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"Why Do I Need An Email Autoresponder?"

The Definitive Answer To The Most Frequently
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Everyone starting out with email marketing has doubts and questions.

  • What is an email autoresponder?
  • Why should I learn list building?
  • How can my email auto responder make me rich?
  • Is an email autoresponder really worth the price?
  • Which is the best email autoresponder?

All these questions are often heard whenever newbies to online marketing gather to discuss business practices. But the one that's asked more often is this...

Why Do I Need An Email Autoresponder?


Well, we came up with 39 good reasons. Here they are...

1. Email autoresponders let you build targeted lists so you can get subscribers, leads and customers to come back for more.

2. You can follow up with email autoresponders, turning one-time communication into ongoing engagement that builds trust.

3. Email autoresponders help you get attention which is important in these times when distractions abound and prospects are overwhelmed.

4. You can engage your audience with autoresponders by setting up a sequence of follow up emails to go out on a pre-set schedule.

5. Auto responders let you create a good first impression by having your early communication with new leads automated, yet personalized.


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6. Email auto responders can build your brand through consistency and visual design of all communication with clients and prospects.

7. You can keep customers in the loop, sending them updates or bonuses, and nurturing relationships that translate into future business.

8. Email autoresponders have higher delivery rates for your marketing messages than other options.

9. You can sidestep spam filters and blacklists by subscribing to an email autoresponder service who will handle the technical details for you.

10. Autoresponders keep you safe from spam allegations since every subscriber can be put through a double opt-in process.


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11. Keep your subscriber data safe with email autoresponder services so you can have instant, unrestricted access to it from anywhere in the world.

12. Autoresponders convert new visitors into repeat buyers by giving you a 'foot in the door' to try and win their business.

13. Email autoresponders boost response rates since sequential marketing messages will gradually convince a hesitant prospect to take action.

14. Email autoresponders close more sales and the increased profits to your business justify paying for this service.

15. Email auto responders will save you time, letting you pre-schedule content days, weeks or even months ahead.


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16. Use autoresponders to announce blog posts in a similar fashion to RSS feeds, bringing your audience back to view your message.

17. Email autoresponders are inexpensive, cheaper than all other forms of direct marketing or communication.

18. Email autoresponders are scalable and there's no limit to your list size or how many follow up messages you can send subscribers.

19. Autoresponders are "always on" marketing tools that don't sleep, get tired or take a vacation, working relentlessly to grow your business.

20. An email autoresponder is easy to set up and anyone can use the point-and-click interface of modern email autoresponder services easily.


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21. Autoresponders serve those without Web access in parts of the world that still don't have always-on broadband connections.

22. Email autoresponders close more sales by addressing objections, providing information and moving prospects towards a buying decision.

23. Email auto responders are convenient for prospects who can filter all messages you send them into folders or find them quickly with a search.

24. Autoresponders set off a viral effect because they are easy to share or forward to others, and can include viral boosters to encourage this.

25. An email autoresponder can increase engagement by personalizing messages based on subscriber information from a database.


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26. Autoresponders can send customized messages and at custom-defined intervals, so you can choose the best time and content to create an impact.

27. You can run multiple lists on an email autoresponder, one for each business purpose or function, or for different groups within your audience.

28. Email auto responders permit better targeting when you build lists based on audience demographics or psychographics, which improves response rates.

29. Autoresponders manage lists automatically, freeing you from boring and time-consuming administrative tasks related to keeping your list up to date.

30. You can broadcast messages on an email autoresponder for important or time-sensitive notifications - even scheduling them ahead of time.


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31. Autoresponders can deliver digital documents like reports, white papers, ebooks and brochures to prospective clients or buyers.

32. You can conduct courses on an email autoresponder by publishing each lesson or module as one in a series of messages.

33. Email auto responders make tracking possible and this turns marketing into a measurable activity that can be closely monitored and improved.

34. Autoresponders allow "secret testing" because you can split test headlines, offers, price and other elements of an offer - under the radar.

35. An email autoresponder can serve as a permanent record that prospects can refer back to later for information and reassurance.



36. Autoresponders integrate with other business processes through apps and easy-to-connect technology that takes pain out of linking them.

37. You own your list with an email autoresponder and can send emails or follow up with subscribers as often as you want.

38. Email auto responders differentiate your business from competitors who don't use them smartly or effectively, giving you a powerful edge.

39. Autoresponders archive past content and present it to newer subscribers, helping you establish trust and authority in your niche.

And here's one good, last reason to get an email autoresponder...

You can take a trial of the best email autoresponder service - for just $1. Try it out yourself and see if it works for you. You only risk a buck!

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