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The three questions visitors ask most often are:

  • 1. I know ezines are critical to my business and want one - but how and where to begin? (A: Go here)

  • 2. I publish an email newsletter - but how do I get more readers to sign up? (A: Go here)

  • 3. I have a large subscriber list - but can't seem to earn money from it. What am I doing wrong?

Let's address that right here. Many email marketing and list building beginners miss an important distinction...

All Lists Are Not Created Equal

While lists of thousands - even HUNDREDS of thousands - of subscribers can be worthless, some with just one hundred members or less can earn small fortunes for their owners - if you understand ezine marketing.

What's the trick here?

Simple. These owners have identified - and tapped - the vein of gold within their list. They know their Most Profitable Subscribers (MPS)

No matter how big or small it is, any list contains a group of MPS. The secret to success is to find them. And that requires some effort and knowledge of ezine marketing.

It isn't hard. You can do it too. But you must *know* what to look for. To push the right button. To hold out the right kind of bait.

And then you'll get your Most Profitable Subscribers to raise their hands and declare themselves.

There's an added fringe benefit to this process.

The same effort will also let you weed out the rest - the tire kickers, freebie seekers and disinterested sign-ups. This is the group least likely to be profitable to you, the list owner.

And yet they'll demand your time and energy for service and support. Time better spent on satisfying the needs and desires of your MPS. Effort more profitably focussed on finding or creating better, more valuable, higher margin products and services to sell to your MPS.

So how to identify your Most Profitable Subscribers through ezine marketing? We'll talk about that next.

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