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The Internet Infopreneur SYSTEM

"If You Can Talk, Write Or Even THINK, You Can Earn $50, $500 Or Even $5,000 Every Month... As An Internet Infopreneur"

The Internet Infopreneur System

From: The Internet Infopreneur

Re: Internet Infopreneur SYSTEM

Dear Friend

Imagine by this time next year...

Internet infopreneur You may achieve personal freedom, to live the life you want.

Internet infopreneur You could be your own boss, set your own hours, work anywhere you want.

Internet infopreneur You can boost your income - and spend as much time as you want, doing whatever you enjoy.

Internet infopreneur Get the things you've always dreamed of - while you create a profitable business.

Internet infopreneur Take short holidays or long vacations whenever you feel like it.

That's what many of my students did last year.

Many more will join them this year.

Will you be one of these lucky 'Internet Infopreneurs'?

If you have a sincere work ethic, can follow instructions, and are serious about learning how to create information products and profit from them in multiple ways including selling them over the Internet... and if you are eager to build a massively profitable infopreneur business within one year... then read this letter carefully.

And take the first step on your exciting journey to becoming an Internet infopreneur.

This program is...

Your Key To Quickly Build Sustainable Income On The Internet

But first, let me tell you a story. It is about how the "The Internet Infopreneur System" came about.

A Summer Challenge

A summer challenge - Internet Infopreneur System

My friend had just invited me to a game of 'skill'. The prize: $5,000.00

He handed me a diagram. It was the floor plan of a room. There was a picture showing exactly where everything was - furniture, toys, stuff on the floor.

On a table lay a puzzle. In the drawer of the desk was a set of clues to help me work out the solution.

I would be given 10 minutes to memorize the diagram. Then, I would enter the room, find the table, read the instructions and solve the puzzle - and then come out of a door on the other side.

"Easy-peasy" I boasted, as I entered the room. And then the door closed shut - and I was shocked...

The Room Was Pitch Dark!

There were no windows. No lights. No candles or matches.

How could I ever DREAM about winning the challenge and getting out the other side?


I was furious.

But the experience taught me a valuable lesson - never assume things will be 'too easy'.

That lesson has helped me succeed as an information product marketer on the Internet. It showed me how to make the most of stuff other people teach - without expecting anyone to 'turn on the lights' for me.

And that was good - because not even one of the courses, ebooks, reports or seminars I studied ever shared all pieces of the puzzle. They focused on one, two or ten of the components - but not ALL of them.

And at some stage or another...

You Had To Take A Leap Of Faith And That Is Not Fun!

It's like stumbling through a dark room. You knew where some things are - but there are others you had no way of finding out, until you bumped into them. And learning is a hard, expensive, painful process.

You have to be persistent, stubborn and strong-willed to succeed.

Thankfully, I was. And ultimately after 9 years of trying and failing, then trying again, I made my way 'out of the door' on the other side!

But always, I wondered:

"What If I Had Found The Light Switch?"

It would have been so easy, quick and fun to do it all.

You'd fail less. You're more likely to stick with it instead of giving up in frustration.

"My confidence level of becoming an Infopreneur is 100%"

My projects are progressing fairly nicely.

I will say all this clarity and focus did happen only after my discussion with you and your valuable input. That is one of the memorable days in my life.

Now my confidence level of becoming a Infopreneur is 100% and I strongly believe when the same success concept is horizontally deployed to the future projects, the success will get multiplied.

-- Salwin, Manufacturing Trends Inc.

Why Aren't You Where You WANT To Be?

I've felt your pain.

Like me, you've read so many ebooks. You've waded through tons of material. You've probably even attended expensive seminars and conferences.

All the time, just like I did earlier, you are looking for answers. You've done everything that you can... but there's still something missing, hiding from you.


Here's the real answer.

Your Limited Success Is Not Your Fault

You never really had a chance. Because no one reveals all the parts, exposes all the secrets, teaches all the tricks.

That sucks.

It also gave me a powerful idea! I started thinking about this solution.

internet infopreneur What if I could put together a comprehensive course covering every aspect of information product creation and marketing?

internet infopreneur What if I outlined the very same steps and processes smart infopreneurs follow when planning and launching a product?

internet infopreneur What if I give rank beginners all the tools needed to tap into the powerful and valuable material lying in wait inside their head?

internet infopreneur What if I revealed my most lucrative trade secrets so anyone can tap into an eager, hungry, ready-to-buy market?

internet infopreneur What if they can use this training to create an infoproduct empire that grows and swells into a steady business, bringing in profits automatically for years?

Wouldn't that be 'interesting' to people like you who hope to earn money as an infopreneur?

Of course, it would!

So that's how "The Internet Infopreneur System" was born.

"I worked for 9 years developing this system, and the results are amazing!"

  • It's based on a scientific method.
  • It taps into a universal need.
  • It ties into the core purpose of the Internet.

And it produces outstanding results.

"Changed My Perspective"

You weren't kidding about the size of this program, it is huge.

Overall I really like it, besides learning some new things it also has changed my perspective a bit.... my modest ebook project will end up being an updateable multimedia experience.

-- Kevin Hope

Winning Infopreneur Secrets Exposed For The 1st Time Ever... In A Powerful New Program

Internet infopreneurYou will now have a chance to ease the bitter pain that eats you up when you watch everyone else making a killing - since now you have a guaranteed plan.

Internet infopreneurYou will now have the whole picture, all pieces of the puzzle, all pages in the 'rule book' and 'instruction manual' - all you'll do is take focused action.

Internet infopreneurYou will now be able to confidently ignore the guru promoting the 'next BIG thing' - because you're working on a surefire plan to your own success.

Internet infopreneurYou will now smile and carelessly brush away accusations of being 'lazy' and 'ignorant' - armed with this course, you'll be miles ahead of the pack.

Internet infopreneurYou will now overcome the Number 1 hurdle of infopreneurs - "It's hard to get started"...

Internet infopreneurYou will become quietly confident about your dream - and brush away uncertainty, stop worrying and asking yourself: "Is it worth it?"

Learn At Your Own Pace... Right From Home

I will be guiding you, through a sequential process with elaborate, in-depth tutorials, to build your own information empire.

When you become a student of the Internet Infopreneur System, then you will INSTANTLY learn how to:

  • Make more money than ever before by finding and going after cash-rich markets you know are full of hungry crowds waiting to buy from you

  • Enjoy the freedom of choosing your own hours, not answering to a boss, and still pulling in big profits

  • Experience the thrill of building multiple income streams from packaging and presenting your information in different formats

  • Earn while you sleep by setting your information empire to run automatically, completely hands-free

  • Produce high-impact multi-media versions of your message, ideas or personal experience... making it 'marketable' information with a high price point

  • Develop additional profit centers that bring in hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, in extra income from books, audio, video, consulting and seminars

  • Turn written information into audio recordings, and package them as subscription audio series to sell your customers as well as others

  • Blueprint, create and package an information product attractively so your finished product will command premium pricing with good profit margins

  • Market your information products effectively to sell dozens to hundreds of copies through 'bulk order' purchasers

  • Buy advertising cheap in print and electronic media, leveraging every dollar you spend on marketing your information product range

  • Build in backend income options by turning ebooks into consulting programs, home study courses into high-priced seminar attendance, and more

  • Automate the entire process by harnessing powerful Internet technology that leaves you free to run your business remotely, from anywhere in the world

  • Model successful infopreneurs by gaining valuable insights into their most profitable activities so you too can replicate their success

And that's not all...

internet infopreneur I'll show you how to tap into your hidden assets to come up with 'killer' information products and content resources.

internet infopreneur I'll teach you how to find eager audiences of prospective buyers and find out what they want from you.

internet infopreneur I'll walk you through creating your infoproduct, selling it, and then repeating the process or setting it on auto-pilot to grow automatically.

internet infopreneur I'll reveal multiple alternative ways you can leverage this specialized information to create different income streams flowing into your business.

"Worked For Me, Will Work For Others"

As a buyer of the coaching course, I knew it had worked for me and so it would work for others too.

I have even created a short autoresponder e-course for my newsletter subscribers on how to create a short report from scratch (it is based on my own experiences). The infopreneur course would have been a relevant product to promote, as I am sure that my subscribers will want more information to extend their knowledge and your multimedia course would be a perfect product to pitch in.

-- Arindham Chakraborty

Where I Started - And You Can Too

Nearly 30 years ago, in late 1995, I built my first website.

Soon after that, I created my first infoproduct. It was on a topic I knew well - was an expert - where not many others could compete.

Since then, that information product has sold 892 copies at a price of $39.95... literally on auto-pilot

(All I do now is renew the domain name and pay for web hosting!)

That's almost $1,275 every year, for 28 years, from just one product - with very little effort beyond the initial set up.

Since then, I've created and sold 64 different kinds of information products (with prices ranging from $7 to $997) - as well as many more I didn't even have to create myself!

By packaging and presenting the same information in different formats, I have created multiple unique income streams to boost profits.

What's amazing is that RIGHT NOW, you too have some valuable information locked up in your own brain... that many people will gladly pay you for.

You Have AT LEAST One Profitable Info-Product Inside You...

Let Me Help You Find It!

The actual process is ridiculously simple.

Even easy.

The secret to being a successful infopreneur is this:

1. Write about what you know
2. Follow a proven system

You've seen how my first successful venture as an infopreneur was based on something I was an expert at. When I started, no one taught me the correct system. It took a lot of trial and error testing to find one.

Today, that time-tested system could be yours to profit from immediately.

Understand The Best Way To Package Your Content

In the Internet Infopreneur System program, you will discover:

  • 3 reasons why you should NOT write a book - weird, but you'll learn why

  • a 5-step sequence to craft your infoproduct - and how to do it the smart way, without wasting time or effort

  • why ebooks often command higher prices than regular print books - and how you should justify the value of your information to get paid what you deserve

  • how to position your offer - and the most profitable way to deliver it

  • what to add to make your ebooks irresistible to your readers

  • how to attract buyers and affiliate partners, instead of running after them yourself

  • how you can leverage someone else's hard work, and get ready-made information products to start selling right away

  • a way to effortlessly list your 'best selling' ideas - then find out which to pick and work on first

  • 4 risk-minimizing steps you should always take before even writing the first word of your book or report

  • how to chart out your content profit plan to maximize the impact of every word you write or speak

  • 7 brand-new resources to speed up your marketing and get your message through to prospective buyers - free

  • 30 daily actions to drive targeted visitors to your website - and generate more sales, boosting your profit

You'll also learn ...

9 Secrets To Convince Folks To Buy Your Infoproducts

"The Internet Infopreneur System" will show you exactly...

  • how to delight your customers by making information available to them in the exact form they desire

  • what are the best, most effective, inexpensive yet high quality services, resources and materials to package your information

  • how to add value to your product until buying it becomes a 'no brainer'

  • what pricing barriers are - and how to get around and over them, to boost your profit

  • how to create audio and video information products - without buying expensive equipment or paying a fortune to rent studio space

  • the trick to bundling your products to heighten perceived value - and easily justify higher prices

  • a magic word to cut down on your outsourcing cost

  • how to protect yourself from copyright violation and safeguard your intellectual property

  • how to harness technology to streamline and automate your processes to run on auto-pilot, completely hands-off

  • how to help a prospect justify a buying decision - logically

  • how to write powerful sales copy that closes the sale

Discover 4 Ways To Multiply Your Infoproduct Profits

They will help you happily create and sell a ton of ebooks, courses, webinars or live events. And there are also even more powerful ways to boost your infopreneur sales and profits.

In "The Internet Infopreneur System" you'll also learn...

  • why you should offer different versions of your product at various price points, and present them in different formats

  • how selling backend products to your client base is critical to your business - and what kind of information works best for this

  • why it is unwise to rely upon just one method of monetizing your information - and which ones you should include for sustained benefit

  • how you can get others to promote your product - without spending a cent on advertising

  • what parts of the process you must automate - and the exact steps to put your system on auto-pilot

  • why you should always collect contact details of your prospect - and how to follow up for massive profit

  • where social proof can seriously affect the sale... and how you can get testimonials to convince buyers to order

  • which social media marketing tactics work best in today's crowded marketing scene

  • why your marketing mix should include some rarely used (but still effective) techniques and methods

  • where to publish your articles so you'll get a flood of leads

Learn Dozens Of Advanced Tactics

Discover high-impact advanced tactics such as how to...

  • Produce professional multi-media versions of your message, ideas or personal experience... making it 'marketable' information with a high price point

  • Develop additional profit centers from your expertise that bring in extra income from selling books, audio, video, consulting and seminars

  • Keep costs low while setting price high, to boost and grow profits

  • Turn written information into audio recordings, and package them as a subscription audio series to sell your customers as well as others

  • Blueprint, create and package an information product attractively so your finished product will command premium pricing with higher profit margins

  • Market your information products effectively to sell dozens, or even hundreds of copies through 'bulk order' purchasers

  • Exploit print and electronic media to buy advertising cheap , leveraging every dollar you spend on marketing your information products

  • Build in backend income by turning ebooks into consulting programs, or home study courses into high-priced seminar attendance, and more

  • Automate the entire process by harnessing powerful Internet technology that leaves you free to run your business from anywhere in the world

  • Model successful infopreneurs by gaining valuable insights into their most profitable models so that you too can replicate their success

  • Access mastermind groups of fellow infopreneurs, get their feedback and suggestions, even partner with them to profit massively

... and a lot more.


Thanks so much for this - the first module was, dare I say, AWESOME!!

I am going to take some time over the weekend to complete it properly - but it already has my mind racing with ideas - now all I need to do is find the time.

I never realized that the things I have done in my life would ever actually count for anything - now I see I can actually put them to good use. Thank once again this wonderful opportunity.

-- Bev

It Really Is An Irresistible Proposition for the Right Person

Yes  Do you want to build a solid, ongoing information business?

Yes   Wouldn't you like to cash-in on what you already know?

Yes  Are you eager to share your value with the world?

Yes  Do you want to get paid to transform people's lives?

Yes  Are you ready to take control of your future?

Even if you are a newbie, with no experience, you can follow this program and...

Start Living The Infopreneur Lifestyle...

Information products come in different forms...

  • reports, books and ebooks
  • audio or video products
  • newsletters and ezines
  • even seminars and home study programs

These are easy-to-create, reliable, always in demand, and universally relevant forms of content that you'll profit from every time.

Technology is advancing. Lifestyles are improving. People embrace new ways of socializing, doing business, relaxing and enjoying themselves.

They are hungry for information!

Especially new, exciting, relevant information.

They want it instantly - and are willing to pay good money for it.

Your goal as an infopreneur is to find what they want, and give it to them. If you do this, there's no limit to how much money you can earn.

Are You Ready To Build Your Online Future?

Ask yourself if you...
  • Want to take many short vacations every year?

  • Want to buy a new car, or house, or an electronic gadget?

  • Dream of giving your family a better quality of life, or even sponsoring a charity?

Whatever your driving force or passion, you can achieve it through a successful infopreneur business.

Remember, you're working to create a lifestyle for yourself. Your lifestyle choice is unique. It's yours. And this program will help you achieve it.

In the 'Internet Infopreneur System' coaching program, you're getting a set of skills you can use anytime, anywhere. No stone is left unturned.

You'll get all the information you need to build an information product business on the Internet... and keep money rolling in 24 hours a day, whether you're in the office, away on holiday, or even at home asleep!

What Is This Breakthrough Course Really Worth To You?

Before telling you how much the program will cost, let's talk about what will happen when you decide to buy this course.

Here's how it works.

I will immediately send you all the course material (it's a digital ebook you can download from our website) along with a workbook that has complete instructions.

You access it and act on the lessons at your convenience. In the beginning, it will take you around 30 to 60 minutes daily.

For the first month or two, it may seem as if not much is happening. But in fact, you will be putting the knowledge to use, learning and implementing many systems and tactics after first formulating a complete strategy.

In around two months (or sooner), you'll have a product ready to go - and then, you're all set to sell it.

"The Internet Infopreneur System" will teach you

  • how to find prospects,
  • get them to your material, and
  • encourage them to buy it

Even if you are only modestly successful, and on average sell ONLY ONE copy of your information product every month, at a rock-bottom price of $X - then at the end of the year, you will still have made 12 times $X

Can you sell ONE copy of your information product every month?


Then again, maybe not.

Yes, I know it isn't easy.

When I was starting out, I made exactly ZERO sales for quite a long time. So I won't insult your intelligence by saying it is a piece of cake to generate one sale every month.

And that is also the reason I am devoting 3 complete modules to generating website traffic and creating a powerful sales process that convinces a fair number of people reading your sales letter into buying your product.

Look, if you faithfully follow the step by step process outlined in this course, you just cannot help

  • attract the right prospects,
  • make them a powerful, irresistible offer, and
  • give them exactly what they tell you they want.

That's a surefire formula for closing sales

- and it all begins even before you plan out your product and start creating it.

I will not go out on a limb and make any predictions, because I have no idea about

  • how you work,
  • how committed you are,
  • how much experience and knowledge you already possess,
  • how you handle obstacles and hurdles along the path,
  • how you view challenges and try to overcome them.

But this much I can guarantee -

If I had been given a course like this when I got started, it would be reasonable to expect to make at least 25 sales in a year - starting from scratch.

And that means it's likely you'll get a healthy return on your money within a year! (see earnings disclaimer below)

Plus, the lessons and information can be used forever, to keep growing your information business bigger, and to branch out into new niche markets.

So, how much does this program cost?

Let's look at how much other courses teaching information marketing will cost you.

  • Dan Kennedy's "Info Marketer's Summit" is priced at $1,297.00
  • Ken McArthur's "Infoproduct Blueprint" will set you back $1,497.00
  • Janet Switzer's "Publishing Mavericks Program" is $2,775.00

And other courses of comparable quality are just as expensive - and equally worth the asking price!

That's the important part. Value. If this course shows you how to double your purchasing price, would you hesitate about trying it out?

Still, because I want to make it accessible to as many people as possible, I am keeping the price of entry into the 'Internet Infopreneur System' coaching program to...


SAVE $195.00

(But Only For A Limited Time)
Click here to order now


You must act right away.

Because the price could go up... to $292 (or even higher) at any time.

The last time we did a promotion like this, people were shocked when we raised the price... and then they were angry when we refused to offer them the discounted price again.

That's what we're doing with this special offer - and once we fill up 200 slots, we might even suspend new registrations.

If you act right now, you'll get the 'Internet Infopreneur System' coaching for $292 $97.00. Then the price will increase to $292 or higher.

After 200 registrants join the program, I'll pull the course off the open market and reserve it for exclusive use of our personal consulting clients.

Don't take a chance and miss out on this program. Save yourself $195 and get it now.

But that's not all. You also get...

Three EXCLUSIVE Bonuses

Bonus #1: Hot Email Headlines and Sales Letters

Red hot marketing email copy 'samples' to help EXPLODE your profits in an amazingly short time.

Bonus #2: Instant Profit Multipliers

A useful set of guides to help you close more infoproduct sales, and boost your per-sale profit easily.

Bonus #3: Content Profit Secrets

A short 'to the point' special report that will reveal multiple ways to turn any form of content into a profit center.

Click here to join now


So go ahead! Secure your order immediately...

Yes! I'm Ready To Explore The Potential Of Information Marketing!

Please Rush Me The First Lesson Of The
Internet Infopreneur System Today!

I'd have to be insane to miss out on this fantastic deal. And I know I'll pay only $97.00 (plus $38.77 for FREE shipping and handling) for the whole package of 11 lessons - and will be covered by your 100% money-back guarantee.

Once my order is processed via your online secure form, I will receive download instructions and details about my order.

2 Easy Ways To Order...

1. Click to order securely by credit card

2. Click here to order by using PayPal

If you don't have a PayPal account, you can still sign up through their service. On the order page, you'll see a line that says, "If you do not currently have a PayPal account [click here]." Just click there. ;)


Go ahead without any worry because you're covered...

Your Order Is Fully Guaranteed!
100% Risk Free

Your satisfaction - no, DELIGHT - is my goal.

If at any time in the next one-year, you are not TOTALLY delighted by the value of the program you're ordering, just write to let me know and I'll refund your payment in full - no questions asked!

I guarantee with the "Internet Infopreneur System" you'll get started with your infoproduct creation and marketing immediately.

You'll save the expense or energy of stumbling in the dark on your own, finding or creating content by a 'trial and error' method, and making deadly mistakes. You'll save hours spent in fruitless research, hopeless floundering, and toothless marketing.

By using your "Internet Infopreneur System" training you'll speed up your "time-to-launch", increase your chances of success and eliminate your risk.

In real money terms, you'll save at least $500 (and possibly a lot more) just in costs of finding a profitable niche market, studying the demand, creating an infoproduct and selling it online.

If you put your "Internet Infopreneur System" lessons to work and do not begin to see profits, you are eligible to ask for your money back.

I'll promptly issue you a complete refund - no questions asked.

How can I make such a bold statement? Look, I want you to try out the "Internet Infopreneur System" at no risk at all. If it works like I say, you'll do business with me for a long time more. And if it doesn't work for you, I can't ethically keep your money - & that's the premise I operate on.

Now go on and lock in one of the few remaining slots... remember, I take all the risk in this transaction. For you, it's ABSOLUTELY RISK FREE!

Now is the time to act on this offer
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So, Are You Prepared To Take Action Right Now?

And are you ready and willing to make drastic improvements to your online business? If you are, then you know what to do.

It's a no-brainer.

Don't put this off any longer. Do it right now... immediately, while it's fresh on your mind. Click here to reserve your seat on the "Internet Infopreneur System" coaching program.

If you have

  • made up your mind that this year will be different,
  • have decided to change your ways and
  • will stick with one system until it works for you, and
  • are firmly that convinced you'll enjoy being an infopreneur and
  • feel it best suits your style of working

... then register right away.

Haven't you waited long enough to achieve massive online success?

No longer!

Let's work together to explore the exciting, profitable possibilities lying hidden in infopreneuring online - and take your business to a level you cannot have imagined before!

If you read this far, but are still unsure, then do me a favor... spend some time analyzing your decision.

You've got some thinking to do.

Because in your reasons for not wanting to join the course, you might find the answers to why you are not yet at the level of achievement with your online business you desire.

That is powerful information to have, because by overcoming those hurdles, you will set yourself free to achieve incredible success in your online business.

And that is my wish for you. It is not important if you do it through the 'Internet Infopreneur System' program or any other.

What matters is that you win through.

Break the barriers. Reach your goals. Live your dreams.

And speaking of dreams, I want you to keep on dreaming too.

  • About possibilities.
  • Your own success.
  • Reaching your goals.
  • Achieving your targets.
  • Scaling your chosen heights.

Don't listen to anyone who says you cannot.

See you soon - at the top!

All success,



P.S. How can you lose? In fact, you've got nothing to lose - and EVERYTHING to gain.

I've got you covered with my iron-clad guarantee, so if it doesn't work out for you, I lose. Click here to get started now

Or if you have any questions about this offer, look at our Frequently Asked Questions below to get your doubts cleared before ordering!

Because I hate the thought of someone not ordering because of an error or omission on our part, we held a "brainstorming" session with everyone on our customer support team - to think of reasons why you might not take us up on our 100% no-risk offer.

We only came up with three possible reasons.

Here they are:

Q. I'm excited at the concept, but I'm in ____________ (fill in the blank with your business). Will it work for me?

A: People who are using the Internet Infopreneur SYSTEM are in all sorts of different industries and professions. In fact, here's a short listing of just a few:

* Physicians
* Engineers
* Home business owners
* Internet marketing
* Network marketing
* Sales professionals
* Retirees
* Publishers
* Lawyers
* Secretaries
* Software developers

And many others...

The Internet Infopreneur SYSTEM focuses on your strengths and knowledge assets. You will discover how to turn the experience and knowledge you already have acquired in your work or profession and in your life... into a profit center.

You will learn to leverage things you know - but never realized were so valuable before - into massive wealth... as an infopreneur.

Q. I'm not very technical. I have trouble downloading stuff from the Internet or reading them online. And I don't have ANY technical / business knowledge or experience. Can I use your system?

A. The Internet Infopreneur SYSTEM program is a digital and physical product including comprehensive text instruction modules delivered as PDF documents.

There are other downloadable audio components, too. Everything is available for your immediate use online!

The bonuses and reports are actually easy to pick up from password protected web pages you can access from anywhere on your computer.

Then it's simply a matter of clicking on a link, to have the reports downloaded to your computer instantly. The free bonuses are downloadable for both PC and Mac Users in a universally compatible format called "Adobe Acrobat PDF" files.

All you need to read them on your computer screen (or print out and read like a book or newspaper) is a free program called Adobe Acrobat Reader - which automatically comes pre-installed in most computers. (In case your computer doesn't have it, we include a link on each page where you can pick it up for free!).

And if you still need any support or hand-holding, we have an online help desk staffed by people eager and willing to help you out.

In short, you will NOT be at a disadvantage simply because you aren't a 'techie'.

The Internet Infopreneur SYSTEM itself is geared for use by a beginner who is not (yet!) very expert or knowledgeable about using the Internet, email or World Wide Web.

You will definitely need a computer (or access to one) to build an information asset on the Internet - but the rest of the things are explained in easy to follow lessons and steps.

Q. I have bought many other courses and programs about building an online business and they were not very helpful. How is your program different?

A: Most of the other 'make money online' or 'build your online business' style programs you see out there have been recycled and rehashed from other similar courses - without the author being an expert him/herself.

In other cases, the course is created by an expert - but one who cannot teach others effectively.

The Internet Infopreneur SYSTEM is neither.

The course is based on more than 20 years of my personal hard earned experience as an infopreneur online - and teaches techniques and methods that work.

This is what I use daily in the management and growth of my own infopreneur business.

I have a proven track record not just as an infopreneur, but also as a teacher and trainer, both online and off. See comments (like the one below from James) by people I have helped launch successful infopreneur businesses on the Internet.


Hands-on Education That Few Ever Get!

Working with Dr. Mani allowed me to quickly see results from my efforts - which kept me motivated to continue with my online pursuits.

Even better, as the project developed, he kept me updated on EVERYTHING that was happening "behind the scenes" - through the entire process. I got to see both what worked and what didn't work during the course of product development and marketing. This was the kind of hands-on education that few ever get.

The lessons I took away from my "mentorship" with him are a large reason why I have since continued making my living off the internet. I highly recommend anyone who wants to really dive in and learn the ropes to spend some time working with Dr. Mani if they get the chance.

James B. Allen


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