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So you've decided to start your own ezine. You've found out what you are going to say on it. You've determined the characteristics of your readership. And you've defined the purpose of your ezine. Great. Now how do you proceed?

Getting subscribers needs the old one-two - define your target audience, get your ezine's name in front of them.

There are two issues facing a ezine publisher:

  • Getting new subscribers.
  • Retaining them.

The first concern - getting new readers - is a reflection of your advertising and marketing success. Retaining them as long term subscribers is a measure of the quality and usefulness of your ezine's content. Both are necessary for a great ezine.

Finding and attracting new subscribers

This is a dilemma facing many new ezine publishers. You look around, and see many other ezines who already have a forbiddingly high readership. And you wonder how on earth you are going to compete with them. Believe me, you can do it. It won't be easy, but it is definitely possible. All it needs is committment, dedication and a lot of hard work. The returns, though, make it all worthwhile.

Reaching your target audience

If you have already defined your readership, getting subscribers is a cinch. Just get your ezine's name in front of this population. Let them know about it - what is it about, why should they subscribe, what makes you qualifed to write it. Write with conviction and passion, and the enthusiasm will convey itself to the prospect.

Then invite them to subscribe to your ezine. Tell them how - by sending you an email, or by registering on your website, or any other way. Try and give them an incentive to join. A free report or book, an entry into a contest or sweepstakes, or access to a members-only service or website - as long as they are related to the topic of your ezine, hooks like these add to the appeal of registering. If the offer is attractive enough, they'll surely join - atleast to see what you are offering on your ezine.

In general, ezines on topics of general interest (e.g. politics, financial news) can attract subscribers easily, and grow rapidly. If your target audience is more narrow, and specialized, the growth process may be excruciatingly slow.

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