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Advertising and Ezine Advertising

"Build it, and they'll come" is a cliche that is seldom true on the World Wide Web. It applies equally poorly to ezines. To get subscribers, you need to promote it aggressively, constantly. Here are some useful ways to get you started.

  • Ezine directories
  • Ezine announcement lists
  • Signature files
  • Website forms
  • Networking online - BB, discussion lists, chat
  • Customers and downlines
  • Ezine Joint Ventures
  • Ezine Ads and swaps
  • Publishing articles on other ezines
  • Get reviewed in other ezines
  • Ezine Awards
  • Offering freebies
  • Other avenues of marketing

Ezine Directories

There are many ezine directories on the web, on which you should get your ezine registered. There are two good reasons to do this:

Offer many ways to sign up for your ezine.

  • Subscribers find your ezine on these directories.
  • Advertisers find your ezine on these directories!

These directories work like the web search engines. Your ezine will be placed in the appropriate category. When I come to the directory in search for an ezine on your topic, the directory serves up details of YOUR ezine to me - and your subscriber count increases by one!

Convinced? Want to start submitting right away?

Whoa! Hold on a minute. There's still some ground work to be done.

Directories require that you submit some data about your ezine. Much of the information is the same on different directories. By preparing this data before-hand, you can save time over the submission process. Also, having the same description and details on all directories gives your ezine a consistent and professional appearance.

You will need:

  • A short description of your ezine, 25 words or less in length.

  • Instructions to subscribe to your ezine.

  • A way to let your potential subscribers read a sample issue of your ezine.
    • a link to the page on your website where a sample issue resides
    • a mailto: link to an autoresponder that instantly sends
    • a sample issue by email to the prospect

  • Contact Information - Your name, address, contact phone/fax/email, company name and website URL are required often. Tip: Create a separate folder on your computer, and name it EZINE PROMOTION. Save all the details mentioned above into this folder, and use it while promoting your ezine on the various directories.

Search Engines & Website Directories

Don't forget that many new subscribers will find your ezine from a link on your website. So register your site with the search engines (at the very least, on the top ones - Google, Bing, Yahoo). In addition, register with other directories and search engines which cater to your ezine's subject area specifically. On all of these webpages, place a link to your ezine's subscription form.

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