn't "trash readership" either. My sales conversions have kept pace with the increased ezine subscriber numbers! (I continue to get around $0.50 per subscriber from my ezine every month -- the same as before -- and the only thing I did differently was start using this List Builder PROFITS technique!)

Now I'm not saying you WILL get the same results. Your mileage will vary. But this I AM saying...

When you use List Builder PROFITS, you get regular, real-live subscribers actively interested in your content and ezine... not a bunch of people who were fooled into signing up!

The Bottom Line on Ezine Readership

You can't build a business using one-time gimmicks, buying subscribers or sending out junk email invitations. You CAN get new subscribers by doing that, but that's not a permanent solution.

Building a business is about creating value... and List Builder PROFITS does that. It causes profitable subscribers to actively seek you out.

It doesn't require your constant involvement, either. Just a few minutes every week will provide an ever-increasing stream of profit-spinning steady traffic. And if you ever want to stop doing it, your readership should maintain its new, higher level... with no further action on your part... ever!

So why am I sharing this idea with you?

Two reasons

I love trying to solve problems. The Ezine Marketing Center arose in response to the need for quality advice and information about building and promoting ezines, then marketing through them.

Now I think one of the biggest problems ezine editors face is to attract readers who will be responsive. A large list alone is of no value to an ezine owner if the readers don't respond to initiatives and offers. My favorite tactic is to focus on attracting consistent, interested and targeted readers who want the content I offer. And are willing to pay for it!. List Builder PROFITS helps do just this!

And the other reason is...

I lose nothing by telling you this secret tactic. It's a win-win strategy. If you use List Builder PROFITS, we'll both win together.

The List Builder PROFITS strategy is completely FREE to implement, so it will be one of your favorites too, as soon as you hear it.

So What's the Deal?

I've seen and studied more ezine growing and profiting schemes and techniques than anyone. Literally hundreds of them!

And this is, without a doubt, the single greatest ezine profiting idea I've ever seen... ANYWHERE!

Now that I know the idea, and I've seen it work, it's a "no-brainer" at $197.00. (I'd have paid nine times that amount for the idea.)

I already know that List Builder PROFITS is like having your own reader-magnet, pulling in profitable ezine subscribers for you 24 hours a day! But unfortunately, YOU don't know that yet.

And you won't know that until I show you how it works.

That's why I want to make your decision easy. Instead of the $197.00, I'm only charging $97.00 for this program...

And get this... I'm not even asking you to pay me the entire amount right now.

You pay me just 40% of the price today -- and the remaining 60% only after you've tried it out!

Yes, by placing your order now you can get me to reveal the entire secret process that will pull in profitable subscribers to your email list

... for just $47.00

That's how confident I am that you'll simply love this report. It's why I'm willing to take all the risk out of the offer so that you don't have any reason to bail out.

PLUS... I'm going to give you a...

100% No-Questions-Asked Money-Back Guarantee!

Order now and get started right away!

I'll give you the idea. I'll show you how it works. And then you can try it.

If you're not happy with the results, or... you simply don't like it, or... if you're just in a bad mood, let me know. I'll refund your $47 with NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

But I'm sure this won't happen. And after you've tried out this powerful strategy, when you're absolutely convinced it works, when you've made a tidy profit on your small investment, then -- and only then -- pay me the rest of the money.


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One More Thing...

This is not some new fashion. This is the real deal. This is a GREAT solution. So I don't want everyone and their dog knowing about it.

Unless you are really interested in learning about a solution that will bring in a steady stream of profitable ezine subscribers, please don't order this book!

Here's What You Get:

When you order, you'll be taken immediately to a page where you can download my very thorough, very well-documented ebook on EXACTLY how this List Builder PROFITS concept works.

I'm skilled at explaining ideas and concepts in step-by-step fashion that even a child can understand. Don't worry... you WILL understand it completely.

If anybody knows another way to get so many additional targeted subscribers regularly for a one-time cost of $97.00 - or rather only $47 for now - please let me know. I've never heard of anything that even comes close!

And If You Act Now...

You will NOT get anything extra!

Yep. I'm not going to BS you into buying this special report by resorting to gimmicks and freebies. If you've read this far, then obviously you are a value-seeking ezine publisher who is looking for a real, legitimate list building process. I won't insult you by offering you a bunch of fluff bonuses with no practical value.

What I've got here has worked wonders for me, and I believe it will work wonders for you.

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