"Think, Write & Retire" will show you...

How To Quickly Build A Profitable
Information Business

Now Get Your Knowledge Noticed,
Published & Sold!

This is Your ULTIMATE Guide To Being An Internet Infopreneur!

Armed with what's revealed inside this powerful little ebook, you can earn a steady online income doing what you love and enjoy. You'll discover how to build an information empire around your passions, and...

Turn What You Already Know
Into Cash In The Bank!

If you've ever felt that information marketing is like jumping out of a plane without a parachute, have no fear!
  • Do you want to write your own book - but aren't sure where to start?

  • Are you looking for a "great idea" for your information products?

  • Is it a lack of confidence that's holding you back?

  • Or were you fooled into believing you've got to be a genius to be a writer?


Learn how you can soon own a business, and take control of your future... by becoming an Internet Infopreneur.

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Worth waaaaay more!

"'Think, Write & RETIRE' gave me renewed confidence that nearly anyone can write a respectable info product. One of the most thorough, easy to understand info product development programs I've seen to date.

Worth waaaaay more the price of the program!

Yes. It's a complete product development program that's easy to understand and reasonably priced. Buy it!"

Joe Pass

More amateur authors, speakers, home movie-makers and hobbyists are breaking into the big time in information product sales, thanks to the extensive and ever-growing reach of the Internet.

And they're doing it with astonishingly simple bestsellers.

"Think, Write & Retire" is a newly updated guide which will show you how you can get in on the action by tapping into lucrative niches and filling them, not once or twice, but year after year.

Among the many home-based businesses and opportunities being touted these days, one of the easiest, cheapest and most lucrative is being an "information entrepreneur".

Nothing else offers greater potential for recognition, respect and financial reward than creating valuable and high-quality content to share with a worldwide audience.

It is the ultimate dream job!

And YOU too can join the ranks of profitable information marketers and "Think, Write & Retire"!

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Not Sure What An Infopreneur Does?

Many people aren't. That's why I created an ultra-short 4 page report, 'The Infopreneur HOTSHEET', to explain exactly who infopreneurs are, what they do, and why YOU may want to become one, too.

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Learn How To Do Things You Like & Enjoy,
Turn Words Into Wealth - Easily!

Dear 'beginning writer looking for inspiration' - this one's for you!

Could YOU Have Written Any of These Books?

  • "Surviving The Breakup"

  • "Lies My Teacher Told Me"

  • "101 Best Home-Based Businesses for Women"

  • "Raising a Daughter"

  • "Wonderful Ways to Love a Child"

  • "Life's Little Frustration Book"

  • "35,000 Baby Names"

EACH of them sold OVER 50,000 copies!

How often have you glanced at a best-selling title and thought: "Da*n! Why didn't I write that!"

I have. Often.

Intrigued, I conducted some informal research into WHY people didn't take the next logical step and actually write one. The results were fascinating...

There Are SEVEN Reasons Why People Like You Have
Not Yet Written Your First Book

(- Or Made Your First Public Speech, Or Recorded Your First Video)

Reason #1: It's too hard!
Forget what you've heard about the travails of a published author. Today, everyone can be published - effortlessly. I'll show you how. And where.

Reason #2: I can't write fiction!
You don't have to. Indeed, you shouldn't - because it's far easier to dominate the non-fiction market. It's also the easiest arena in which to get published.

Reason #3: It'll take too long!
Not any longer. Gone are the days when it took a year or two from manuscript to printed book. Now you can start making a living as a writer much faster than is commonly believed.

Reason #4: It's too complicated!
Maybe you've been scared about contract negotiations, finding an agent, writing proposals, marketing, and other stuff you thought writers must learn. The good news: You don't need any of it to succeed.

Reason #5: I can't do it!
Of course you can... if you want to. Listen, even highschool dropouts and folks who never went to college are creating ripples over the Web as information entrepreneurs. If they can do it, you certainly can... and will.

Reason #6: This one's very common... You think and say to yourself:

But I Simply Cannot Write!
(Or Speak, Act or Teach)

You don't have to - and still, you can be an infopreneur!

That may sound nuts, but it isn't. I'm going to reveal a little-known secret - many best-selling books were NOT written by the author!

And many top-class speeches, lectures, presentations, documentaries, even short films and full-length movies were NOT delivered by the creator.

The smart infopreneur leverages talent - and talent is abundant in the world around us. There are skilled writers, excellent voice-over artists, and elegant actors just waiting for you to instruct them on what to write, say or act... and they'll do it FOR YOU!

That's one of the many tricks you'll learn in "Think, Write & Retire" - and it will help you overcome a mental block that holds back too many people from really succeeding massively as information entrepreneurs.

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Reason #7: And finally, this one is the heartbreakingly common excuse that holds MILLIONS back from living a remarkable dream existence...

"I Don't Have Anything To Say"

Maybe you believe that (but I honestly don't think, in your heart of hearts, that you do!)

... and I most DEFINITELY do not!!!

Everyone - yes, everyone, and YES, that includes YOU - has something to say, some message to share with the world, some deep purpose that fires your frenzy, ignites your imagination, sears your soul -


You've only kept it down, repressed and locked up within, because you didn't know how to set it loose.

You weren't sure how to share it with others like you.

You had no idea how to create the impact you were destined to make.

And now, my friend,

You've Just Lost Your Last Excuse!

"Think, Write & Retire" is your beacon. It will guide you along the exciting (even if sometimes painful) journey of finding your "voice". And the nicest thing is that it will show you how to profit from that process!

Think, Write & RETIRE!

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The gist of a $1,997.00 home study

"It is truthful, simple, straightforward, and easy to read and understand. No hyperboles. The writing is metaphorical and symbolic. It provides concepts, perspectives, and shows the direction with clear examples."

"It is helpful to newbie like me. It helped me to get the bird's eye view and an overall picture. With this, I can arrange all the incoming information to advantage. Organized information is more powerful than information.

"Go for this. Get the gist of a $1,997.00 home study program for much less."

G.Sreenivasa Rao

So what do you get in "Think, Write & Retire"?

  • Never written a book or created an information product before?
  • Struggling with little or no cash?
  • Have no experience, no track record, no expert knowledge about marketing?

Thank your lucky stars!

You've actually got a shot at making this work.

Your Step-By-Step, No-Nonsense Guide To
Turn Words Into Wealth

"Think, Write & Retire" is a blueprint for everything you need to know about
  • creating information products (like ebooks, special reports, white papers, even print books),

  • building information resources (like minisites, blogs, memberships) and even

  • developing unconventional infoproducts (like mentoring programs, teleseminars and audiovisual courses).

If you are looking for a complete reference on writing, publishing, promoting, marketing and profiting from your content, look no further.

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In this 9-module 115-page ebook, you'll learn:

  • how to tap into your hidden assets and talents
  • how to find eager crowds of prospective buyers
  • how to create your first info-product, and sell it
  • how to leverage this to create multiple streams of income
  • how to quickly build strong, sustainable income streams

In the course of nine meaty chapters, you'll get all this information and more:

  • A brainstorming and strategy setting program to help you select hot, growing, profitable niche markets to mine for infopreur profit.

  • Tools and systems to create dazzling information products that delight buyers and keep them coming back for more.

  • The best business models to choose from in order to maximize your efforts and easily achieve your dream lifestyle.

  • Detailed marketing plans that pull targeted visitors to your business without wasting money on advertising that doesn't work.

  • Plans, strategies and concepts to help you leverage early success into an ongoing business with massive growth potential.

"Think, Write & Retire" covers all essential components of information marketing including:

  • 1. Planning,
  • 2. Writing,
  • 3. Professional Partners,
  • 4. Production,
  • 5. Publishing, and
  • 6. Promotion

What you learn in the book will help you reach your goal in as little as six months. It is designed to help you get a better feel for how infopreneuring works, and allows you to master a complex subject to get the information down.

"Think, Write & Retire" debunks the myth that "Writing is hard, Getting published is harder still" by showing self-publishing and alternative monetization models that leave mainstream authors and print publishers gaping in amazement.

And because only 10% of infopreneur success is writing, and the rest is in the marketing (including all the new media), there are sections in the guide devoted completely to how to market and promote your information resources - with special emphasis on social networking tools and services.

This is the kind of guide you'll not only read, but also pass along to colleagues who are fascinated about learning how to build wealth

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Have you ever wanted to release your hidden muse and write your own version of the 'Great American Novel'?

Here's How to Write and Publish the Book that is Inside You

"Think, Write & Retire" will show you how to bring your writing to life with easy step-by-step directions. It goes far beyond just showing you what to write and how to craft a compelling information product. It also explains:

  • how to strategically plan your information empire,
  • how to set up multiple streams of income around your content,
  • how to re-purpose and package your best material for maximum profit
  • how to put everything on auto-pilot by harnessing powerful technology
  • how to leverage contacts and connections to build a sales force
  • how to delight audiences and build a loyal following
And in addition, you'll also learn
  • How to get your information business started with little or no money.
  • How to find and exploit resources that no one else knows about.
  • How to stop putting things off for later - and take action NOW!

This is a quick, easy read, and will be undeniably useful for anyone embarking on the great adventure that is e-publishing.

It's easy to understand, with little technical jargon, and the simple, uncomplicated processes are explained in a manner that even readers who are tech-unsavvy can follow and implement without much difficulty.

"...a very easy and pleasing read"

"I found the chapters both interesting and informative. I feel that the style in which they are written, makes them a very easy and pleasing read. I particularly like your decision to include real life examples of your own experiences, such as your early ezine and the original project plan for your current book.

"This certainly helps hold the readers attention and helps to convince the reader that you do know what you are talking about and are writing from experience, not just research. Overall I found the chapters to be very good, easy to read, informative and in some areas thought provoking. I certainly learned a few things."

Jeff Collshaw

So, maybe you're ready to order your copy right away. (Click here to order)

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But if you're still hesitating, or have doubts about taking the next step, then perhaps that's because you still have some unanswered questions or doubts. Let me try and address them next.

You may be wondering...

Is the information current & up to date?

Yes. "Think, Write & Retire" was first written in 2008 - but the digital edition is constantly updated to keep up with any trends or changes in the information marketing field. Also, owners of the ebook get a free subscription to "The Infopreneur eLetter", an email newsletter that keeps you up to date with cutting-edge developments.

Is the information detailed?
In 8 sections, each of which is around 15 pages long, I have broken down critical information about planning, creating and growing an information empire online... and taken care to be so elaborate that even a fresh beginner to information marketing will be able to understand and follow the instructions or benefit from the guidance.

Is the information helpful?
Several hundred buyers think it is. Listen to what some of them have to say about "Think, Write & Retire":

"A Wonderful Book"

Dr. Mani knows his stuff and he's passing it all on to you here in an easy-to-digest form. "Think, Write & Retire" is a wonderful book and I'm quite confident your pocket-book will be greatly enhanced if you follow his advice.

If you think that infopreneurship is all about the spammy "internet marketing" bluster that smacks of a late night infomercial, this might give you pause.

See, online marketing is just a medium. It's what one does with it that matters.

Yes, some use it to send out messages of questionable value, but some are using it to change the world.

I hope it's the latter who will be remembered, and I hope that you can use the information on these pages not only to change your own life, but to do so by positively changing the life of those around you as well.

Mark Joyner

Leverage Internet Power

"Every now and then a marketer gets me to stand up and take notice. Dr. Mani caught my attention when I discovered the tremendous work he does to help children with congenital heart defects.

"But I was doubly impressed to find out that Dr. Mani has used Internet marketing techniques and strategies to bring awareness and raise funds for much-needed research.

"A man who lives with passion and purpose, Dr. Mani also understands how to run a successful Internet business. This book demonstrates how absolutely anyone can leverage the power of the Internet to help fuel their passions and live their dreams."

Joel Comm
New York Times Best-Selling Author of 'Twitter Power'

Great Resource For Internet Income

"A great resource for anyone considering creating a part-time or full-time income from the Internet. Become an infopreneur using the strategies presented here. In addition, learn how to turn your income into good works just like Dr. Mani."

Terry Dean
Pioneer Internet marketer & author

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"A MUST-Read In My Book!"

"Everyone wants to know how to make money, how to work online, how to create a 'life' - and while there are hundreds and thousands of experts and technicians... there is no one talking about the importance of PASSION.

"More importantly, there is no one LIVING it quite like him. This book is written by a technician with brains, skills AND a heart as big as Texas! A must read in my book!"

Carrie Wilkerson
The Barefoot Executive - www.BarefootExecutive.tv

"One Easy To Consume Package"

"In this book Dr Mani has compiled all his infopreneur expertise into one easy to consume package.

I have never known anyone more generous, he just gives and gives. He gives his valuable expertise, and he gives his profits to charity, so you will be helping yourself on your road to success, and helping a kid live.

Who can refuse that?"

Chris Garrett
co-author of 'PROBLOGGER - Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six-Figure Income'

"The Book Is A Great Buy!"

"Dr Mani has put together one of the most comprehensive guides to making money from selling information that I have ever seen.

'Think,Write and Retire!' offers the beginner an in-depth, step-by-step guide through all aspects of creating, marketing and then profiting from information products, which in my opinion is one of the best ways to make money available to anyone today.

It's a great business model, a great teacher and the book is a great buy."

Yaro Starak
Pro-blogger, Entrepreneurs-Journey.com

"Think, Write & Retire" is a thorough, comprehensive instruction manual on the art and craft of creating information resources, monetizing them effectively, and turning them into a profitable enterprise. With a complete, step by step toolkit to starting with an idea and building it into a business, this book would be a hit even if it stopped there.

But That Is NOT Why People Love It!

This isn't just a technical manual full of 'how to' tips.

It's a heart-felt passion guide that shows you how to tap into your deepest wishes and dreams, your most closely nurtured desires and causes, your existential mission and message - and shows you how to tease it out, dress it up, polish it until it shines and then showcase it to the world!

"Think, Write & Retire" is a book that reminds you why you're doing what you do in the first place... and shows you how to plug into the incredible inspiration, energy and passion that comes from aligning your meaningful work with your true purpose.

  • Do you want to be a published author?

  • Do you want to become a writing professional and make writing your career?

  • Do you want to support your family (by writing)?

  • Do you want the freedom that comes from working for no one but yourself?

Whatever you want, your information marketing efforts can make it happen.

This is the kind of life that being a successful infopreneur can afford.

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And then, think about the power of your information, about the impact it will have on others. Imagine what the words you're writing or speaking or recording will do when they reach hundreds, thousands, even millions of people.

Folks remember popular authors for years, for decades, for centuries after they're no longer with us.

Influential writers and orators have touched the hearts and minds of millions of people through their words.

Motivated activists and evangelists have created movements, supported causes, fuelled missions and changed lives through their writing.

You can do it too

Just think...
  • What would you like to achieve for yourself?
  • What change do you want to see in the world?
  • What will be your legacy after you're gone?
Then ask yourself how "Think, Write & Retire" can help you with the answers.

Who should get it?

Amateur writers, and hobbyists.

Housewives, retirees, researchers.

Even high school dropouts.

In fact, anyone with a dream - to turn words into wealth.

It's difficult to choose a "most ideal" audience for a book of this kind. It is crammed with information about writing and publishing content, digitally or in print, that will interest and guide practically anyone to become an infopreneur.

Both novice writers and those seeking to make a full-time career out of it will find the help they need to become successful information marketers.

Most courses focus on "how to get published" - and ignore "how to write". Not this one. You'll learn everything about topic selection, niche exploration, and actual infoproduct creation... step by step.

Get It Now - Click here …

Why should you read it?

Because this is a very focussed and practical book with a specific purpose:

To show you how to earn a very comfortable living by creating the specific content and information resources that people WANT to buy.

It defines a specific method or system, shows you the tools you'll need to apply the method, and gives you all the help and information you need to plunge ahead confidently and with certainty.

It will NOT show you how to 'trick' a prospect into buying your fluff-filled worthless piece of e-junk!

Instead, it will show you how to focus on topics that hungry, eager audiences will jump at... and make you a best-selling author, an in-demand speaker, a highly respected authority in your field.

So what's missing from it?

If there is a weakness about this guide, it's that it skims lightly over the exciting area of traditional print publishing. If you'd like to learn more about that, Dan Poynter's or Jack Kramer's books will complement it nicely.

But there is more than enough of interest and value (especially about marketing over the Internet) to even published authors to make "Think, Write & Retire" a worthwhile read.

"Think, Write & Retire" covers a lot of territory, and distills decades of experience into a little over hundred exciting, easy to read pages. It will give any serious information marketer a huge advantage.

By simply following the advice within, there's no reason why you cannot become a highly paid and successful infopreneur.

That's why you need to order your copy of the ebook and read it right now.

Order Now - Click here …

And to make the decision absolutely simple and risk-free, I'm going to offer you a guarantee that will blow your socks off!

Your Iron-Clad,
"No Risk" Guarantee

You have no risk at all. Hundreds of people have already bought and read "Think, Write & Retire" - and agree it is the BEST guide to turning words into wealth... ever!

With a soup to nuts approach that starts at the beginning and works up step by step, this course will guide you through every stage of planning, creating and selling your information product.

But in the remote event that you are not completely blown away by the information you're getting in 9 value-packed sections, I will extend you a 100% satisfaction guarantee - and put my money where my mouth is.

You can ask me for your money back at any time within the next 60 days and I'll refund you in full... no ifs, no buts, no delays.

That's a promise!

And you can keep all the delightful bonuses you'll get (worth over $100 in value) even if you cancel your purchase. It's a way of thanking you for taking a chance to try out the book.



"Zero Hype... Rock-Solid Information"

"Zero hype, rock-solid information, inspiring truths, and a jaw-dropping opening statement easily sends this book to the head of the class when it comes to learning how to become an information entrepreneur."

From beginning to end, this book shows you step by step, with facts, figures, and examples, how to turn your knowledge into profits, how to create a loyal customer base, find your niche, discover who wants what you have, and how to turn simple ideas of yours into a very lucrative business.

This was definitely a "can't put it down" read for me, and I'm certain it will be the same for anyone who wants to get into the Internet information business."

- Tana Stewart


How To Order "Think, Write & Retire"?

You can buy a printed copy of "Think, Write & Retire" at Amazon.com - because it's nice to hold a book in your hand, or see it on your bookshelf.

But if what you care more about is the content, and you'd like to save a little money (because, let's face it, times are tough and after all a penny saved is a penny earned) then you can order a digital e-book version and save $10.

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You can instantly download YOUR digital copy of "Think, Write & RETIRE" as an ebook, and be reading it within the next five minutes!

Download the PDF file right away - click on the link below.

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Go for it!

Your exciting future awaits you. You can choose to continue through life the way you are now. Or you can escape it all to a new one, where you have freedom, choice and fun.

It's working for me. And for hundreds of other infopreneurs who had no special advantage over you other than the desire to succeed.

You owe it to yourself to finally reach out and claim the success and freedom you've dreamed of... and deserve.

It's yours for the asking.

Right here.

Right now.

To your success

The Internet Infopreneur

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P.S. - Order today and you'll also receive a FREE copy of our informative e-booklet, "How to Get a Flood of Website Traffic - In 30 Days". Infopreneurs who have already made the leap share sound strategies and proven techniques for attracting a crowd of eager prospects to your information business website.

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Still Not Sure?

Maybe you'd like to read a sample chapter - absolutely free?

That way, you can see for yourself what's inside this powerful guide, and then decide if it's right for you.

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